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Graceful, thin, white-edged leaves. Plumes emerge bronze-red turning cream. Green leaves with golden bands. Green, fine textured blades intensify to orange-red flame shades in autumn with purplish panicles that age to straw-colored. Emerges blue green and begins turning wine red in early summer becoming drenched in color as the wine red flowers arise. Airy panicles of pink fading to blue-beige. Blue-green foliage during the growing season turns a deep burgundy.

Airy purple flower panicles produce showy seed heads. Stiff, metallic blue leaves, with delicate pink panicles. Bright yellow in fall. Olive-green to bluish-green foliage forms a compact, narrow, erect, tall clump of foliage which is topped in late summer by finely-textured, yellow flower panicles which hover over the foliage like an airy cloud. Z4 Perennial Plant of the Year. Sky-blue flower plumes create an airy haze above strong blue-green stems and gracefully drooping leaves.

Use as a single specimen or as a low, finely textured screen. Showy, dark red and green leaves with deep red-burgundy flowers in fall. Foliage has red highlights in summer, with intense-burgundy fall color.

MSu Well drained soil. Full tawny plumes above fine-textured green foliage. LSu-Fa Moist-well drained soil. Large mound of arching green leaves. Soft smoky-pink colored bottlebrush flower spikes appear in mid to late summer, turning to buff as they dry. Deeper green foliage and darker, smoky rose-purple flower spikes that are larger and fuller that will bloom for a longer period. Blue grey foliage will turn a mix of burgundy red, pink and orange in the fall.

Glossy purple seed panicles become fluffy tan in late summer. Compact, upright oval shape. Blue-green foliage with streaks of pink and burgundy.

Bright green, neat tufts. Great for mass plantings. Very adaptable to dry sites or moist soils. Bright blue foliage with stiff upright habit, and attractive flowers. Green leaves with fragrant airy flower heads, nice reddish color in fall. A sun perennial is best planted in six hours or more of sun per day. Zone 6 Z6 are marginally winter hardy in this area. You can increase the chances of survival of such plants by planting them in well-drained soils in sheltered areas and mulching around the base of plants in fall.

Tall spikes of flowers that open from the bottom up. Delightful in the back of the border or against a fence. Heat and drought tolerant. Z5 Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds, deer resistant. Fragrant flowers Bloom from July — fall. Herbaceous shrub that needs to be cut back each spring. Z3 Deer resistant, attracts hummingbirds, tolerates part shade. Deadhead for repeat bloom. Z5 Drought tolerant, deer resistant, attracts butterflies, fragrant.

Shrub-like habit, late to break dormancy. Cut back dead wood in late spring. Z5 Likes well-drained soil and full to part sun. Plant in spring to increase hardiness. Cut back twice Memorial Day and 4th of July for compact plant and abundant fall blooms. Blooms early to mid summer. Z4 Attracts hummingbirds, butterflies, deer resistant, fragrant, good cut flower. Attracts hummingbirds, butterflies, deer resistant, fragrant, good cut flower.

Attracts butterflies, deer resistant, good cut flower, cold tolerant and fragrant. Attracts butterflies, deer resistant, good cut flower, drought tolerant. Bloom continuously throughout the season. Height includes flower scapes. Z4 Beautiful, giant tropical-like plants are hardy and easy to grow. Attracts butterflies and deer resistant. Z3 Attracts hummingbirds and is deer and rabbit resistant.

Prefers moist soil, will tolerate afternoon shade. Good vertical lines for landscaping. Z5 Requires good drainage. Deer and rabbit resistant, fragrant, cut and dried flowers.

A must for the old-fashioned garden. Attracts butterflies, good cut flower, deer resistant. Z3 Attracts butterflies, deer resistant. A very popular cut flower for florists. Perfect for meadows and gardens. Z4 Hardy, easy to grow, with spectacular flowers. Z4 Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies, good for cutting. Plants grow best in cooler climates. Z4 Attracts butterflies, hummingbirds. Deer resistant and good cut flower.

Large selection of native prairie plants and wildflowers. Z4 Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. Very tolerant of heat and drought. Z3 Hardy and easy to grow. A bush-like plant with huge showy flowers that bloom in spring to early summer.

Grows best in full sun, feed early in spring with low-nitrogen fertilizer. Use peony rings for support. Z4 Produces a sturdy shrub-like plant with masses of huge flowers that bloom in late spring. Deer resistant, fragrant, good cut flower. Z4 Crossed with a Tree Peony, producing a sturdy shrub-like plant with masses of huge flowers that bloom in late spring.

