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Celina Catherine Lahey Nov. Welcome to the Jungle opened the show and Paradise City ended the encore on all dates. He moved to Smooth Rock Falls, Ont. Memorials may be made to palliative care of the Cape Breton Regional Hospital. At Ken's request, cremation has taken place.

Union president calls White House official's comments 'baloney'

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The agreement also prevents first-tier workers from transferring to Orion Assembly, Dunn said in the webcast. GM proposed several options for staffing Orion, including recalling a higher percentage of Tier 2 workers, but the UAW leadership settled on the current language to help keep the plant open and preserve union jobs, Dunn said. The Detroit automaker plans to build a replacement for the Aveo at the plant, along with a new Buick compact car.

The plant has room for building a third vehicle, but GM hasn't given any further details. Ford says Mazda stake unchanged. Ford plans to reduce its Mazda stake to 3 percent or less from its current level of 11 percent, Nikkei said, without citing anyone. We have no further comment on the speculation. Jay Amestoy, Mazda's vice president of U.

Amestoy, who is traveling today with Jim O'Sullivan, Mazda's North American chief executive officer, said O'Sullivan also had no information on the report. Ford cut its stake in Mazda from 33 percent in November as it raised cash to avoid bankruptcy. Ford's new Fiesta small car is based on the mechanical foundation of the Mazda2 subcompact. Ford's Fusion family sedan is based on the Mazda6 platform and its new Ranger pickup truck is built alongside its mechanical twin, the Mazda BT, at a factory in Thailand the automakers jointly own.

Our efforts will be focused on the Ford system, as opposed to relying on others such as Mazda. GM workers at Orion plant protest pay cut plans.

Hourly workers at the General Motors Orion Assembly Plant and their supporters picketed outside the United Auto Workers international headquarters today to protest pay cuts. Some workers feel betrayed by their union.

Nahirnyj's complaint reflects the division between union leaders, who want to save jobs, and workers, who believe they were stripped of their right to vote on the issue. Dawn Maturen, 34, helped organize the demonstration in support of her husband, a GM worker, and their fathers, who are retirees. Maturen said the union circumvented the voting process. Protesters also said the Orion facility was recently placed on "closed plant status," which will require some of them to transfer to a GM plant in Lordstown, Ohio, or face unemployment.

Anna Garrod, a year-old single mom who lives in Rochester Hills and works at the Orion plant, may have to drop out of nursing school to keep her job at GM, which will mean moving to Ohio. Though she'll avoid a reduction in pay by relocating, she's unhappy about leaving Michigan. The least they could do is come out," said Stacey Kemp, 52, of New Lothrop, a Delphi retiree who also worked for GM for 24 years, "and ask us why we're here. The look is highlighted by three-piece forged billet wheels, which are complemented by inch Cooper tires.

Baer brakes provide the stopping power. The design that sets this Explorer apart starts with the exterior, with custom touches from Team Baurtwell and Funkmaster Flex including custom logos. The interior offers Katzkin two-tone leather seats with custom interior accents and Funkmaster Flex logos.

A Sony Xplod audio system ensures customers have the ultimate listening experience. Another Explorer concept, designed by Galpin Auto Sports, takes a vehicle with luxury appointments and makes it into an ultra-luxurious ride that even James Bond would enjoy. Using the character as their inspiration, the Galpin team used inch wheels, custom silver paint on the exterior and modified exterior light treatments to convey that image.

An iPad pops up from the second-row console, and is viewable in either landscape or portrait mode. It meets your discerning expectations, and does it with style and substance.

The look runs throughout the monochromatic silver Explorer, and is completed by two carbon fiber mountain bikes on the roof rack. A CGS cat-back exhaust provides more power, a throatier sound, and even improved fuel economy. Designed with the modern man in mind, the Urban Assault Vehicle is built to fit his active lifestyle. The interior offers a custom rear console with interchangeable inserts and a The exterior is set apart with color-matched lower body panels, custom European hood vents and subtle gray mist graphics.

This Edge is ready to cruise the coast, with a custom paint scheme featuring airbrushing and pin striping, along with a custom surfboard rack and panoramic sunroof. The car comes with specially tuned front and rear lowering sport springs, performance-tuned dampers and antiroll bars for increased roll stiffness. Ford bringing order to the dashboard. Look inside the Ford Fiesta and you will see dashboard controls that have been modeled after the keypad of a cell phone.

In some ways, that makes perfect sense: Ford's market research suggested that young buyers were more attached to their mobile phones than to their means of mobility. But by the time the new Fiesta arrived in American showrooms this summer, the phone that Ford had chosen as its model looked old-fashioned alongside the latest Apple iPhones and Motorola Droids — and so did the dashboard controls.

Those outdated buttons are a glaring reminder that mobile electronics evolve much faster than automobiles. In fact, Ford had already recognized the challenge of keeping its vehicles' controls and instruments up to date and in began to address the situation.

Ford's goal in establishing a set of design principles for automotive interfaces that would be consistently applied to all models was to improve what it called the cabin experience. The program was given the internal code name HAL. The company sought advice from Ideo, the design consultancy known for developing the original Apple computer mouse and shaping interfaces for Palm and other high-tech companies. The guidelines that resulted from the program, a sort of universal logic for all the cars' switches and systems, helped shape the dashboard controls in the redesigned Ford Edge and Explorer.

The standards will apply to future Ford models around the world. Ideo said that its methods were built on research and making prototypes for fast feedback. Its work began with interviews of a broad cross section of people — not just seasoned drivers, but also airplane pilots and ATM users. This is called ethnographic research; similar work from Ideo helped in the development of the SmartGauge in the Ford Fusion Hybrid, a display of green leaves that coaches drivers to drive more efficiently.

Stepping beyond the focus groups and drivers that Ford had traditionally used for research, Ideo went to raw novices. Some teenagers, Brace said, had no idea what the tachometer was or why it was there. Getting rid of the tachometer had not been seriously considered by Ford. Ideo also went to extreme experts, Roberts said. One was a member of an Internet forum of audio tinkerers pioneering the use of the MP3 format music in cars. These users had addressed many of the interface issues that concerned Ford, developing their own ways to combine audio, video and other entertainment streams.

New ideas were tested on drivers. Ideo teams quickly mocked up ideas, often using little more than sticky notes, cardboard and modeling clay. For this project, a PlayStation 2 game console and a dashboard from an older Ford Edge were pressed into service, Brace said. For a driving simulator, the group used a projector showing the video game "Gran Turismo 3. The rules for design drawn from the research were so fundamental as to border on cliche: But from these arose useful specifics: Just because you can doesn't mean you should.

Drawing cautionary lessons from the needlessly complex interfaces of competitors' vehicles, the development team created guiding statements: To disappoint is worse than never making the promise. Unmet expectations negatively impact people's perceptions. Also important, according to Brace, was the idea that tried and true does exist. For example, rather than develop a proprietary controller like the multifunction knob of BMW's iDrive, Ford chose familiar input devices similar to those of TV remote controls and iPods.

