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If I remember correct this is on a 30 Minute Cooldown. This Wrapper will give you the bonus rewards for running any Foundry Mission, that qualifies for normal rewards. So pretty much anything, but the know grinders. All Foundry Missions will telly ou if they qualify for rweards. There are some issues that foundry creators face, but end users like you and me don't really need to worry about that stuff. Stick to the recommended and spotlight missions and you won't go too wrong.

If you opt to start as a foundry reviewer, though, expect the quality ratio to go down significantly as expected, of course. As for what we do at 60, it's mostly PVE queues, farming dilithium, build optimization, grinding spec points, or what-have-you. There's really no reason not to finish the rest of the story missions given that most of the featured episodes have useful rewards attached. In all honesty STO's endgame is a little thin if you're looking for something outside of a set of dailies to do, so it wouldn't be out of the question to take a break from the game for a few weeks once you've finished off the story.

You get a fantastic amount of dilithium from the first spotlight you do for the day, especially if you pick up investigate officer reports at the same time. It works out nearly 3k for a reasonable length mission while being more fun than a lot of cryptic missions. Yup, I did one yesterday along with the wrapper mission. Lots of fun, lots of dil.

Not quite as much as the voth ground mission, but still a good amount. My only problem now is that I have more unprocessed dil than I could ever hope to get through, what with the daily cap and all. But yes, there are some excellent foundry missions out there. The featured episode missions are all worth playing at least once.

Why is this being downvoted so hard? Part of the OP's question was "and a general inquiry - what do most of you do at 60? In addition to what's been posted here, the Top 3 system allows you to just fly around and play the top rated missions at each sector door. All of those have rewards on them too. What is the Top 3 system? I don't recall seeing that. Do you mean the daily spotlight reward system?

Top 3 system is a brilliant addition to the game that sorts foundry missions by system location and quality rating, then it displays the top 3 rated missions for each system in a selection window as you fly by the entrance of the system, Basically what Salami said. I wasn't aware that top 3 missions gave additional rewards, beyond the "investigate officer reports" , most excellent. At level 60, I spend my time between finishing off skipped story missions, filling out the last reputations and collecting treasure for specific gear Foundry has extrinsic rewards like dilithium and some are grinders for either EC or kill counts.

I am working for more trophies for my ship's lounge. But sometimes it's nice to do a mission that doesn't involve killing sentients. If you are lucky, there are still patrol missions that are non-combat, but they are rare. My personal opinion is that no single Foundry mission approaches the quality of the worst official game mission in quality. I think this is by design, otherwise the devs would be out of a job.

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