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We talked with Dr. Bob and I are joined by Jimmy Jazz to talk about getting the most bang for your bucks on auto rentals, air travel, and credit cards. Bob and Richard talk horse racing with successful horse bettor Charlie Davis. Nick is a blackjack player, gambling writer, and host of the podcast Dr. Previous 1 … 45 46 47 48 49 Next.

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These are all people who have made many tens of millions of dollars from gambling. Currently I cohost a podcast — Gambling With an Edge. Each week we have a guest, and discuss current gambling news, or ways to gain an advantage at lots of different gambling games.

Here is a link to the Gambling With an Edge Facebook page. I post news articles there that are of interest to professional gamblers, as well as updates about upcoming guests. Meanwhile I have gambled my way around the world as a way to supplement my meager show biz income.

In this episode we talk about the movie, about Andy being arrested in Monte […]. This interview was conducted in The history of blackjack has many roots at MIT. Listen to our interview here, and you can also read my print interview with him by clicking the interviews link on the right.

Al Francesco interview Click to listen or […]. Al Francesco is one of the original 7 people voted into the Blackjack Hall of Fame. We also talked about driving with cash, controversy in the Epic Poker League, and a little about lines […]. Bob Nereseian is a practicing attorney in Las Vegas.

Since he has been one of the few lawyers willing to handle cases for players. During the interview he showed his enthusiasm, and passion for standing […]. I started playing blackjack in the s, and for as long as I have been playing the casinos have abused players. Welcome, listeners from the Gambling with an Edge radio show and podcast. Thanks for visiting BlackjackInfo.

I spoke with hosts Bob Dancer and Richard Munchkin about blackjack tournaments, my new strategy cards, and online gambling in New Jersey and Delaware. If you missed it, here is a link to an MP3 file of the show. Click to listen, or right-click to download it:.

Details of the items that we discussed are listed below. In addition, make sure you scroll down to an article I wrote just for show listeners, explaining a simple change you can make in that could be worth hundreds of dollars.

The site hosts a searchable listing of upcoming events, along with a community of very talented players discussing the game. Volume I in my pair of books includes material useful for a wide range of tournament expertise, from beginner to experienced. Buy Volume I here. Buy Volume II here , or get a bundle of both books at a special price.

I also recommend the original in-depth work on tournament play by Stanford Wong.

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