One is the five-point controller — four directional arrows with a central button — on the steering wheel. Used on many electronic gadgets, it had roots in the points of the compass. Five-point controllers on the steering wheel are easily operated with the thumb, which lets drivers keep their eyes on the road. A central 8-inch screen is organized around four corners and four colors: There are, mercifully, large knobs for volume and fan speed. The design that grew from the team's work was simple.

Information and controls for the car are on a screen to the left of the speedometer, while those for the driver including the climate control, audio system and navigation unit are on the right.

The system is intended to be flexible for the designers. The Mustang version could look sportier, while the Lincoln version, offered on the MKX, included sliders, a presumably more elegant and upmarket mode of touch control. Part of the idea of the DNA is to make customers loyal to Ford. Given its partnerships with Sony and Microsoft, it is no surprise that Ford does not offer dedicated connections for Apple's iPhone or iPod. While Ford has received more attention for the voice recognition features of Sync, the automotive software developed jointly with Microsoft, its comprehensive redesign of the tactile controls is likely to have at least as much importance for drivers.

The touch screen and the steering wheel buttons are now plausible alternatives to the voice controls. Hundreds of CAW members who work at DHL staged a series of early morning protests at company locations across Canada on Thursday October 7, calling on the multi-national courier service giant to stop its systemic attack on workers' rights and demanding fair treatment for its global workforce.

DHL, owned by German-based Deutsche Post DHL, has gained international notoriety for alleged labour rights malpractices, including poor working conditions, discrimination and harassment among its global workforce of , employees. On October 6, the ITF publicly released a compilation of personal DHL worker stories from around the world - including Canada, highlighting instances of abuse, gender discrimination, intimidation and the undercutting of collective bargaining rights, among other issues.

The report can be downloaded at: The CAW resumed negotiations with the University of Windsor October 12, after receiving an overwhelming vote of support from membership to go on strike if necessary - a vote of 96 per cent overall. This set of negotiations is also the first time where all units are at the bargaining table together and face the same strike deadline, of October 21 at Outstanding issues include pensions and job security as well as wages and benefits. The union remains committed to reaching a fair and equitable agreement, but has voiced frustration at the interference of the Ontario government in the free collective bargaining process.

The province requested a pause in all university negotiations across the province. The union tabled its joint economic proposal on September 24, but since then there has been little movement from the university. Pictured back row left to right: Lewenza also said that trade deals negotiated by the federal government to date have only succeeded in putting the country in more of a vulnerable economic situation.

Lewenza said that Canadians are still looking for strong economic leadership by the government and urged an extension to EI pilot projects right across the country. News of an extension of two EI pilot projects came later that day in a press release from Human Resources and Skills Development Canada. Accepting Nominations for Bud Jimmerfield Award. The deadline for nominations for the CAW's Bud Jimmerfield Award for outstanding contributions in the areas of health, safety, environment or workers' compensation is fast approaching.

Nominations must be submitted no later than Friday, November He had contracted cancer of the esophagus from exposure to metalworking fluids during the 30 years of employment in an automotive parts plant in southern Ontario. During his speech, Bud charged council delegates with an important responsibility - don't mourn my death, fight for the living and do your best to prevent future occupational diseases, deaths and injuries from occurring.

To be eligible, health, safety, environment or workers' compensation activists must be CAW members and must be nominated by their local union leadership or local workplace leadership. The activists must have shown leadership in helping their fellow workers and have participated in activities beyond their workplace.

The conference began with the annual Labour Day parade down the main street of Port Elgin. Buses of retired workers and leadership from around Ontario joined with the Grey Bruce Labour Council affiliates to bring the total number of marchers to more than people. Jenny Ahn, Director of the CAW Retired Workers Department, commended the retirees for their activism and support for the many rallies and fight- back campaigns that have been held across the country. CAW President Ken Lewenza thanked retirees for their commitment to the union and their respective communities.

He said the union is facing many challenges and now more than ever the retirees will be called upon to support worker fight-backs and protect the past gains workers have made. An election was held for the Retired Workers Advisory Executive.

Elected for a three-year term are: Women's Community House is the largest high security shelter for abused women and their children in Canada and offers both short term emergency housing and longer term accommodations. Women's Emergency Centre - Oxford offers child support services and a program for children that are exposed to violence in the home, in addition to a number of other services.

Local union members will have the opportunity to take part in interactive workshops, discussion forums and plenary sessions and listen to interesting guest speakers. The government should move quickly to make them permanent features of the EI Act.

At the same time, too many workers are being left out in the cold. This is no small matter. The vast majority of Canadians live in large urban centres. This shutout is happening because the federal government chose to: This makes no sense. A lot has happened since The first group of unemployed who now qualify for only 14 or 15 weeks will start running out of EI benefits right after Christmas in places like Halifax, Quebec City, Kingston, Regina and Winnipeg.

The big manufacturing towns are still reeling from all the job losses that began in They will be excluded from the EI extension. Catharines fell to 8. It can rise dramatically. Regions Included in the 5 Week Extension which runs until September 15, only 21of 58 regions: Eastern Nova Scotia excluding Halifax 5. North Western Quebec Lower Saint Lawrence and North Shore Yukon 20 Northwest Territories The automaker wants consumers to think of fuel economy as a hallmark of a capable, full-size pickup.

To that end, two of the four engine choices for the model year are smaller V-6s, and the truck shares the 5-liter V-8 that is in the Ford Mustang.

The fourth engine is the 6. Fuel economy "is the number one unmet need in the segment," said Doug Scott, truck marketing manager. Ford research suggests a 20 percent improvement in fuel economy would prompt about 35 percent of F customers to switch brands.

The new engine lineup is 20 percent more fuel efficient than the outgoing engines, Scott said. All but the 3. Ford will start building the 3. Fuel economy figures are expected in a few weeks when testing is complete, Scott said.

But Hall said Ford's new smaller engines still "have to earn their stripes, because it is a segment that doesn't like a V-6 unless gas prices are really high. Scott isn't worried about trying to convince buyers to pay a premium for the direct-injection and turbocharged EcoBoost V For the rest, I can give them better horsepower and torque than most V-8s and better fuel economy. Scott said some dealership employees already have driven the new truck.

Some arrived saying their customers would never go for a V-6 in an F but became converts after driving them, he said. Alan Mulally, Ford's chief executive, said on Friday that customers want both value and capability — not only in their small cars but in their F as well, and he thinks they will pay a premium for the EcoBoost engine. October 14, By Brandon Turkus. This thing looks mean. The interior is delightfully spartan, with nothing but a pair of Recaro seats, a steering wheel, some pedals, and a small vehicle information display for the co-driver.