Z3 Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. Deer and rabbit resistant, good for cutting. Most poppies go dormant after blooming. Z5 Attracts hummingbirds, deer resistant, and good cut flower.

Airy spikes of lavender-blue flowers top strong stems with silvery green leaves. Tall bushy plants with giant fragrant flower heads.

Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds, good cut flower. Z3 Only available in spring. Moss-like foliage covered in white, pink, or purple flowers. Branching, clump forming foliage with densely flower-coated spikes. Z4 Attracts butterflies, good cut flower. A profusion of pincushion-like flowers top wiry stems. Blooms late spring to late summer.

Resembles miniature hollyhock flowers. Shade perennials are best used in areas where there is morning sun or a lot of indirect sunlight. All parts of this plant are poisonous.

Branching plants with slightly cupped flowers on wiry stems above deeply divided green leaves. Perfect for background plantings in the perennial border.

Z3 Attracts hummingbirds, butterflies. Deer resistant, good cut flower. Old-fashioned favorite with unique, showy flowers and airy, gray-green foliage. Blooms in late spring to early summer.

Best in moist shade. Z4 These elegant summer-flowering plants are perfect for consistently moist soils. Their airy plumes and fern-like foliage are a great addition to the garden. Z5 Thrives in moist shade, attracts butterflies, is deer resistant, and a good cut flower. Z3 Fringed leaves with heart shaped flowers. Does not go dormant in summer. Old-time favorite with heart-shaped flowers. Cut back for rebloom.

Attracts hummingbirds, deer resistant, and fragrant. Z4 Old-fashioned garden flower with long spikes of bell shaped flowers. Likes part sun to part shade. Z4 Perfect groundcover for dry shade. Z4 Beautiful cup-shaped flowers with evergreen, decorative foliage.

Early color, blooms Feb-April. Deer resistant and a good cut flower. Z4 Good cut flower. Great for groundcover, containers, winter interest. Easy to grow, hardy perennials. Hostas can be spectacular when planted as specimens or great planted in masses. Z5 Vigorous groundcover for moist shady areas. Z4 Great for moist shady areas. Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds.

Dangling stalks of fragrant white flowers followed by edible purple fruit. Full to part sun. Tubular flowers are larger than the species. Full sun or part shade. Full sun to part shade. The majority of flowers have both the male and female parts, meaning only one plant is needed to bear fruit. Clematis likes to be planted in full sun, but its roots shaded.

Keep soil on the dry side and plant some of the stem below soil line. There are three pruning groups for best flowering and should be pruned in early spring. The Ramblers and Early Bloomers. Flowers only on old growth. Prune only weak or dead stems after flowering. Severe pruning or late pruning will result in fewer flowers the following spring but can rejuvenate a neglected plant.

The Big Flowered Summer Bloomers. Blooms only from new wood. All dead material above these buds should be removed. Slow growing at first. Clings by aerial rootlets. Grows well in shade. Extremely fragrant yellow flowers blooms from mid-spring to late summer, followed by bright red berries. Bright carmine flower buds open to yellow and are very fragrant from mid-spring to late summer.

An excellent climbing vine for stone-work or the side of buildings. Has an excellent red fall color. Purplish new growth maturing to green, turning dark red-purple in fall. Hanging pendulums of sweet pea-like flowers bloom early spring. Great for quick cover. Long, showy flowers open a deep blue-lavender then fade as the season progresses. In late summer, seedpods add multi-season interest. Sun or shade tolerant groundcover.

Green leaf turning to scarlet in fall. A spreading English Ivy with lush green foliage. Branches root where they touch the soil, making an excellent cover. Needs partial shade and a moist, organic soil. Prefers sun but will tolerate shade.

Small, glossy green leaves with blue flowers in early spring. Tough, vigorous perennials that are perfect for filling nooks and crannies; like spaces between pavers, stepping-stones and stairs. They tolerate light to moderate foot traffic and grow in full sun to part shade. There are roses for almost every garden situation. From cascading shrubs spilling over borders, to elegant climbers covering pergolas and archways, to neat and tidy bushes used as bedding plants or hedges, to miniature roses in containers and small garden spots.

Countryside professionals will be happy to assist you in taking the mystery out of rose gardening. Hybrid Teas, Floribundas and Grandifloras. Grown for the superb quality of their individual flowers. Hybrid Tea HT Large flowers borne singly on long stems, usually fragrant. Blooms early summer until freeze. Floribunda FL Medium size flowers borne mostly in clusters on stems of medium length. Often more compact than Hybrid Teas.

