Aqueduct Racetrack (IND Rockaway Line)

I had a beautiful day today. I believe from what Ive read, resorts world at aqueduct makes more profit than almost any casino on the planet, and without dealers, and 25 dollar minimum at all those baccarat games, its easy to see how, besides all the slot revenue. Crain's New York Business. Liman , Jul 6, Liman , Jul 7, In , the station had , boardings up from , in , making it the nd busiest station in the station system.

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Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. This page was last edited on 22 September , at If one is staying in manhattan and wants to visit, I suggest going in a group. It runs through all the worst nabes in Brooklyn and queens. During the day it is fine, but I wouldn't want to leave a casino with money and hop onto that train. Just my 58 years of life experiences growing up in NY.

Resorts world at aqueduct, is the only racino in NYC limits. No table games, but they have bubble craps, simulated craps, simulated roulette, real wheel roulette with video terminal betting, and real card dealt baccarat.

Ofcourse, they have video slots and poker machines. Food court, buffet overpriced for a casino, but they get it. Not the best food, not the worst.

The worst buffet I ever had at a casino was in Salamanca NY, the indian casino, food was dried out and horrible Food court has some nice places to eat, a NY style deli, wolfgang puck express, and a lot more. All are expensive, as in most casinos Ive visited in my life. But food is ok, for food court food. It seems aqueduct racino caters to the heavy Asian population in queens ny.

Baccarat has the most seats out of all games, and I believe its a 25 dollar minimum, and the seats are always packed at nights or weekends. Between the few baccarat sections, there must be seats available. Its actual cards being dealt by machine, you bet on computer terminal. There are also a ton of roulette wheels, a ball is popped in while wheel turns by machine, but at least its not a simulated roll. You make same bets as regular roulette wheels in any vegas or ac casino.

There are some simulated roulette games, don't know why people choose them over the real wheel. Bars, well, they have some small ones, and in the center, there is a huge bar, with an enormous Tv screen, always playing sports or espn network. Sometimes on weekends there is a live band playing on a stage above bar downstairs. The bar is usually very, very crowded on weekends. They have some simulated craps games, but I only play bubble craps. The terminal I was at this morning, was 10 dollar minimum table bet combined bets, but you must have 10 on table to play and max bet on table.

You choose what denomination chip you want to play with, and you press your finger on your bet on screen, which has all the bets, like a private felt. You have to be careful, not let finger hit anything else, or a bet will appear there, but you can erase that bet fast enough. When a point is made, if you have a pass line bet, the computer asks you if you want 2,3,4, or 5 times odds. Its 3 -4 -5 odds. If you have a place bet on 8, and 8 becomes the point, the computer will ask you where to move it or take it off.

I took it with my old cell, so sorry for cruddy pictures, just to give you an idea. I tried to get a pic of the roll when I slid my bucks into the machine this morning. I got there right after a point of 6 was established. Its on the upper board, you might be able to see all the numbers it rolled, its also printed out on the bottom of your screen. Its constant, the games moves like that 24 hours a day. The other pic shows my video screen, I was come betting this morning after I won dollars on the 6 and 8 on that first good roll.

I was right under my walk away with what I won, but decided since I was on a 4 straight casino wins streak, Id stick it out until I was either up 5 or even. I let myself go, and I ended up losing dollars, very upset with myself, but I was going for it. I had a nice win at Mount airy this past week, and had picked up almost dollars at aqueduct a week before that. Liman , May 8, Id just like to mention- The neighborhood where aqueduct is located, is a middle class community of mostly single family homes.

The machine would shake the dice in a similar manner this bubble does, the bottom just vibrates heavily and the dice start to shake up good. He cashed in, went to the cashier oh yeah, you get a printed ticket from the terminal of your money when you cash out.

You can use a change maker machine up to dollars, after that, you need to go to the cashier. I don't get things there, but twice they asked me for ID when I cashed in tickets over , but didn't write anything down, just glanced at my license, the other times, they didn't even look up at me, just asked out loud to their supervisors, can I get a double please? He bet a 25 dollar chip on each hardway. Unbelievable, first roll hes there, a hard 4 comes out, a few rolls later, a hard 10, he cashes out, and sure enough, he comes back 3 minutes later.

Now he bets 20 dollars each on the hard ways, and 20 dollars on the horn. He hits one hard way, the 6. He cashes out again, comes back and puts in a 20, places it on the horn bet. An eleven comes out, he walks away with his money. I don't agree with his style of play, betting the worst odds bets, but he made a fortune, so I guess he thinks hes a genius. I lost, he won. I believe from what Ive read, resorts world at aqueduct makes more profit than almost any casino on the planet, and without dealers, and 25 dollar minimum at all those baccarat games, its easy to see how, besides all the slot revenue.

I like to bet 10 dollars pass line. The first bubble game I went to near the parking, was 15 dollar table bet minimum. Im guessing you could make a 2 dollar pass line bet and do the same thing, as long as you have 10 on the table for any roll. So a 2 dollar pass line, 6,8,5, or 9 comes out, your odds will cover the 10 bucks.

The Midnight Skulker, May 9, The Midnight Skulker Member. Jan 28, Messages: The Midnight Skulker , May 9, Liman, May 9, Ive only played 10 dollar pass, but by next week Ill be there again and Im going to be sure to see if I could get away with betting2 dollars on the pass line and other bets to meet the 10 dollar table min. I don't see why you couldn't pull off the don't pass, but then again, its a machine.

Liman , May 9, I tried to bet 5 on pass, 5 on hard way, it wouldn't let me play. Im almost certain on the 15 dollar bank of machines, if you bet 5 passline, it automatically goes up to 15, but you can take the bet down before the dice roll.

It doesn't do it on the 10 dollar machine, at least I played today and it didn't take the bets, when the dice rolled the machine just put the money back into my bankroll, so Im guessing its a 10 dollar minimum active line bet or after a point, I know you can just bet hardways if you want or just horn, as long as the bet is active.

I never thought of it, because Im a 10 dollar pass line bettor. I had a beautiful day today. The dice are still rolled every 25 seconds for the sicbo, so why did they leave sicbo and not craps. I have suspicions, but I will not discuss them in public as I might be taken the wrong way.

I tried 4 times to explain to that person that their new game is simulated craps, dice generated rolls from a computer, not actual dice being rolled, but he couldn't seem to grasp what I was explaining to him, the difference between real dice and computer generated rolls. He kept insisting its exactly the same thing. Yeah, pays the same on the bets, but rolls whatever it wants to. I guess the casino realized they could make a lot more money with a computer setting the pace, then actual dice setting the pace.

I hope they keep the bubble craps. Liman, May 16, Ive chatted with a few players there that just wait until a number hasn't hit in a while, then they play it heavy. Ive seen them buy a 10 for bucks, if it hits, they just wait for another number that hasn't hit in a while. I guess it beats writing it down at a table, not sure if a casino would let you hold a spot at a table if you were only betting every 20 or 30 rolls. I haven't been there on a busy night or day, so I don't know if Id get a seat now that there are only 24 or so bubble craps seats.

Liman , May 16, Liman, May 17, Im guessing if they ever get this approved, they would abandon a lot of the dingy otb's and open large facilities that can house s of slots and food courts.

Aqueduct has no competition, and probably wont have any for another decade. Liman , May 17, Liman, May 22,

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