For Paris, the preview model has been finished in a striking blue and grey livery, specially developed for the show by Ford of Europe's design team. Using as a base the Ford Fiesta S rally car, which won the legendary Monte Carlo Rally on its debut last January and other international and national rallies in , Ford of Europe's design team and M-Sport have worked together to fine-tune the styling of the bodywork and aerodynamic package of the new Fiesta to create an exciting replacement for the outgoing Focus RS WRC.

Although detailed changes may be made as the Fiesta RS WRC car continues its development programme through the balance of this year and in time for the commencement of the team's specialised pre-season testing, the final car will share the eye-catching appearance and acclaimed 'kinetic design' styling cues synonymous with Ford's latest road vehicles. The interior will also be instantly recognisable as a Fiesta RS WRC rally car as it contains a number of production parts.

The Fiesta rally car will boast four-wheel drive transmission and a 1. The new Ford EcoBoost engine family features direct petrol injection and turbocharging to maximise performance and efficiency.

It also demonstrates our continued support for affordable competition by using an off-the-shelf production engine on which to base our WRC power plant," said Mike Norton, Ford of Europe's Motorsport Manager. Specialist engineers from Ford and M-Sport have co-operated closely in the development of this 1. The car has already completed almost kilometres of testing in Britain and France, powered initially by the current WRC engine and more recently by a prototype 1.

Gerard Quinn, Ford of Europe's Motorsport chief, has overseen the Ford development programme throughout and says: There are significant visual differences from the Fiesta S base car as well as major changes under the skin.

The biggest, of course, is the 1. We are right on track with our development and the team is delighted with testing to date. Another major step forward will be taken at the start of October when the car tests in full technical specification for the first time.

Mikko and Jari-Matti lead our challenge with the new car in the WRC, so their feedback from the testing is critical, and will provide valuable data for our engineering team to work with," added Wilson.

Ford has sold more than one million of the hugely-successful, latest generation Fiesta road cars around the world since it went on sale in October Fiesta, Ford's truly global car, is the No 2 best-selling car across Europe. Also, the latest Fiesta has already proved its abilities in motorsport. Ford's design and product development teams have worked closely and efficiently with our partners at M-Sport whose enormous expertise is key to delivering not just a highly competitive rally car, but also a car that is both stylish and recognisably a Ford Fiesta.

Ford Motor Company has quietly become the hot seller to the youth market with the new Fiesta and the soon-to-be-available Focus. Ford decided that small cars in the U. Rather than produce an after-thought, Ford decided that there was no reason their highly competitive small car designs in Europe could not be appealing in the U.

Ford Racing Performance Parts is putting its own spin on a Fiesta at SEMA, outfitting a concept Fiesta in a way that is sure to get the hearts of high-performance enthusiasts pumping. The Fiesta will have a production-based 2. After all, they are the people others rely on for automotive expertise and recommendations.

Ford knows that only a small number of these high-powered versions will be sold, but compare that to, say, the current version of the Focus which is about as staid as a small car can get. The "rub off" effect GM employees, retirees get shot at IPO shares. In a letter dated Sept. The letter says that the company has not determined a maximum or minimum number of shares that an employee or retiree can buy under the program. GM has yet to determine the initial share price of its initial public offering.

Directed share programs are a common way for employees to buy stock in their employers. GM spokesman Pete Ternes confirmed today that the letter had been sent. But he declined to give details because of regulations governing comments about the upcoming IPO.

Analysts believe the IPO could be one of the largest in recent history, allowing the U. An independent health care trust controlled by the UAW owns another Ternes said GM has received some feedback from employees and retirees that they had not received the letter as of today. He said the company would communicate to employees if an extension is allowed. The program is being offered to salaried and hourly employees and retirees. Ford and the UAW have reached a tentative local agreement that would allow the automaker to build the Ford Focus compact car profitably at Michigan Assembly Plant without a second-tier wage rate like the one announced earlier this week at a General Motors subcompact car plant.

The tentative deal for Michigan Assembly was confirmed by Bill Johnson, a UAW Local plant chairman, but it depends on reaching a deal at a nearby stamping plant. McNamara Goodfellow of the Year Award. Domestic automakers have struggled for years to make a profit off of small cars built in the U.

The smaller and lower priced the car, the more challenging that is. The move allowed the plant to stay open and helped to preserve 1, jobs. What's more, it could prove that it's possible for a subcompact car to be built profitably in the U. The Chevrolet subcompact cars to be built at the Orion plant will be the smallest cars built in the U. GM has already started building the larger Chevrolet Cruze compact car at its plant in Lordstown, Ohio, without a deal like the one in Orion.

UAW officials describe the Orion agreement as a onetime deal forged during GM's bankruptcy to save a plant that was slated to close, as well as jobs, and to prove that subcompacts can be built profitably with American union labor. But some workers were angered by the deal. A protest against the agreement is scheduled for next Saturday, said Ron Lare, a retired Ford autoworker. At Michigan Assembly, where Ford is determined to make money from the Focus compact car, the new agreement calls for a consolidation of some job classifications and changes to how maintenance work groups are structured, Johnson said.

The UAW plans to take the contract to its members for a vote once it reaches a tentative deals at Wayne Integral Stamping, Johnson said. He expects that will happen by early November. The upgrade in Ford's corporate family rating to Ba2 from B1 is the fifth Moody's has given the second-largest U. Moody's said it has a stable outlook on Ford's debt and its finance subsidiary, Ford Motor Credit Co. Bruce Clark, Moody's senior vice president, said in a statement today.

At the same time that the industry's business practices have become more disciplined, Ford is coming to market with an exceptionally strong product portfolio. Since arriving from Boeing Co. Sales of redesigned models, such the Taurus and Fusion sedans , helped propel Ford's U.

Some unhappy hourly workers at General Motors Co. A bulletin is being circulated by union dissidents among members of Local , asking workers to join them at noon Oct.

The bulletin asks participants to bring picket signs and petitions. The rally reflects divisions in the labor movement. Some workers fear the UAW is creating a loophole that will eventually force lower pay on veteran workers and want to protect the higher-paying positions. An Indianapolis UAW local earlier this month rejected a proposal for workers to take a pay cut in exchange for keeping open a GM stamping plant scheduled to close next year.

The UAW negotiated the Indianapolis deal with a proposed buyer who wanted to keep making parts for GM, but is now abandoning the idea. Many workers rejected the Indy deal because they wanted to keep their right to transfer to another facility and keep their higher pay. Earlier this week, UAW leaders and GM unveiled an Orion agreement that both hailed because it means a low-price subcompact car can be built in America with unionized labor and make a profit — a first for a Detroit Big Three plant.