Blooms late spring through autumn. Grandiflora GR Large flowers borne in clusters. Usually taller in habit. Individual stems within each cluster are suitable for cutting. Own Root OR Classic roses grown on their own roots, not grafted, for improved hardiness and form. Variable in flower size, form and habit. Including shrubs, hedges and groundcovers.

Free-blooming plants with differing flower sizes and forms; broadly varying in mature size with a full bushy attractive habit — generally less leggy and less rigidly upright than Hybrid Teas. Good disease resistance and hardiness, often grown on their own roots.

Small-flowered roses with proportionately smaller foliage, often very compact in habit. Stems are shorter but still suitable for cutting. Modern roses developed by English rose breeder David Austin. A cross between old-fashioned and modern roses. Flowers are double and bloom repeatedly throughout the season. Most are hardy and disease resistant, fragrant, low maintenance plants.

Countryside has long been a source for fresh, healthy bedding annuals such as begonias, impatiens, petunias, snapdragons and many, many more.

Used as focal points in flower beds or on their own in containers. Premium Annuals can withstand the elements and look great all season.

Annuals are heavy feeders. Mix in a slow release fertilizer at planting time and liquid feed weekly. Your containers and landscape will thrive and bloom for months.

Countryside takes pride in supplying a wide variety of herbs, both common and unusual. Fresh plants are displayed weekly. We carry a wide selection of aquatic plants and water garden supplies.

Plants and fish available the last week of April weather permitting. Hardy Aquatic Plants — Plants that will overwinter under Chicago area conditions with some maintenance. Hardy Marginal and Bog Plants are planted along the margins of the pond in shallow water or in moist soil. They provide a vertical element to the garden. Hardy Water Lilies have floating foliage and colorful flowers. Lotus are graceful plants with spectacular blooms. They can be planted in a tub above ground in which case they must have winter protection or in a garden pool.

Tropical Marginal and Bog Plants are planted along the margins of the pond in shallow water or in moist soil. Tropical Water Lilies — Tropical water lilies are fragrant and are classified as either day or night bloomers. Oxygenators — Submerged plants that add oxygen to the water and serve as a filter by absorbing dissolved nutrients and competing with algae. They are essential for ponds with fish. Recommended Depth of Coverage: An excellent base for brick patios or informal walkways.

Potting mix specially formulated for containers, hanging baskets, pots, planters and window boxes. Used by greenhouse staff for Countryside grown plants. Contains peat moss, vermiculite, perlite and composted pinebark. Creates the perfect soil conditions to promote plant health and abundant vegetables and herbs.

Can be used as an amendment for planting trees, shrubs, bare root planting and flowers. Rich in green-fed earthworm castings, cold water kelp meal, wild-caught fish bone meal, soybean meal and rich organic nutrients. Creates the perfect soil conditions to promote plant health and optimum growth. Can be used as an amendment for planting trees, shrubs, bare root planting, flowers, vegetables and over seeding lawns.

Rich in earthworm castings, alfalfa meal, kelp meal and a blend of organic nutrients. Use in all outdoor and indoor potting and container applications. Can be used as a soil amendment for in-ground planting: Great for indoor garden production.

Rich in premium blend of organic nutrients. Promotes blooms in all flowering plants: Can be used as an amendment for planting trees, shrubs, bare root planting, flowers and vegetables. Rich in valley grown alfalfa meal, wild-caught Alaskan fish bone meal and a blend of organic nutrients. All purpose potting mix contains peat moss, vermiculite, perlite and composted pinebark. Excellent for hanging baskets, planter boxes and all container gardening.

All-purpose mix with everything necessary to grow most indoor and outdoor plants. Works well for germinating seeds as well as hanging baskets. New formulation for those who prefer organics. OMRI listed for organic use. Great for all containers, indoor or outdoor, with or without growing lights.

This mix includes mycorrhizae, worm castings, humic acids,and slow release organic fertilizer. One yard is approximately 60 bags. Excellent for topdressing a lawn, new seeding area or to use for raised garden beds. Before seeding dig up 4 to 6 inches of topsoil and mix thoroughly with light layer of peat moss. After seeding, the peat moss protects seed and helps germination.

This compost provides a rich food source for soil organisms. It is unsurpassed in its ability to break up clays. It improves moisture retension and fertility in sands. It does not tie up nutrients like wood and wood by-products. It is free from chemicals, weeds, insects and pathogens. Use to improves the structure and water-holding capacity of soil.

Used as an amendment for the improvement of existing low fertility soil. Use as a mulch for upgrading soil condition and adding nutrition to existing beds. New plants establish faster and more vigorously.

