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Vesterbro - Kongens Enghave. A secret plaform will appear. Account Options Sign in. Krystalgade 22 , Copenhagen , Denmark. There is a hidden platform around there, you must jump three times to make it show itself, then go up it and you'll be at Grate Guy's Casino. To continue playing please purchase more credits.

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Chicken Chimichanga Chicken tinga, monterey jack, salsa verde, crispy flour tortilla, lettuce, onion, cilantro, guacamole, sour cream, pico de gallo SF Mission Burritos Flour tortilla with red rice, charro beans, red chile salsa, lettuce, chihuahua cheese. Chicken Tinga with yellow mole sauce Cheese Corn tortillas, chihuahua cheese, red mole, cotija cheese, cilantro GF Served with flour tortillas, Mexican red rice and pinto beans Margaritas Select options are available in a pitcher serves 5.

House Cocktails Select options are available in a pitcher serves 5. Bottled Beer Selection of imported and domestic beers. Reposado Meaning rested, these tequilas are aged 2 months to just shy of 1 year in oak barrels for a slightly more refined finish.

Anejo Meaning aged, these tequilas are kept in oak for at least 1 year and are recognized by their darker color and strong notes of oak and vanilla. Extra Anejo Tequila A newer classification labeling any tequila aged more than 3 years. Mezcal A spirit distilled from any agave varietal is considered to be a mezcal.

Mexican Street Corn Charred corn on the cob, chipotle mayo, house fajita spice, cotija cheese, lime, cilantro GF. Toasted Pepita Dip Grilled poblano, pinto bean, caramelized onion, orange zest, fajita spice, grilled flour tortillas GF. Guacamole Tradicional Hass avocado, serrano chile, tomato, onion, lime, cilantro, cotija cheese. Cantina Chicken Wings Half Dozen crispy wings, tequila-pomegranate glaze, cotija cheese, lime, cilantro.

Aguachile Rojo Ceviche-style shrimp, tomato, serrano, cucumber, pickled red onion, avocado, lime, hand-cut blue corn chips GF. Clear skies and great play ahead. So many targets, so little time! Team up with this sniper while he takes down his enemies in this shooting game. You can start by pumping a few bullets into these soda cans. That crazy archer is at it once again! Tag along with him while he takes aim and fires at his next group of targets in this intense action game.

You can join him in the gunner mode, the arcade mode, and more! Take control of this miniature racer while he tries to navigate a series of obstacle courses that have been drawn for him on the pages of this notebook. Will you be able to reach the finish line on each one?

How many targets will you be able to hit in this challenging accuracy game? Fleeing the Complex is one of the latest, coolest and best point and click adventure stick-man games ever created. Play as this stick figure that is imprisoned in a maximum security cell and try to escape at all cost! How is Vex gonna make it out of this jam? Join him as he heads off on another platform-filled romp.

The golf course in this online sports game is really crazy. Team up with him while he steals jewels, nabs rare dolls, and makes off with other priceless items from some of the most highly-secured buildings in Moscow. Bob will need your help while he avoids surveillance cameras, high-tech alarms, and a few of the toughest security guards on the planet. Can you get the job done?

How long can you survive during this series of epic gunfights? This thief is about to go on an epic crime spree. Join him while he steals cars and creates tons of chaos in this wild racing game. The Big Apple is yours for the taking! Fight your way to the top in this crazy action game. Steal cars, defeat cops, eliminate rival gangsters, and earn plenty of Bitcoins along the way.

The streets of New York City can soon be yours to rule with an iron fist! Duck the cops and make a fortune while you climb to the top of this criminal empire. Can you find out what happened to her and solve the case? Join this expert car thief while he tries to pull off his biggest and boldest job yet in this thrilling 3D driving game. You can tag along with them while they tear through backyards, parks, gas stations and more in this totally wild simulation game.

How much havoc will you cause? Why build when you can break? Time to manipulate the physics of destruction! This very hungry dinosaur has never been to London before. Can you help him find some tasty humans to eat? The city is under siege! Can you stop an entire army of ruthless villains from ransacking everything in sight?

The stars of animation come together with one purpose: The ultimate legends of anime are here and ready to fight on a battle to death!

Control Naruto, Sazuke or Goku and fight other popular anime and manga characters on this sequel of the popular fighting game Anime Legends! See if you can name all of these characters by rearranging the letters. Be the first line of defense, and the last thing the bad guys will ever see.