It will build a new compact Buick and a replacement for the Chevrolet Aveo. Orion Assembly was scheduled to close in , but it is expected to recall about 1, hourly and salaried workers when it reopens in summer after retooling for small cars. The automakers and UAW could negotiate the new pact under a broadly worded change in the GM-UAW national agreement that was approved by workers as GM prepared to enter bankruptcy in I am wondering if the company and the international will try to use this formula at other plants, or somehow include in the next contract.

But UAW leaders insist that no veteran workers at Orion will have to take the pay cut. About of the former Orion employees are working in other GM plants, they said. Another are eligible for retirement and will be offered incentives to retire instead of returning to the plant. Buyers will be able to start pre-ordering the Focus later this month. Those who agree to buy one by Feb. Prices are no longer artificially high when a vehicle is new, followed by large incentives months later when demand falls.

And while Ford CEO Alan Mulally recently said the company was unable to make money on the current Focus, he expects the new model to be profitable. That is because the Focus is a global vehicle and it was less expensive to engineer a single vehicle for all markets. With 80 percent common parts and shared underpinnings with nine other vehicles, for total volume of 2 million vehicles by , parts costs are also less.

It is a pricing strategy that Jim Farley, head of global sales and marketing, introduced when he joined Ford. Vehicles such as the Mustang and F pickup always had a significant price gap between the entry level and the top trim level and Ford has been trying to emulate that with all its models, said spokesman Mark Schirmer. Adding the Fiesta as a new, entry-level car in the United States prompted a restructuring of the car lineup and price transitioning that will likely continue for a few years until a new Fusion hits the market, he said.

Ford plans to continue to emphasize the value of its Sync technology. Derrick Kuzak, head of global product development, told the CTIA wireless technology conference in San Francisco Friday that Ford wants greater collaboration between the two industries to offer more phone apps safely and seamlessly in vehicles.

Kuzak said Ford is working to increase the number of Bluetooth phones that can communicate with Sync to provide more voice-activated functions in an effort to discourage drivers from texting or other activities that take their eyes off the road and hands off the wheel. Ford is providing a software development kit to interested smart phone app developers so they can modify their existing apps to work with Sync.

The automaker already has heard from more than 1, interested parties wanting to ensure their apps are compatible, Kuzak said. Especially because members didn't get a chance to vote on the details. Upset union workers are citing the Orion plant, where GM announced Thursday that it will build the Buick Verano compact car, as another example of how top union leaders aren't representing their interests.

Contract rejections by Ford workers last year and at a GM stamping plant in Indianapolis last week show workers aren't afraid to break with leadership. The tug-of-war between UAW leaders and members over the issue of declining pay levels could become a flash point in next year's national contract talks with the Detroit Three.

UAW officials tout the number of jobs they're keeping in the U. Chase, a worker at General Motors' Indianapolis stamping plant, supported his local union's decision not to negotiate with Illinois supplier J. Norman, a potential buyer of the soon-to-close plant. Indianapolis was a unique situation, but it gave autoworkers a chance to speak out against wages they say are too low to raise a family.

The plight of workers in Indianapolis, along with those at GM's Orion Township plant who face a possible pay cut or transfer, has UAW members worried about their leadership's negotiating priorities, especially before contract negotiations next year for the Detroit Three. In Indianapolis, workers voted on those priorities, saying workers of all ages deserve good-paying jobs or none at all.

Workers also sent another message, Chase said: I've never seen them override us," he said. Good news comes with a catch Still, the situations in Indianapolis and Orion Township aren't likely to translate perfectly to the rest of the union. Indianapolis had been slated to close since , when a potential buyer gave it a last-gasp chance at survival. Orion was saved from a similar end when the plant outbid factories in Janesville, Wis.

As announced Thursday, the plant will assemble the Chevrolet Aveo subcompact, which may undergo a name change before it launches in August, and the Buick Verano compact for the model year.

GM said the Verano will allow the plant to hire about 1, hourly and salaried workers. But for some, that news was overshadowed by the union's announcement of details of a special labor agreement for the plant. To get a second chance at life with the Aveo, the union agreed to "innovative staffing. The higher-paid senior workers remain eligible to move to other GM locations at their current pay. But some of them are disappointed that they might have to drive long distances or move to make the same wage.

King told the Free Press on Wednesday that the union estimated that none of those workers would have to do that. The UAW estimates assume that all of Orion's eligible workers will take an available incentive to retire. The plant has about 1, people on layoff waiting for Aveo production to begin, including about already making the lower, second-tier wage.

Orion worker Juan Gonzales said he thinks that hope is unreasonable, considering the Michigan economy and the plant's nearly yearlong idle status. What leaders have to say Pat Sweeney, president of Orion's Local , said the union fought to get as many Orion workers at the top wage as possible.

The solution is definitely better for UAW workers than one option GM considered, which was to use contract workers for a portion of the labor, leaving more UAW workers out of the plant. Officials at GM and the union insist Orion's pay structure won't become a pattern -- that it's unique because of the challenge of building a subcompact car profitably in the U. Still, some UAW members and local officials are a little concerned about the UAW's seeming inability to keep wages high.

They foresee problems if automakers use the Orion pay plan as a formula to save money for other factories. But Tom Thivierge, GM's executive director of labor relations, says saving money on production is more about creative manufacturing and engineering.

It's about innovation," he said. Ford offers lessons to more than auto rivals. Drive along Michigan Avenue in Dearborn and you can't miss the telltale signs of decline: One empty storefront after another sits alongside an undercapitalized new venture here and a wheezing business there.

The vibrant restaurant scene of the early decade is gone, a victim of cutbacks at Ford Motor Co. It's mildly depressing, a testament to the indiscriminate toll taken by local political drift and a long, slow economic contraction mixed with a heaping portion of denial. Except for one critical, very important, thing: The Glass House, epicenter of Ford's offices, engineering buildings, design studios, a test track and the nearby Dearborn Truck Plant.

Built in the s, it now symbolizes the achievability of American industrial renaissance in an industry the smart people from New York and Washington to Stuttgart, Tokyo and Shanghai had ceded to the foreign powers of the global auto industry.

Evidence of the Blue Oval revolution comes in the tight, Vpowered Mustang that could almost snap your neck if you juiced it hard enough.

There's the Fiesta, a subcompact the likes of which no Detroit automaker has sold in this country, well, forever. There are the redesigned Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX crossovers laden with new technology and, soon, a new line of Focus compacts built right here in Michigan.

You can see a hipper, leaning-forward Ford in the fact that the Wall Street Journal's tech guru, Walt Mossberg, saw fit this week to review and mostly bless the next-generation Sync infotainment system.

This for a car company from Detroit. Yes, North America, home to the United Auto Workers and the worst sales recession this industry has seen in decades. Yes, profits, which are quickening cash flow, enabling Ford to retire debt and laying the foundation for salaried bonuses and hourly profit-sharing checks early next year. You can read it in reports from Wall Street analysts. Morgan's credit analyst, predicts the automaker's bonds and bank debt will outperform the high-yield market as Ford pushes to regain investment grade by the end of next year.