Natural organic fertilizer for soils, can be used throughout the growing season. A grainy sand used for patios, construction sites and to improve soil aeration and drainage. One bag will cover approximately 3 sq. Used for sandboxes, gardens or swimming pool bases. Geminates faster due to Frontier Perennial Ryegrass. Fills in damaged lawn areas. These grasses grow a naturally dark-green and beautiful lawn. Heat and drought tolerance. Endophyte enhanced for improved insect resistance.

Provides a long-lasting lawn of the highest quality in stressful sunny growing conditions. Survives on south facing slopes and will not thin out. Highest ranking endophytic turfgrass varieties deter damage from insects. Will grow a thick, dark-green lawn in both sun and partial shade areas.

Wide adaptability and elite varieties make this the most popular grass seed mixture. Especially made to survive in shady areas and dry soils, in areas of heavy shade. Combines many grass types for species diversity. Contains four sod quality Kentucky Bluegrasses. Use to create a new lawn or to over seed a previously sodded Kentucky Bluegrass lawn. This seed mixture contains the same grasses that the sod growers use.

A blend of premium grasses. Best for our area. One bale of straw covers approximately square feet when used as a light mulch after seeding. We recommend the Espoma specialty fertilizers for the differing needs of various plant types. This program is the most powerful and effective way to keep your lawn looking better than ever! In the Spring, apply Green-Up Crabgrass Preventer before and after it germinates — while also feeding the lawn. Feeds for up to 3 months. Controls dandelion and over broadleaf weeds.

Greens the lawn in cooler temperatures. After Labor Day, apply Winter Survival which provides the proper nutrition for a greener, thicker lawn.

Promotes root growth and stores nutrients for spring. Iron helps keep the lawn a deep green color. Contains humates for root development. Green-Up Seeding Lawn Food has a high-phosphorus formula that helps build a vigorous root system. For use when seeding, over-seeding or sodding to get grass off to a faster start.

Prevents crabgrass and grassy weeds from germinating and allows you to plant grass seed on the same day without injuring seedlings.

Smaller particles provide better weed control. Can be used with new sod lawn installations. Does not contain fertilizer. For use on cool and warm season grasses to control or suppress many annual grasses and broadleaf weeds. Can be applied up to four weeks later than other pre-emergence crabgrass preventers.

Labeled for use on over ornamentals. Use anytime of the year when weeds are actively growing spring through fall. Use on cool and warm season grasses. Lawn Moss Control kills lawn moss quickly. Easy to spread small particle granules for improved performance. Mow lawn to expose moss and allow product to enter soil readily. Apply with spreader at recommended rates.

Water lawn imeediately after application. Delay seeding for two weeks after application. Lawn Fungus Control is a systemic fungicide for both preventative and curative treatments.

Easier to spread accurately for better coverage and control. Love Your Soil Fertilizer contains amino acids to encourage soil microbes. It enhances grass root and root mass development. It is environmentally friendly and safe for people and pets. It increases resistance to heat and drought stress.

The fertilizer contains humic and fulvic acids, calcium, sulfur, iron and molasses. Helps kick start your lawn in spring. Easy to spread pellets release trapped nutrients. Can be used throughout the yard. Use in place of sulphur. The missing lawn care ingredient that makes everything else work better! All organic, all natural formulation of corn gluten.

Provides complete coverage for superior pre-emergnet weed control plus an organic fertilizer. Use in lawns, landscape beds, and in vergetable gardens. Controls many grassy weeds from germinating, such as crabgrass, dandelions and over 20 other weeds.

Greens up lawn quickly. Complex, all organic lawn fertilizer that provides excellent turf nutrition for weeks. Contains iron for deep greening. Rich in humates; restores soil life. Patented blend of plant oils kills and repels over insects on contact.

Environmentally safe for use around children and pets, not toxic. Use for outdoor perimeter home treatment on lawns and landscape areas. Dual action systemic insecticide for use on lawns, flower beds and ornamentals. Apply any time, spring through late summer. Water in after application. Natural organic fertilizer that is non-burning, releases slowly, rich in iron and adds organic matter to the soil.

Can be used on trees, shrubs, flowers, and the lawn. Please Call for Prices and Availability. Calamagrostis brachytricha Korean Feather Reed Grass.

Chasmanthium latifolium Northern Sea Oats. Erianthus ravennae Plume Grass, Hardy Pampas. Sesleria autumnalis Autumn Moor Grass.

