Sammy Davis Jr.

Here's a few pics of Australia. Online poker has been up and down this year, or I should say down and up. Weekly Poker Hand 2 days ago. His most revealing work comes in photographs of wife May Britt and their three children, Tracey, Jeff and Mark. As an infant, he was reared by his paternal grandmother. Irish Poker Open 1 year ago.

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Its Always Mummy in Philadelphia. Joe the Hillbilly Lost in Europe. Johnny Finder 3 The Last Journey. Kamikaze Blocks 2 Antigravity. Mass Mayhem Zombie Apocalypse. Mission in Space the lost colony. Monkey Go Happy Mini Monkeys 2. Mr Ray and the Missing Colours. Perfect Balance 3 Last Trials.

Power Rangers Mystic Training. Presidential Street Fight Reincarnation A Taste Of Evil. Reincarnation All Hallows Evil. Reincarnation The Evil Next Door. Ricochet Kills 2 Players Pack. Rizzoli and Isles The Masterpiece Murders. Sift Heads Street Wars Prologue. Silly Bombs and Space Invaders. He even got a novelty cheque helping him transport this home was a fairly comical scene, featuring a random lady on the tram asking to take his picture with the cheque because her son liked poker, lolz!

It was a somewhat disappointing result as I began the table chip leader but lost all my important showdowns. This was for nearly half the chips in play and would have put me in a great spot to win, but alas he got there. However I could easily have finished 6th at this point so laddering up to 3rd wasn't a bad result in the end, and of course I had run well at times earlier in the tournement to make it to the final table.

Online poker has been ticking along for me. Lately I've been reducing my table count to around the mark which I'm finding quite enjoyable. I'm also playing a few less turbos these days.

It is unquestionable that poker is gradually getting tougher, so it is imperative to stay ahead of the curve. So I'm trying my best to make sure I can still earn money from this game which I've been playing professionally for about 10 years now! Right off the bat in I had some rather odd fortune. Except, it didn't get cancelled. I won that too. But now I have to go to Australia at the beginning of February. Now that sounds pretty awesome, but it was a bitter-sweet feeling for me as I'd be leaving my 2 young children behind for the first time, with my wife having to cope with the little monkeys.

My compromise was to only go for a few days. I actually only ended up being there for 6 days, which is a bloody long way to travel for such a short time! Actually, though, I didn't find the journey too painful. When you have two kids you never really get the time to just sit down and do nothing. So I was actually pretty happy getting to sit, chill, do some reading and watch a film or two that weren't made by Disney for a change!

I was regged up for 1C the day after I got there but fired away at 1B on the day I arrived instead, which was a bold move but I slept really well on the flights and felt like it would be fine. I actually took what I consider to be the worst beat of my poker career. Maybe not equity wise as it was still early on in the tournament. However, this was the biggest buy-in tournament I'd ever played, I just traveled 24 hours solely to play it and just a few hours after landing I get this beauty: Tim Slater a British reg of all people opens from early position in Level 5.

Tim bets, I peel, BTN peels. Turn is a Jack. River is a J. He calls with J9os. Unfortunately a couple of hours in to Day Two I got it in with a combo draw vs 2 pair and didn't get there.

It made sense to take a shot in a few tournaments while I had the opportunity in soft fields given that I had traveled all the way to Australia, but after not having the best 4 months online prior to this the bankroll depletion wasn't particularly well timed.

The few weeks after Oz didn't go particularly well either, which equated to about a 6 month spell of suckiness, by far the worst run in my poker career. Fortunately April was kind to me and things finally started to pick up, so hopefully I have turned a corner and I won't have to go job hunting just yet. Here's a few pics of Australia. I enjoyed the few days I was there, although being on my own was a bit of a bummer.

Melbourne is a really lovely city though, I enjoyed the touristy bits that I managed to do and it was pretty sick going for a morning jog alongside the river. Sick view from my room! Although there is no tangible reward, aside from my lobby and VPP count sporting the 1 million Hall of Fame badge booooommmm , it's kind of a cool milestone to reach.

The good sports at PokerStars support provided me with a lifetime audit so I could work out a yearly breakdown of VPPs: Reaching this milestone would have felt rather underwhelming had I not recently managed to dig myself out of my largest ever downswing or at least after my high stakes cash game days pre It has been quite the most extreme ride on the variance rollercoaster over the last 2 months. Consequently I was feeling pretty pleased with myself.

I even made a couple of frivolous purchases; something I rarely do just because I happen to have experienced some positive variance. Little did I know I was about to be brutally punished for this. I went on an absolute death run in everything. Those of you that have followed my blog when I used to update much more regularly! Still, I've taken a few swings that felt kind of rough before. I've never experienced anything quite like this, though.

Perhaps I have been particularly fortuitous in my poker career to have avoided such a death run until now. I can't deny I have had the odd particularly lucky bink Winning the Sunday Supersonic was ridiculous, so was my 3rd place in the Monte Carlo although it was kind of due but that's a difficult claim to make when it comes to live poker tournaments , but when you go on a death run, any previous fortune is quickly forgotten.

I suppose I was technically stretching the truth, as I did actually have a losing month in February Sachar , describing the endurance of the Jewish people, interested him in particular: Three millennia of prophetic teaching had given them an unwavering spirit of resignation and had created in them a will to live which no disaster could crush.

In , Davis was involved with Kim Novak , a young, white actress under contract with Columbia Pictures. Harry Cohn , the president of Columbia, worried that their relationship would have a negative effect on the studio due to their racial difference.

He called his friend John Roselli , who was told to inform Davis that he must stop seeing Novak. To try to scare Davis, Roselli had him kidnapped for a few hours. Davis's quick, brief marriage to black dancer Loray White in was an attempt to quiet the controversy. At the wedding with White, Davis became so inebriated that he had to be helped into bed by his friend Arthur Silber. Checking on him later, Silber found Davis with a gun to his head.

Kramer at Temple Israel of Hollywood. While interracial marriage had been legal in California since , anti-miscegenation laws in the United States still stood in 23 states, and a opinion poll had found that only 4 percent of Americans supported marriage between black and white spouses.

At the time Davis appeared in the musical, although New York had no laws against it, debate about interracial marriage was still ongoing in America as Loving v. Virginia was being fought. It was only in , after the musical had closed, that anti-miscegenation laws in all states were ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court of the United States. Davis and Britt had one daughter, Tracey, and adopted two sons.

They divorced in , after Davis admitted to having had an affair with singer Lola Falana. They were married on May 11, , by the Reverend Jesse Jackson. Kathy McKee replaced Gore in Davis's nightclub act. They adopted a son, Manny, in Davis and Gore remained married until his death in Davis was a registered Democrat and supported John F. Kennedy 's election campaign as well as Robert F.

Kennedy 's campaign. Kennedy would go on to revoke Sammy's inauguration invitation on account of his upcoming wedding with the white actress May Britt. Nixon invited Davis and his wife, Altovise, to sleep in the White House in , the first time African-Americans were invited to do so.

The Davises spent the night in the Lincoln Bedroom. In August , Davis began to develop symptoms—a tickle in his throat and inability to taste food. Davis died of complications from throat cancer two months later at his home in Beverly Hills, California, on May 16, at the age of On May 18, , two days after his death, the neon lights of the Las Vegas Strip were darkened for ten minutes as a tribute.

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