Rival Morgan Stanley offers Ford management the usual props for re-engineering the product line, divesting brands, restructuring health care and cutting debt.

Ford's "revenue opportunity is significantly underestimated. The folks led by Mulally are on track to sell more cars and trucks and deliver a lot fatter profits than the conventional wisdom expects. Which isn't to say things couldn't go wrong for St. Alan of Mulally, that the national economy couldn't go pear-shaped again, that Ford couldn't muff a product launch or its umpteenth makeover for its luxury Lincoln brand, the homely step-sister of Detroit luxury marques.

He was educated in Morden and Winnipeg. He always claimed this was a wonderful learning experience. Later he settled into custom metal fabrication. He also spent 12 years at St. He loved the outdoors and felt so close to nature and God, and had a great admiration for the sisters. His love for building continued with the construction of his two homes and his summer home in Lake St. George where many happy times were spent.

In retirement he built his beautiful home on Lake Winnipeg north of Gimli where he always said it was his little bit of heaven. He dearly loved gardening and flowers were his passion and his happiness at finding Minerva Tree Farms and volunteering for 15 years developing a most treasured friendship with the Wuthrich Family. Many thanks to the doctors, nurses, and support service staff, and the Tim Horton's Special ambulance Drivers. In lieu of flowers donations may be made to the Gimli Humane Society, P.

I love you, Babes. Barry 28 Dec - 07 Jul - Peacefully, with his wife by his side, Barry Manning died, age 86, at home in Winnipeg. Only child of H. Manning and Beatrix Manning, who predeceased him, he will be lovingly remembered by his wife Judy, of 42 years, daughter Gillian, son John Yahphen and granddaughters, Paige, Brooke and Sophie. Born in Toronto, Barry and his family moved to Winnipeg when he was nine years of age. He entered Queen's University in Kingston, but left to join the Royal Canadian Navy in , serving until on several ships including the H.

Upon his return, Barry entered the University of Manitoba and graduated with a B. He was a member of the Law Society of Manitoba from to Charles Country Club, St. For more than 60 years, one of Barry's great pleasures was spending time with his family at their summer cottage on Lake of the Woods.

He also enjoyed golfing at the St. Charles and playing snooker at the Manitoba Club, where he was made an honorary life member in He will be sadly missed by his many friends, especially the Boys of Friday. A memorial service in honour of Barry's life will be held on Tuesday, July 15, at 1: In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the St. George's Memorial Fund Inc. Dearly loved husband for 67 years of Verna Miskimins of Keswick. Predeceased by his only daughter Carol Thirgood.

Dear father-in-law of Raymond Thirgood. Funeral service from M. The family will receive friends from 1: Royal Canadian Legion, Sutton Branch service at 2: If desired, donations made to the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation would be appreciated by the family.

The Toronto Star 05 Mar He was employed at Ford Motor Co. Doug was predeceased by one brother and four sisters. The family would like to take this opportunity to thank the Nurses and Staff of Ridgewood for the excellent care provided for Doug. Pete was predeceased by his wife, Bernie, in after 66 years of marriage. He was also predeceased by his sister, Muriel, his brother, Glen and his granddaughter, Leah. Pete is also survived by daughter-in- law, Sheila, and brother, Tommy, as well as by many nieces and nephews.

Pete was born in Scotia, Manitoba and moved to the Airdrie district when he was one year old. He farmed west of Airdrie all his life. Pete assisted with the maintenance of Goldenrod Hall for many years and mowed the grass and kept the Hall yard nicely landscaped. For years, Pete and Bernie could frequently be seen at the Alberta race tracks cheering for many thoroughbreds which they jointly owned with family and friends. This was one of their favorite pastimes. Pete also enjoyed curling and playing golf, especially golfing with his grandchildren at Fairmount, British Columbia, location of their vacation home.

Pete and Bernie very much enjoyed visiting with friends. They liked to entertain family and friends at their home and would regularly just "stop by" to visit.

Beginning in , and continuing for many years thereafter, people from around the world were graciously hosted at Pete's and Bernie's "Goldenrod Bed and Breakfast" and many of these guests became very good friends. In recent years, Pete took great pleasure in winning Loonies from visitors while playing cribbage. The family would like to thank Sharon Bennett for taking care of Pete for the last many years. In lieu of flowers, the family is requesting that donations be made to the Alzheimer Society of Calgary, , - 58 Avenue S.

Wils - beloved husband, father and grandfather, passed away at home November 10, at the age of 83 years. He was born November 11, in Brandon, Manitoba. Swansea, during which time he developed numerous life-long friendships. His "Navy" years were a source of great pride to Wils and he often shared his memories of this time.

Wils married Connie nee Orchard in and moved to Calgary in where he worked until retirement, in , with the Unemployment Insurance Commission and the Taxation Departments of the Federal Government. Following Connie's sudden passing in , Wils subsequently met and married the woman who he described as "the best of everything in my life". Wils and Beulah Boo Leadbeater were married in and spent the next fifteen years indulging their love for each other, travel and the outdoors; making numerous trips including Hawaii on numerous occasions, a cruise to Mexico, and a visit to Australia.

He was an avid golfer and curler throughout his life and loved "puttering around the garden". Wils was an active member and past Master of the Mosaic Lodge No. He is survived and will be greatly missed by his loving wife Beulah; his children, Del of Vancouver and Brad Andrea of Calgary; and his grandchildren, Hayley and Jeff Muir, both of Calgary.

The Calgary Herald 12 Nov He was also like a father to Betty Berman Levin and friend and mentor to so many others. Memorial service October 27, , Remembrances may be sent to the David R. The Gazette 17 Oct Family was very important to Bruce. Bruce was employed with C. P Telecommunications from until his retirement after 45 years. He was a member of the Probus Club and formerly volunteered with the Karing Kitchen.

He will be missed by his bowling and bridge pals. Bruce is also survived by his sisters Elizabeth Trites of Moncton and Janet Anderson of Perth, Scotland; and several nieces and nephews. Besides his parents, Bruce was predeceased by one brother Reginald. In keeping with Bruce's wishes cremation has taken place.

Interment will take place in Alderwood Cemetery. Donations in Bruce's memory may be made to the Friends of the Moncton Hospital, Canadian Cancer Society or to the charity of the donor's choice. They had the perfect boy's life After breakfast, fishing, canoeing, camping, hunting at the doorstep.

Hugh played hockey for the Rainy River Hawks using magazines for shin pads. He liked to kibitz. He could always throw out a good zinger. He would sing "Oh Canada" at the Jet games before it was popular. He was a Jet-Moose season ticket holder for 40 years. Florence and Hugh made St. James their home for 50 years. Hugh and Pete Andrayko were the "Mr.