Sporobolus heterolepis Prairie Dropseed. Aralia Sun King Spikenard. Arenaria Sea Pink, Thrift. Caryopteris Blue Mist Spirea. Delosperma Hardy Ice Plant. Dianthus barbatus Sweet William.

Hibiscus moscheutos Hardy Hibiscus, Rose Mallow. Iris ensata Japanese Iris. Iris germanica Bearded Iris. Iris siberica Siberian Iris. Laythyrus Perennial Sweet Pea. Liatris Blazing Star, Gayfeather. Lychnis Maltese Cross, Catch Fly. Paeonia Itoh Intersectional Hybrid. Papaver orientale Oriental Poppy. Phlox paniculata Tall Garden Phlox. Phlox subulata Creeping Phlox. Physostegia False Dragonhead, Obedient Plant. Platycodon grandiflorum Balloon Flower.

Scabiosa Pin Cushion Flower. Sempervivum Hen and Chicks. Cimicifuga Bugbane, Black Snakeroot. Dicentra formosa Fern-leaf Bleeding Heart. Dicentra spectabilis Old-Fashioned Bleeding Heart. Lamiastrum Golden Dead Nettle.

Lamium Spotted Dead Nettle. Phlox stolonifera Woodland Phlox. Pulmonaria Lungwort, Bethlehem Sage. Tradescantia Japanese Toad Lily.

Classic Roses — Yellow. Classic Roses — White. Classic Roses — Bi-Color. Calibrachoa Mini-petunia, Million Bells. Regal Martha Washington Geranium. Ipomoea Sweet Potato Vine. Mexican Heather Cuphea rosea. Rudbeckia Annual Black-eyed Susan. Thunbergia Black-eyed Susan Vine. To calculate the number of gallons in a pond: Multiply Length x Depth x Width x 7.

Siting Your Water Garden: Locate your water garden in an area with as much direct sunlight as possible. It should be as level as possible and out of the path of runoff, and where it will not collect leaves in the fall.

You will need approximately: Formula for determining square foot areas:. Formula for determining mulch and topsoil:. Rock Coverage Chart for Stone Approximate. Jumbo-size fruits with jumbo-size flavor! Canes stand erect and are thornless. Dwarf, thornless blackberry perfect for container gardening with its compact habit. Second crop of fruit in mid-fall. Foliage turns flaming orange in the fall. Dwarf with Boxwood-like dark green foliage. Berries turn yellow, to red, then a dark blue.

Small berries, intense flavor. Foliage has unique, elongated green leaves with red highlights in cooler climates. True double-cropping blueberry that sets one crop in mid-summer, and then flowers and fruits again to provide ripe fruit in the fall. High yielding and easy to grow. Produces medium sized, purple skinned figs that can be peeled and eaten fresh from the tree.

Blue grape excellent for juice and jelly. Fruit is medium size, juicy, tart, acidic. Extra-large, sweet, luscious fruits look like an oversized, elongated blueberry. One of the hardiest edible plants. Plant any pollinator variety nearby for the most abundant fruit set.

Very large, tangy sweet berries. Use as a companion plant to Sugar Mountain Blue for improved fruiting. Fast-growing vine that needs support. Produces attractive yellow cone-shaped fragrant flowers hops that are used for brewing beer. Floral-citrus quality that makes it stand out. It can be used as a stand-alone hop or as part of a blend.

Vigorous vine quickly reaches 20 feet tall and thrives on neglect. Greenish yellow, conelike flowers smell like beer. Strong bitter hop for stouts and ales. Flowers begin to ripen mid-August to mid-Sept. Large, firm and gorgeous black raspberries. Vigorous, upright canes do not require staking. Vigorous canes produce huge crops of large, firm, red raspberries.

Fall-bearing everbearing primocane with a summer crop. Floricane berries ripen in July. Primocane berries ripen in September through frost. Easy-pick, easy-prune with no pesky thorns. Record-size, richly red, super-sweet berries ripen late June to mid July. Excellent sweet, tart flavor, bright red color and plump tender stalks.

Extra-large root establishes quickly. No gap between flowers and foliage. Deep red blooms with light eye, long-lasting color, Moderately sized habit with sturdy stems. Strawberry red flowers with gold centers atop a robust, compact clump of grey-green foliage. Lavender-blue, bottlebrush like flowers on strong, upright stems.

Provides late season color. Large tubular blooms of rosy purple. Scalloped leaves are fragrantly sweet, bronze. The flower heads are compact. Needle-like foliage with clusters of pale blue, star-shaped blooms.