Are they princesses or are they superheroes? Can you help three of them choose the perfect uniforms before they fight for truth and justice in this heroic dress-up game?

Your favorite anime heroes are about to duke it out. Choose a character and get ready to rumble! Unsheath your holy katana on the undead in this radical zombie game! Guide Shimo through the torn down ruins of your once great city, now crawling with ghouls and other nightmares. Have no fear, for the light from your blade will cut down any who are in your path. Who will win this epic war to determine the fate of the galaxy?

Take control of your forces, build bases and fight for your very survival in this real-time military strategy game. Another gigantic monster is about to tear its way through the city.

Get down to the lab and help your loyal bot construct a super awesome cybernetic wolf. Can you take down the monster and save the city in this turn-based action game? Can you win all of these robotic showdowns? You can also earn coins after each battle for better and cooler upgrades.

Create the ultimate brawler and unlock new genes from the lab to fight the ultimate world cup battles against international famed mutants such as Dober Gun, Stone Slug and more!

Defeat your enemies to become the ultimate mutant on the planet in the Mutant Fighting Cup ! This jumbo-sized robot tournament is about to bring the entire city to its knees! Instead, focus on putting it together and making sure no parts are missing before your next big rumble. Blow up your opponents by placing bombs. A Bomberman game with random levels! Is your robot the ultimate bomber gladiator?

Step into the Bomb It arena and find out See if you can survive a week in the restaurant while you blast your way towards the exits in this scary online game. Destroy your opponents in new ways and new worlds in this sequel to the popular Bomb It! Locate all mines in a mine field as quickly as possible by uncovering squares.

Click on any groups of the same tile. Once you have run out of moves, use the bomb given to detroy the tiles. This dude has found himself in enemy territory and members of a rival gang are hot on his heels. Help him blast his way back to freedom in this action game. On this new installment of the whack-it games you have to whack the thief that broke into your house.

Point and click the different elements around the house to execute actions that will inflict a lot of pain into this criminal, justice is in your hands! Another day, another country, another infamous heist. Bob, the world famous thief, is heading to Japan for his next big caper in this wild point and click game. Can you help him avoid scientists, security guards, cops, and even mummies while he attempts to steal tons of valuable artifacts?

This island is completely overrun with gangsters. Have you got what it takes to become the most powerful one of all? Help him bust into some secret labs and other heavily secured buildings in this mobile game.

Drive like a fool with many missions to complete in this hit and run racing game. Bump into cars for money and crash your car in the most spectacular ways. Not for the fainthearted, so fasten your seat belts for a wild ride with Red Driver! The city is in danger again and only this pint-sized bandit can save the day. These furious birds are tired of slamming into pillars all the time.

Help them blast through these barriers and take on jumbo-sized bosses in this action-packed online game. Tap to flap your wings and try not to kill the bird, OK? Take flight as one of three iconic internet characters as you try to fly through this maze of pipes.

Flappy Wow is a whole new kind of arcade game that will have you playing for hours! It's not Flappy Bird, but Flappy Pony Join the Greek god of love on a high-flying adventure full of romance and excitement.

Are you a person of action? Do you fantasize about being Indiana Jones or Lara Croft? Then this is the game category for you! Live out an adventure in just a few minutes or hours in the wide variety of games you'll find right here.

Then, when you're done, you can save the game to your favorites to play again later, or pick out a brand new action title and start a new adventure or most likely do both! You're online so you won't need a seatbelt. Battle other people, entire armies, dinosaurs, giant worms, or lots of futuristic monsters.

Find out what it's like to be a stuntman. Take down some zombies, save your kingdom, head to outer space, or just take out your frustrations on a few pieces of virtual furniture. When the door closes behind you, your mission begins with different puzzles and mysteries, and you have 60 min. Or walk in the steps of Sherlock Holmes and connect the evidence, that prevents the danish Colonel Holtenberg in overthrowing the british Monarchy.

Escape Room is perfect for corporate teambuilding, polterabend, friends, families and tourists. Escape Room is creative teambuilding. If you already have experience with live escape room games, we recommend people, and 2 is possible if you are up for a challenge for skilled players. We offer 5 escape rooms, each with space for 6 players. These rooms allows up to 30 players simultaneously or 60 players in 2 following rounds.

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