Popular Mechanics gave them project ideas. They liked to puttsky, which got them into mischief. They carried their tools in their wives old purses. They liked to celebrate with a rum and coke or a "2 beer steak" Laughing with Susan and Jack Hunt's crew was special family time. Especially at Colorado Estates. Hugh worked for the CNR for 39 years as a machinist. He appreciated the workings of motors especially in red cars. Sardines were a treat.

He supported the union. He enjoyed "doing the books" as Secretary Treasurer. He was a fair man. He would stick up for the underdog. Hugh respected all nationalities and their beliefs.

Dad lived by the 10 Commandments and passed these values on to us. He was not afraid to say he supported the NDP for a lifetime. He believed in donating to charity.

After Florence passed, Hugh wanted to be independent and travel, and go to the lake. Hugh had eight years of cruising, swimming in the ocean, sea-dooing at Linklater Lake, snorkelling, parasailing at 89, discovering a new drink Black Russians, jumping off a pontoon boat, setting off the cannon at Smith Camp and learning how to play Bacchii, socializing with Megan and Barb's families, fishing for Pickerel. Thank you family and friends for including Hugh in many social events.

Dad appreciated the invitations and of course the food. Thank you Tammy Tyrrell for the fun visits at Deer Lodge. Thank you Rosie Balingit for giving my Dad the love and hugs he needed.

Thank you Bruce for being the son my Dad never had. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Deer Lodge Centre, T6 Day Program and evening entertainment in care of Kevin Scott or a charity of your choice. Predeceased by his wife Victoria Iatzko in Brother-in-law to Jim Ellis of St. Survived by many nieces and nephews. Hugh retired from the City of Windsor in after 37 years of service.

Prayers Thursday 8 p. Funeral Service will be held on Friday, October 27, at 11a. Interment Victoria Memorial Gardens. The Windsor Star 25 Oct Georges Dumont Hospital on Monday July 19, David began his financial career with Eastern Securities, working in a managerial position for them in Fredericton, Moncton and Saint John.

In he came to Moncton to set up and manage the Royal Trust Office and after retirement he was employed for several years with Dominion Securities. Son; Bruce Michael , Toronto: Beloved pet dog and 1 pal to David "Ceilidh": Several nieces and nephews. Reception following the Service. Interment, Fair Haven Cemetery. In David's memory, donations to Friends of the Moncton Hospital would be appreciated.

Ronald McFarlane passed away peacefully at the age of Ron was born in London, ON in ; his family moved to Winnipeg when he was a boy. Lillian McFarlane; and by his son Hugh. Ron enriched his personal life with his love of reading history and archaeology, and travelling. He also enjoyed gardening and duplicate bridge. The family cottage at Falcon Lake was the setting for many years of happy times with his family and friends. Forever he will remain in our thoughts and in our hearts.

Sincerest thanks to the caring and compassionate staff on T3 at Deer Lodge Centre. Born in Cornhill, he was a son of the late Robert H. He was a lifetime member of the Havelock Legion and enjoyed hunting, fishing and was a trapper all of his life.

Interment at Maplewood Cemetery at a later date. If desired, donations to Friends of the Moncton Hospital or a charity of choice would be appreciated by the family. He first went to sea as a crewman on the Canadian National coastal steamer, Prince Rupert. He met his future wife, Ingrid Grafstrom, at St.

He entered the insurance business with the Robert S. The family expanded to include five children, so their home became a neighbourhood source of warmth and lively activity. Warren travelled the length and breadth of Vancouver Island on business and made friends wherever he went. He and Ingrid moved to Comox in where Warren operated the Guardian branch office, he then joined Comox Valley Insurance and opened their Comox office.

He was an active and loyal member of the Anglican church at both the Victoria and Courtenay churches of St. Warren was a modest and kind man of integrity, decency, honour and great good humour. He was always interested in everyone he met so that seniors on his Meals on Wheels rounds, hospital patients, loggers or fishermen he met in pubs, fellow passengers on the ferries anyone would come away feeling that they had made a friend.

As well as enjoying good music Warren read voraciously and was always interested in current events and in finding people with whom he could discuss his current interest. He was a wonderful husband and brother, father and grandfather. Warren was truly "an inspiration to us all" as he was often told. The family would like to express their heartfelt appreciation to the wonderful staff of the 3rd floor of the Capilano Care Centre for the loving care and attention they always gave to Dad.

He is also survived by his children: Predeceased by his son-inlaw, Douglas Roe in Funeral service will be held at St. In lieu of flowers donations in Warren's memory may be made to a charity of your choice. The Times Colonist on 07 Dec Frank was an avid golfer since his youth in Alberta. A memorial service will be held at St.

A special thank you to Dr. Tony Wu and the palliative staff at the Oakville- Trafalgar Memorial Hospital for their excellent care. In lieu of flowers, a donation to the Ian Anderson House a palliative cancer hospice www. Ken has sadly passed away gently and peacefully at the Royal Jubilee Hospital on June 21, Ken lived a full and complete life, a strong, spirited survivor with for more lives than a cat, continually defying the odds but it was his time.

A great sense of humor, living with integrity and without regrets. A great example for his 5 generations, 3 grandchildren, 7 great-grandchildren and 2 great-great-grandchildren. The son of a gardener, Ken grew up on a farm just south of Edmonton, leaving at 19 to join the Navy.

It turned out to be a 25 year career when he achieved the rank of Chief Petty Officer 1st Class. Ken's hobbies were numerous, passionate and good at all, cards crib and poker , pool, curling, golf 3 hole in ones and then his passion trapshooting - , fully devoting his time and energy to supporting and raising the quality of the B. Trapshooting Association, an executive span of over 27 years holding positions of President, Secretary Treasurer and more.

Constant involvement, board positions, delegation and a 5 year period holding several executive positions on the PITA Board, finally being recognized with his induction to the PITA Hall of Fame in Many thanks to the staff of the Victoria at McKenzie where he resided for the past 8 years, the Royal Jubilee Hospital, the many, many doctors and nurses who loved his optimistic and positive, friendly attitude.

A special thought for Margaret Dorf, a very special friend who loved Ken's company, only surviving him by a mere 2 days. He was proud of his family heritage which ahs been part of PEI since He served in the Royal Canadian navy for 26 years. In the end, he is so much a part of us, it is like he is still here. We will always remember his calm, steady hand guiding us through life's stormy seas.

We are proud to have had such a loving husband and father. Predeceased by grandson Anthony. Its been a great sail and you met the last storm head on. We will always lovingly remember you and deeply respect you. Following a courageous battle with cancer, George passed away July 7, , in Roseway Hospital, Shelburne.