Late yellow foliage color, mounded habit. Clusters of small, light blue, star-shaped flowers with needle-like leaves that turn golden-yellow in fall. Star-shaped, periwinkle blue flowers on dark stems with olive green leaves with silver veins. Bright gold compound leaves. Spikes of tiny white flowers followed by ornamental black fruit. Vanilla scented, rose pink flowers in large, compact clusters. Vanilla scented, white flowers on more compact plant. Bright orange-red flowers on sturdy stems.

New York Light lavender-blue flowers with compact features. Shrubby foliage with blue pea-shaped flowers. Lavender-pink flowers resembling asters are produced in dense clusters that completely cover the mounds of foliage.

Light green foliage smothered in clouds of tiny, white flowers that turn light blue. Compact mounds of foliage. Fragrant dark purple-blue flowers. Earlier flowering, more floriferous. Pure white petals that radiate in a starburst from deep purple centers atop grayish-green leaves.

Intense blue flowers on low, glossy green foliage that turns reddish in fall. Truly hardy, velvety wine red flowers. Wide spreading, mounded foliage all summer. Creamy white flowers with a gold button center. Purple eye and purple margin develop in cooler temperatures. Very large, creamy white flowers with burgundy center turn pink in cooler temperatures. Tidy, mounding habit, impressively large, bi-colored flowers and good mildew resistance. Striking color combination of orange with red to pink centers.

Fast spreading carpet of apple-green foliage. Fuchsia flowers on fast spreading groundcover. Dime-sized flowers of scarlet and lavender. An ever-blooming variety, the plant grows as a tight mound of evergreen leaves and makes a nice, small-scale groundcover. White flowers with a yellow center. Bright lavender with a dark eye. Green foliage tuns purple as temperatures cool. Brilliant colored flowers on dwarf plants. Single, vibrant magenta pink flowers atop a low mound of glaucous blue foliage.

Enchanting, long-lived perennial with needle-like foliage. Compact clumps with brilliant blue helmet-shaped flowers. Mix of Pink, red, orange, yellow and white. Yellow petals transition to glowing shades of apricot and deep rose to surround an orange-red cone. Upright plant covered in large deep purple-pink flowers on dark red, strong stems. Deep rose flowers, non-drooping rays. Outstanding, prolific blooming dwarf from Chicago Botanic Gardens. Rose pink flower with dark cone. Peachy-salmon deepens to a rich raspberry shaded fully double bloom with dark stems.

Russet-orange, fragrant, flowers with brown cone. Pure white double rows of flower petals held horizontally. Green, very pronounced cones. Extremely long bloom time. Daisy-like flowers have a coppery cone center surrounded by drooping snow white petals. Violet-blue flowers rise above blue-green leaves with white margins. Pinkish tint in cooler weather. Sage and lime green foliage with an attractive yellow border that turns pink in cooler months.

Deep red upward-facing flowers flare out like trumpets topped with bright yellow tips. Fiery orange-red flowers with trumpeted petals. Widely mounding, grey-green foliage. Bright yellow, non fading blooms with copper red center and halo. Sturdy upright well-branched plants. Blue-green foliage and upright habit.

Spreading plants with light pink flowers. Small, magenta pink blossoms with a black center and veins. Low, spreading mound of grey-green foliage. Deep orange, semi-double blooms with red highlights. Burgundy stems, textured foliage. Clear lemon yellow, semi-double on low clump of glossy, light green leaves. Low clump of glossy, light green leaves, with taller, branching burgundy-purple stems. Semi-double flowers are yellow with rose tips. Sturdy stems form upright clumps.

Bold orange and gold flowers have molasses-colored cones. Dwarf, longer bloom time. Lavender water mark above a yellow throat. Pink flower with reddish eyezone, with hints of melon and orange. Bright orange throat, rich rosy red veining. Heavy budding makes for a long show. Vibrant pink flowers with salmon tones have an airbrushed central white halo and a small dark red eye.

Very large vibrant magenta red flowers with puckered texture. Radiant yellow with widely ruffled petals. Outstanding branching and bud count. Ruffled, pure white with pale lemon-yellow beards. Fragrant mounds of silver foliage yield purple-blue flower spikes. Huge flowers open lemon yellow and mature to creamy white. Abundant, large, double-bloom white flowers with a bright sunny-yellow center.

