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The recent update to the BetOnline Poker software client made noticeable improvements. Bet Online Poker allowed players to multi-account using the same internet connection or different accounts on different rooms on the same network. But, if they cheat players with small payouts they will definitely cheat players with large payouts! Still fondly remembers the soup avatar at Doyle's Room. It is a fight to cash out and the required info sets you up for identity theft by supplying info that shouldn't be requested for verification. How can a site where people play for real money look like what you seen in the screenshots on top of this page?

2018 Main Review of BetOnline

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An example game found under this heading is a pretty boring title called Jackpot Jamba. It's a standard five-reel and nine-payline game with an available progressive jackpot to spice it up a bit. Honestly, it's an old-looking game without much to offer in the way of side games and other distractions. Game play is repetitive, as is to be expected from old-school or "classic" slot titles. A total of twenty-two games in this collection are the best the site has to offer.

Here's a mini-review of a game that is a perfect representation of the quality of slots at BetOnline. When you play Heist, you take on the role of a burglar sneaking into a bank vault. It's a cool theme for a slot, since it's not so big that it makes the game play clunky. The title includes a fun bonus game in which you break into a vault and get the title's biggest payouts.

Yes, this is a five reel slot, but BetSoft has really improved the sound and video effects for their 3D series. In fact, all of the games in BetOnline's 3D slots category are well-reviewed — check the forums for yourself. For video poker fans, variety is often the name of the game. Some varieties get a bit old after a few repetitions, and of course every video poker player has his or her favorite title.

The number of variations hosted at BetOnline should make just about any machine gambler happy. At the time of this review, seventeen different video poker titles were available. Here they are in a nice handy list:. I'll be the first to admit, I was surprised at the quality and number of titles in this collection. After all, Betsoft is so much better known for their slot game designs. But don't let the sheer number of available titles fool you — there is nothing to really write home about in terms of BetOnline's video poker lineup.

You might wonder how hard it can be to mess up a simple game of video poker — after all, the game you play in the casino is pretty much the same game you play on your computer, on a slightly different screen. But these Betsoft versions look out of date, with boring effects and dull graphics that give me the impression of a roadside casino on the way out of Vegas. You'll be sure to turn the chintzy sound effects off right away.

Sure, variety is a good thing, but BetOnline should look into hosting some new video poker games if they want to attract machine gambling fans. BetOnline poker is probably the largest site that still accepts US players.

That said, they are nowhere near the top ten in terms of poker room traffic, and it doesn't look like that's going to change anytime soon. The most ring game action you'll find at BetOnline is micro-stakes No Limit Holdem during peak times. Take note that this bonus releases in five increments. Remaining unclaimed bonus money expires after that time.

You can contact BetOnline's customer service at their toll-free number: Customer service is available twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. I had a three-minute conversation with someone for the purpose of this review, asking a menial question about a slot game, and the answer was exactly what I needed. I didn't have to wait on hold at all, either, which is a big deal for me. BetOnline's mobile site should be fleshed out to include more casino and skill games.

Right now, it exists only for sports bettors, which is nice but prevents a good chunk of their customers from participating in mobile services. It would also be nice if BetOnline would include a live chat feature. Live chat for customer service is becoming the norm, and it's disappointing not to be able to use it to contact BetOnline's customer support department. A final complaint — their video poker collection. Betsoft games are top-notch, except their video poker offerings. Maybe BetOnline could use a different software designer for their video poker titles; otherwise, their lineup looks stuck in the s.

This varies depending on the payout method you choose. Some payments take a matter of hours; others require weeks in transit. BetOnline doesn't go into too many specifics about this bonus. You have to be a member to get the details. If you are a slots fan, or a fan of placing sports bets online or on a mobile device, you'll be pleased with the services available from BetOnline.

The site has been running for more than a decade, and they have a good reputation among online gamblers. Though the Panama gaming license is something to be concerned about, so far there are no serious complaints about BetOnline's business practices. Instead, they ask customers to contact their live help representatives. This might be because fees vary from sportsbook to sportsbook, and not all sportsbooks participate in the program.

BetOnline releases the deposit bonus in five stages; the state you're in depends on how many points you've earned. You earn points based on how much rake and tournament fees you play. One dollar in rake or fees equals ten points, and you need points to release ten dollars in bonus money. BetOnline Poker has a little over real-money players simultaneously online on average.

It belongs to the top-5 of US online poker rooms but is more than 2, players less than at Bovada Poker, over a players less than at True Poker and tens of players less than at Carbon Poker. Since BetOnline owns a sportsbook and a casino in addition to their poker room in fact, they're well-known for their sportsbook which I assume brings gamblers - the best kind of players to play against - to the poker room. However, Bovada and Carbon both have casinos and sportsbooks as well so that on its own isn't a good enough reason to choose BetOnline.