Upon leaving the service, he worked with his father in the wood and coal business on Cape Sable Island. After retiring from Customs, he worked as a surveyor of fishing vessels for a number of years. George was an honest, kind and fair man who was highly respected by his colleagues and friends. The Halifax Herald 09 Jul John was born at the Nickerson home on 2nd St. He loved Kenora and, throughout his life, spent time every summer with family at the Nickerson camp on Clearwater Bay, Lake of the Woods.

As an adult he was an avid curler and golfer, as well as a gardener and pool player. In sports, as in all his endeavours, he showed tremendous stamina, determination and good grace. He and Irene enjoyed many outings cross-country skiing with friends at the farm on Silver Falls Road. John served the community as a family physician for over 52 years, retiring on February 29, In his early years, he was designated by Indian Affairs as physician to many of the First Nations communities.

He had a traditional, hands-on general practice, including obstetrics, anaesthetics and nightly house calls to families with sick children or elderly. He was devoted to the many families who were his patients, some spanning three generations.

He loved his work and the many, many people he worked with over the years. He was married to Irene Mabel Forstrom at the Forstrom home in Kenora on December 30, , and they celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary with their family in John and Irene raised their family of six children at their home on North Algoma St.

In , they moved to Maplecrest Tower. John was predeceased by his parents, his brothers Hugh and George, and his sister Mary Laverne Stuart. He is also survived by sisters-in-law Pauline Nickerson and Ellen Nickerson, and many dear nephews and nieces and their families.

John leaves his loving wife Irene and their six children: We will remember him for his compassion, generosity, and great sense of humour. Roger was with the C. Joseph's Hospice at the of 82, after a short battle with cancer. Clem was born on April 10, in Quibel, Ontario, the youngest boy in a family of six.

When he returned from the war he worked as a miner in Normetal, Quebec and alongside his father in his auto garage. There was nothing that Clem could not fix or repair and he had a natural ability for all things mechanical.

Clem a long-time resident of Thunder Bay worked as a millwright with the Millwrights Local Union , retiring in Clem will always be remembered for his quick wit and sociable nature.

He loved to fish and the company of family and friends. He took pride in his home of 52 years and loved to groom the grounds with his riding mower and tend to his greenhouse. Syndicate Avenue, at 8: A luncheon will follow in the church hall.

In lieu of flowers, the family would appreciate donations to the St. Joseph's Hospice or a charity of your choice. Loving husband and lifetime companion of Joyce Mrs.

P for 61 years. Arnold was born in Sifton, Manitoba and lived on the family homestead near Flin Flon along with his twin brother Arthur and younger brother Clem. After his discharge in , utilizing a Veterans Affairs grant, Arnold completed high school and one year of engineering at the University of Manitoba. He then worked as a diamond driller for the next 3 years before returning to engineering at St. Patrick's College Carleton in Ottawa on a combined hockey and football scholarship.

It was there he met and married Joyce. Upon graduation in , Arnold moved to Sudbury to work for Inco. Three years later he joined Falconbridge Nickel Mines where he spent the next 20 years working as chief mining and research engineer in Toronto. Throughout his career Arnold travelled the world. Uganda, Rhodesia, Botswana, Russia and the Dominican were especially near and dear to his heart. Arnold's many passions included golfing, fishing although he is still waiting to land "the big one" and for those that knew him best, as a great "handy-man".

He taught many of us that anything can be fixed with a little "duct-tape", a stapler, a saw and a few rusty nails. In his retirement, Arnold took up painting and many of the childrens' walls are adorned with his work. Visitation will take place one hour prior to the service from p. Don is survived by his loving wife of 53 years, Drena.

Don was predeceased by his father Harold; mother, Mabel; step-father Leo; brother Bill and also his wife Helen; sister-in-law Leona wife of Eddie; father-inlaw, Albert, mother-in-law, Lily; brothersin-law, Lionel, Bill husband of Anne and Burns husband of Kathy; sister-in-law, Dorothy wife of Lou.

He then worked for the Corps of Commissioners for 13 years. Don will always be remembered as a hard working, loyal and dedicated man, who was always first to lend a helping hand when needed. Don loved restoring antique Radio's, collecting coins and was an avid sportsman which included hockey, baseball, golf, curling and of course football. He was a Saskatchewan Roughrider season ticket holder for over 50 years. Don also loved a good match of crib.

He loved to spend time with his children, grandchildren and great granddaughters. Don has left a lasting impact on all who knew him and he will be greatly missed. A celebration of Don's life will be held on Friday May 23, at Church, Argyle St. John-Baptist Okai and Rev. A private inurnment will be held at Riverside Memorial Park. The family would like to thank the doctors and nurses of 3D of the Pasqua Hospital for their kindness and care. Leagh will be forever remembered by his loving wife and companion of sixty-three years, Dorothy.

His spirit will live on in his five children and their spouses: Leagh is also survived by two sisters, Bobbie and Peggy. He was predeceased by his infant daughter Ledona. Leagh was born in Calgary, AB on March 6, He was one of seven children. Leagh was a member of the Legion and attended monthly luncheons with his fellow "Undaunted". In , Leagh entered into the bowling business working his way up from a manager to an owner. Once an owner, Leagh began the company Alberta Bowlerama, which throughout the years was comprised of many different bowling centers.

It was his love of bowling and the business that gave Leagh the opportunity to travel the world as he served on a variety of provincial and national boards. Once his children had grown and began families of their own, Leagh and Dorothy continued Leagh's acquired love of traveling, stamping their passports with as many destinations around the world as possible. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made directly to the charity of the donor's choice.

The Patterson family wishes to thank the wonderful staff at the Eau Claire Retirement Residence for the compassion and care they provided to Leagh and his family during his final days. He emigrated from the farm district of Donegal to the industrial regions of southern Ontario in He married Mary Elizabeth White around She was born March 15, in Belfast, Ireland, and died October 15, They were married in Toronto, ON in a ceremony that was kept secret because he was, like many Irish immigrants, applying for a position on the Toronto police force, and they only hired single men.

Vision problems kept him off the force, and they re-settled in Hamilton, Ontario, where he went to work in the locomotive round house at the Steel Company of Canada, Hilton Works. Eventually, he became an Engine Room Artificer. This ended his involvement in the trade union, but his sympathies remained with the immigrant worker, and he became a charter member of the Stelco Credit Union in an effort to give the workers an alternative to the big banks.

It is with great sadness that the family announces his sudden passing while visiting family in St. John's, NL on August 28, Following the war, he worked for Trans Canada Airlines in St. He subsequently served on several ships, including carriers, destroyers, frigates, tankers and naval auxiliary. In , Sam met and later married Marjorie.

They spent 68 wonderful years together. Sam was happiest spending time with his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Sam will be loving remembered for is charming wit and storytelling. Dad had a passion for his writing and was a natural artist. Dad captured his wartime experiences in his novel "Of Other Times", which he wrote for his family. Dad's leisure time was happily spent sailing and travelling. Sam's favourite traditional naval toast was "Absent Friends". Sam was recently predeceased by his loving wife Marjorie.