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Leaderless unit on military vehicle or vessel Leaders in Danish economics squander small fortune Leaders in every Asian state evidently drowsy, relaxed Leaders in pits Leaders not quite what the Queen of Hearts ordered, say? Leaders of class struggle Leaders of hives Leaders of nations in Northern Europe — a smallish number Leaders of Rangers Supporters Trust reported someone who might be charged in Providence? Leaders of regiment are instigating dangerous assault Leaders of San Salvador Leaders of strong parties, if necessary, exhibit backbone Leaders of tank regiment given acknowledgement of mistake by soldiers Leaders of the Safavid dy Leaders picked off IT men for course Leadership ends in power struggle, in a manner of speaking Leadership engineers cracking speech Leadership lacking in biased manual worker Leadership missing from cycle development Leadership of a co.

Leading contestant Leading couples in not very likely story for Jane Austen perhaps Leading couples refused to attend agency course Leading court figures Leading criminal very angry about crime securing time in prison Leading currency upset economist Leading down the aisle Leading duke entertains king Leading edge of Wild Wood scrub Leading Edinburgh newspap Leading European state Leading figure Leading figure in Italy Leading force Leading force in a military attack Leading German state from to Leading in ludicrousness Leading institution marks joint suitable for replacement?

Leading ladies standing up for chief magistrate Leading ladies? Leading lady Leading lady Laura Leading lady married still Leading lady's one appearing in daily Leading letters Leading light from Staffs turned traitor Leading lights in ballet Leading lines? Leaf collector Leaf collectors? Leagues of intrigue Leagues: Leah's dad gives dog a name Leak Leak about German novelist making comeback: Leak fixer Leak on a ship, e.

Leaning to the right Leaning to the right? Leaning tower city Leaning tower site Leaning Tower's city Leaning, as type: Leaning, in a way Leaning, in a way: Learn fast, maybe Learn if criminal female goes straight Learn secondhand Learn space traveller's fine at present Learn to cope Learn to get along Learn tune having developed artificial intelligence Learn via a third party Learn's partner Learn, say, about Freud?

Learned Learned authority Learned dire tune, composed without name Learned old money is held by European editor Learned on-line technology, like Yahoo, say, is taking over Learned one Learned ones Learned perfectly Learned person Learned rude king elbows out queen Learned things Learned university is infiltrating film companies Learner Learner - one from a part of Austria?

Learners collectively set watch beforehand Learners go skiing here Learning about a hotel in Pakistan city Learning about Italy's principal river Learning by flash cards, Learning by flashcards, e Learning by memorization Learning center Learning ctr.

Learning environments Learning Garland's a beautiful German singer Learning level Learning lives of Roman Emperors earliest only Learning may be done by i Learning method Learning style Learning system Learning the times table, Learning to race with a female Learns Learns from Learns of Learns about hosting knight put into 12?

Least likely to attack Least likely to be missed Least likely to be pinned Least likely to betray Least likely to crack Least likely to forgive Least likely to snap? Leave a permanent mark on Leave a sailing vessel unable to move for lack of wind Leave a ship Leave after greeting rebellious young chap, a Spanish gent Leave aground; thread Leave alone Leave American Indian territory Leave an argument unresol Leave at a pawnshop Leave at the altar Leave be Leave before taking in rector's formal garden Leave behind Leave behind Leave clueless Leave completely, in slan Leave country singer regularly embraced by English friend Leave destitute Leave dive showing a moon Leave dock Leave dumbstruck Leave earth?

Leave exotic bird after 1 Leave far behind Leave first or second, sa Leave for a bit Leave for the winter, say Leave from 19 down Leave from French region Leave frozen, maybe Leave fruit — lose it! Leave furtively Leave genetic material to regress after sulphur hazard Leave helpless with laugh Leave high and dry Leave home Leave hurriedly Leave in Leave in a hurry Leave in a hurry, slangil Leave in a hurry, with "o Leave in difficulty Leave in neutral Leave in stitches Leave in stitches?

Leave one's mark on Leave one's mark? Leave one's post Leave one's post, possibl Leave open-mouthed Leave out Leave out note in books Leave out reason to undertake vanity project? Leave out, in speech Leave period cut short and that's the truth Leave port Leave pudding son heartily rejected Leave queen to scrub rear, splashing around in the tub Leave quickly Leave rubber on the road Leave rubber, in a way Leave rubber, with "out" Leave secretly Leave slack-jawed Leave some mangetouts Leave soon with English liberal and moderate Leave speechless Leave stranded in the Arc Leave suddenly Leave Ted behind for adventuresome tripping, involving lots of shifting about Leave tents to be set out in further shop Leave the band and strike Leave the building Leave the centre of Exeter around eleven Leave the City in the wet Leave the country, missing golf in Dubai?

