Double layer tank list in garage?

Well, generally, the common cause when someone suddenly doesn't see their tanks, is the Reserve filter is turned on. I get 2 blank slots - in the 2nd slot it says you have 2 vacant slots.. The developers made this…. Uh, I believe that if they introduce a new line, they give you the new tier 1 and a free garage slot regardless of whether you have empty slots or not. Yes, I know if you click on an empty slot and hover over a piece of equipment it will tell you what other tanks have one equipped, but this would be far easier and simpler.

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Half price garage slots come around often enough that you can pretty much purchase them on an as-you-need-them basis. I dunno waht the more advanced players have, but I got somewhere between 26 and 30 tank slots by now and I'm waiting for a sale to buy ten more: I have maybe about 30 tanks or so right now with 15 extra slots, its always good to grab a bunch of slots when they're half off.

Everytime they might give away a tank or release a new patch I fill my garage with Tier 1 tanks, so I get another garage slot if they do give out a new tank. Back when they were reorganizing the lines, and gave out tanks quite frequently I got quite a few garage slots.

Uh, I believe that if they introduce a new line, they give you the new tier 1 and a free garage slot regardless of whether you have empty slots or not.

Better safe than sorry. Not like it's gonna cost an arm and a leg to fill any empty slots with starter tanks and Tier 1's. Not always, you see it used to be if you had a tank, and they branched off, or adjusted its tier, you would get another tank out of it. Now they cannot put tanks in a queue for the next time you free up a garage slot, so players with full garage's received free garage slots so that the new tank will fit. Now this doesn't always happen, and I don't keep a full garage all the time, but if new tanks are coming out or the tree will split off a tank I have, I might pickup a few T1 tanks to fill my slots just to be sure.

They were on sale last weekend. I think it was several months since they last went on sale, so it could be a while. I'm pretty new, and I have 20 slots, with 18 of them occupied by vehicles. I try to have 2 open at any time, just in case I randomly decide to buy a new tank, or something goes on special that I don't have. Actually, I might have bought a few of those in the past, but I know I just recently got 28 to bring my total to For example, there was the soviet heavy patch.

Depending on what tanks you had in your garage with which upgrades one required a certain turret , you would get an extra tank and the garage slot to go with it if you did not have any free slots. You got 3 tanks for free and 3 free slots. I took full advantage, as did many others. Also, the french tree had a similar deal during the move to Tier 10 mediums. However, deals like that haven't happened since then, so if they come up again, make sure to take advantage. Once upon a time there was something called a certain t code I have friends with basic - I have 45 slots.

I got most of them back during the Tcalypse. I think is more normal for players that stick around. I don't keep tanks after unlocking the next one and only work on a few lines at a time. Only have battles too. Thanks for all your answers, it's always great to be able to plan ahead half the fun of WoT imo , and I'll be sure to keep an eye out for the next sale. I have played WOT on and off for two years, have not played much, only about 2.

But because i've hanged here for so long i've got 13 garage slots without paying a dime i'm really cheap. I've only got twenty. I've not spent much money at all if any.

Around 2, battles I think, but I've used free gold codes and waited for sales. Independence Day is one of the most favorite holidays for the American people. The developers made this…. Every time we try to surprise our players new mods with additional features and advantages. But mod that we want to offer today does not apply to such. This mod does not have any extra features or additional functions.

The author of mod is WG. The developers have tried, and were pleasantly surprised players…. Non-standard and unexpected, new, dark hangar with the included lighting. We represented a large number of light, bright and festive hangars, now it's time to introduce something new.

Dark hangar for World of Tanks 0. What actually is this hangar…. This hangar has advantage:

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