He was also predeceased by eight brothers and three sisters. Sam is lovingly remembered by his children: Sam had nine great-grandchildren: Sam is also survived by his sister-in-law Barbara Peet, Holiday, Fla. Sam will also be missed by his nieces and nephews who gave him many wonderful memories. The family would like to thank the Peet and Butler families for their kindness and support during our private services held at "The Cabin" in Newfoundland.

A special thanks to Ron and Pat Butler. No visitation by request. Memorial Service will be held at 10 a. Interment in Dartmouth Memorial Gardens. A reception will follow. In , at the age of seventeen, Eddie joined the Royal Canadian Navy and served five years in peacetime as a naval electrician.

Upon his departure from the Navy, Eddie took up a career in the construction industry as a painter. Following the unfortunate passing of his father in , Eddie devoted his life to the care of his mother, Florence.

A member of the No. He had a huge heart and a good sense of humour right to the very end. He is survived by his loving mother; his sister Wilma; his nieces, Shannon, Shelley and Colleen; as well as his great-nephews and niece. Also left behind are his Aunt Esther, Aunt Wilma and Uncle Humphrey and their families and a multitude of friends and neighbors. He will be greatly missed and his spirit will live on in those around him.

Farewell, we love you and we miss you. A Graveside Service will be held Friday, September 1, at 3: The Calgary Herald 31 Aug His family immigrated to Kipling, Saskatchewan in and settled in Regina in Pettick completed his primary and secondary school education in Regina. He was registered as an architect with the Saskatchewan Association of Architects in and started his own firm, Joseph Pettick Architect Ltd. As of , he'd executed over commissions, either as sole practitioner or as a member of a partnership.

He also sat on various boards and associations, both locally and nationally including: His interest in societal issues produced numerous treatises and publications related to governmental reform, nuclear energy, and northern development. Joseph died in Regina on September 12, Ken is survived by his loving wife Jean Tonkin whom he shared 69 years of marriage. Uncle Ken will be missed by the Tonkin family, his sister-in-law Helen Atkinson, and his many friends who knew him to be the life of the party.

Ken's family would like to thank, Dr. Bodkin and their staff for his care over the years and a very special thank you to all of Ken's "Sweethearts" at Hewson House for their kindness and support of our family. At Ken's request, cremation has taken place.

A celebration of Ken's life will take place at a later date. He had owned and operated F. Pierce Refrigeration most of his career until he retired. He was a member of Trinity-St. He was an avid curler and golfer and took an active interest in community affairs. Surviving are his wife, the former Christena F. Dunbar; sister, Margaret Mrs. Visitation , p. Saturday, legion service 7 p. Saturday, both in Furlong's Funeral Home, Amherst. Burial in Port Howe Cemetery.

Donations to Canadian Cancer Society or any charity. The Halifax Herald 13 Nov Paul's Hospital, on November 14, at the age of 87 years. Ray's second ship, which he was also part of the commissioning crew, departed from Quebec City in He preformed escort duty on the west coast and then as well as the North Atlantic. He discharged in September and moved back to Maidstone. The Falcon in Hollywood 4: Drop Dead Weird Jabba's School Holiday Movie Special Liv and Maddie 2: A Cinderella Story 6: Nikon Heart of the Image Ruby Yaya Fashion 4: Teeter Inversion Table 5: Dyson Home Solutions 7: Teeter Inversion Table 9: Cocktail Gems in Silver 3: Teeter Inversion Table 4: NEW Jewel Academy 5: Charlie Bears Collectables 6: NEW Flavorstone Diamond 7: Air Fryer Oven - Taste the Difference Bowflex Max Trainer 1: Kleva Clean Gutter Cleaner 2: Does It All Drill Bits 2: Bambillo Mattress Topper 3: Renovator Better Grip 6: Mini Massage Chair 6: Air Fryer Oven - Taste the Difference 8: Bowflex Max Trainer 9: Kleva Clean Gutter Cleaner 9: Does It All Drill Bits Bambillo Mattress Topper Renovator Better Grip 1: Mini Massage Chair 2: Air Fryer Oven - Taste the Difference 3: Bowflex Max Trainer 4: Kleva Clean Gutter Cleaner 5: Does It All Drill Bits 5: Bambillo Mattress Topper 6: Renovator Better Grip 9: Mini Massage Chair 9: Silvia's Tasty Bites Man Fire Food Man Fire Food 1: Eat Australia In NT 1: How to Cook Like Heston 1: How to Cook Like Heston 2: Miguel's Tropical Kitchen 4: Back to Basics 5: Heston's Great British Food 5: Luke Nguyen's United Kingdom Bitesize 6: Beat Bobby Flay 6: Man Fire Food 7: Eat Australia In NT 7: How to Cook Like Heston 8: Miguel's Tropical Kitchen Back to Basics 1: Heston's Great British Food 1: Luke Nguyen's United Kingdom Bitesize 2: Heston's Great British Food 3: Luke Nguyen's France Bitesize 3: Destination Flavour Down Under Bitesize 5: Crazy Cookie Builds 6: Made in Italy with Silvia Colloca 6: Made in Italy with Silvia Colloca 7: Tasty Conversations With Audra Morrice 7: Small Business Secrets Bitesize 8: Michel Roux On Escoffier 8: Wonderful Indonesia Flavours Heston's Great British Food Make It Real To Me Welcome to Wapos Bay 6: The Time Compass 6: The Mysterious Cities of Gold 7: Finding My Magic 8: Aussie Bush Tales 8: Tales of Tatonka 9: Rugby Union 3: Tales from the Trails 5: Maori TV's Native Affairs 6: The Panther Within 7: Fish Listeners of Setiu Lagoons Raceday Review - Benalla Raceday Review - The Valley Raceday Review - Benalla 1: Raceday Review - The Valley 1: Raceday Review - Benalla 2: Raceday Review - The Valley 2: The Trial Show 3: Raceday Review - Benalla 3: Raceday Review - The Valley 3: Raceday Review - Benalla 4: Raceday Review - The Valley 4: Raceday Review - Benalla 5: The Trial Show 5: Raceday Review - The Valley 6: Raceday Review - Benalla 6: Country Catch Up 8: Tuesdays With Terry 8: The BetEasy Racing Show Raceday Review - Mornington 6: Raceday Review - Morphettville 7: Raceday Review - Mornington 7: Winx - Horse of a Lifetime 8: Ten of the Best - Underwood Stakes 8: Ten of the Best - Country Cup Heroes 9: Raceday Review - Morphettville 9: Raceday Review - Mornington Raceday Review - Morphettville Coming soon to Free-to-Air on Channel 95 Coming soon to Free-to-Air on Channel 95 6:

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