Since BetOnline's poker software is not high-quality, I expected them to shine at customer service. How else could you explain the popularity of their poker room? Turns out I was wrong, big-time. In fact, through their live chat support and I just have to mention it in this BetOnline review , I had the worst customer service experience in my life so far. After the live chat session started, I had to wait a few minutes until the customer service person bothered to reply, not just completely ignoring my question but asking for my username and password as well.

Would you feel comfortable entering your username and password into some live chat box? I explained that I don't want to enter that information into a chat room and, more importantly, the question requires no such information since it was about BetOnline. I had to wait ten more minutes for "assistance" I use that word loosely here , while receiving "Thank you for waiting. I'll be with you in just a moment So after waiting ten minutes, the customer service person insists that I must provide my username and password to get any help.

But I hadn't signed-up yet so I didn't have those. And again, the question had nothing to do with my personal details and everything to do with BetOnline. Now here's the best part: Yes, maybe because it took you all that time to reply to my message. That was the worst chat support session ever. This Bet Online Poker review had a negative ending but the truth is that US players should consider sites like Bovada.

The legality of BetOnline's business is more complicated than that of other sites like Carbon Poker. That's because they offer more than one product, and the laws for those services vary. For example, in the United States, offering sportsbook services is illegal under the Wire Act. On the other hand, casino games and poker games aren't covered by that law, but other state laws might apply.

BetOnline operates under a license from Panama City, Panama. In terms of the laws of that nation, their entire operation is completely legal.

The theory of a sportsbook like BetOnline is that the bet takes places in Panama City, where it's legal, but opponents claim that it isn't as cut and dried as that. In the United States, the laws regarding sports betting are clear-cut. The Wire Act forbids the transmission of information related to sports bets over the telephone. For purposes of the law, the Internet is just another means of transmitting information over the phone. That being said, a bettor has a minimal amount of legal risk by placing such a wager.

Laws like the Federal Wire Act are aimed at the companies taking the bets, not the individuals placing the wagers. Enforcement activity is also almost exclusively focused on the business operation on the other end of the transaction. My advice is simple. Contact a lawyer if you need legal advice. Don't rely on the advice on this page or any other Internet page to make a legal decision, and obey the laws in your jurisdiction.

That being said, your likelihood of being arrested or prosecuted for placing a bet on a football game at BetOnline. The more money you put on the line, the higher your risk. The Department of Justice has stated that the Wire Act doesn't apply to casino games or poker. But various state laws do apply. For example, in the state of Washington, it's a felony to play poker on the Internet. I searched the BetOnline. My educated guess is that they accept players from anywhere in the United States.

That doesn't mean it's legal. The owners of the company may have decided that the risk-reward ratio was right, and they're going to accept players from the United States until they get caught.

That doesn't mean it's illegal for you to play there. It doesn't mean it's legal, either. It just means that it depends on where you live. Others, like dominoes, Yahtzee, or spades aren't clearly defined. I have no reason to think that playing dominoes for money at BetOnline. For United States players, the legality of the operation at BetOnline. Offering sports betting to U. That being said, what you're probably actually wondering is how likely is it that you face a legal risk. The truth is that law enforcement rarely targets the customers of illegal businesses.

That's why prostitutes are arrested far more often than their customers. Your legal risks are minimal, but you do face other risks related to the legality of BetOnline. If they were shut down by the United States government, like Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars were in , you might wind up with some money that you can't access as legally as you would like to.

I'll repeat my earlier advice. Obey the laws where you live. If you decide to do otherwise, limit your risk by only gambling amounts that you won't miss. I've included BetOnline in my list of top poker sites for US players because they've improved tremendously since the events described below. They now process withdrawals the second fastest out of all US poker sites and haven't had complaints in a few years.

Most online poker information websites give www. You should question whether to trust these information websites. It's reasonable to assume that they care more about advertisement income than their reader's safety.

By definition, you couldn't give them more stars so those ratings would imply that Bet Online is on PokerStars' level. Most online poker rooms are on networks, which means their player pools are shared with other online poker rooms on the same network.

Their sportsbook has been in business for a long time but that's when they launched the poker room. They openly claimed to have their "own" network while in reality they were on Action Poker network which had a bad reputation.

What a weird way to start doing business! Lie to your customers who are supposed to deposit their hard-earned real money to your website. And they lied about something quite trivial if they lie about less important stuff, what about more important stuff? I've seen an abnormal amount of complaints by players who've had a lot of money confiscated by BetOnline Poker. While some people cheat at online poker - and a portion of the people who lost their money might have done so - the worst part has been that BetOnline hasn't proved the wrongdoing.

Numerous cases have popped up at online gambling forums. In some of them, the money has been returned to players usually after months of fighting and in some cases they've kept the money.

The best thing the players who've been falsely accused of cheating did was to write about the issue at popular online forums. BetOnline eventually returned the money to the player since they had no proof of cheating.

I doubt anyone thinks that Bet Online is safe after reading those complaints and there's obviously a good reason for that opinion.

Is BetOnline Safe?

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