Leave the flock Leave the herd Leave the outdoors Leave the pad, say Leave the sack Leave the scene Leave the shelves Leave the stage Leave the straight and na Leave the union Leave the witness box and go off duty Leave things unresolved, Leave time to visit cities rebuilt in vain Leave to enter guilty plea? A Leaves Leaves a center for cerea Leaves a couple of cents in battered boot Leaves a crooked trail Leaves a mark on Leaves a zoo quickly?

Leaves after a meal? Leaves alone Leaves alone, having you to follow? Leaves alone, in a way Leaves alone, sometimes Leaves and makes excuses initially unconvincing Leaves at 4: Leaves at the base of a f Leaves behind Leaves carpeting spaceship Leaves early, as an offic Leaves end and start of hole, say Leaves for a buffet?

Leaves for a drink Leaves for a restaurant? Leaves for cooking Leaves for lunch? Leaves gasping Leaves Gillette founders with millions Leaves hair here and ther Leaves harbor Leaves here to instruct parent heartlessly Leaves high and dry Leaves holder Leaves home? Leaves in a bag Leaves in a hot rod, with Leaves in a huff, with "o Leaves in a salad Leaves in hot water Leaves in stitches Leaves in the afternoon? Leaves in the dust Leaves in the kitchen Leaves in the lurch Leaves in, editorially Leaves like those in books mentioned here?

Leaves may be put in it Leaves money for sex Leaves note attached to article Leaves note, leading to row Leaves of metal Leaves of young cabbage plants Leaves off Leaves off using one Leaves on the table Leaves one prisoner about to be surrounded by enemy Leaves out Leaves papers and note for false lover Leaves port Leaves rolling in the ais Leaves son with ego shattered Leaves stranded Leaves the dock Leaves the main topic tem Leaves time?: Leaves to set up taxi firm Leaves undone Leaves used as onion-flavoured seasoning Leaves used as seasoning Leaves very quickly brushing off sheep tick burdens Leaves with a caddy?

Leaves with notice Leaves without an answer Leaves' home Leaves, greenery Leaves, holding ball for game Leaving Leaving a small opening Leaving after lunch Leaving drink in can to one side: Take in Uranus at the beginning Leaving for Leaving for example on steamship Leaving government crushed like a ball Leaving hospital, crook hastened to city area Leaving it with Italy's grand old politician Leaving jacket, nipped out for a smoke?

Leaving jug upturned in sink Leaving lines Leaving no remainder Leaving sailor with drunk in gutter - say no more Leaving the plane, one may use this free, fitted with copper and gold Leaving unannounced for an away match Leaving, say, pauses, taking time out Leaving, slangily Leavings Leb.

Led off Led on Led soak to reform in office lunch? Ledger entry Ledger line Ledger list Ledger no. Ledger with lines Lee at Appomattox, e. Lee's partner for cider or tea Lee's uniform color Lee, e. Leeches Leeds United manager hints match officials received payment Leeds United's centre-half battles to help secure highest position in years Leeds's river Leek's kin Leer Leer at Leer at - or look at?

Left a job voluntarily Left a key for scientists' workroom Left a large gateway Left a person unaccompanied Left a quotation, not one for milk delivery Left a small opening Left accepts Conservative is up Left after supporter, briefly showing detachment Left alone Left American band on road, indebted perhaps Left and did some recording studio work Left and right, maybe Left are controlling Government on a big scale Left assistant copyist to apply in excess of availability?

Left at sea Left back to dwell on the ball? Left donkey with ring and rope Left duo holding check for fare from China Left during closing parts of latest contemporary score Left during meal, having increased flexibility Left effects overthrow of Right and topples Tory Left end?

Left field by opening in fence on the other side Left fool to find lounge Left hand's starting posi Left high and dry Left holding aid for driver turning tip of plane? Left hungry Left hurriedly Left in awful desert sun - what will finally happen? Left in period of prosperity to flourish Left in Santiago, desperately yearning for the past Left in the dust Left in women's quarters somewhere in New York Left inside covers of Tchaikovsky score Left invoice around country area in Dorset Left is holding thinning out operation which blocks entrants Left magnificent old pirate town Left musical equipment and lights Left nets caught up Left no doubt about Left off Left off telling stories about nobleman's young horse Left on a liner Left on a map Left on a plate Left on account of mistress?

Left out Left out, our intention's to show up for reception Left over Left over bits and pieces Left over rolls filled with end of veg served up as informal meal Left over, perhaps Left over, possibly Left parent scratching head in a state of agitation Left part of 21 Left party upset, but another one's found Left port Left queasy not at first after swallowing one of flowering plants Left quickly Left ranks to struggle with foe Left rolling in the aisle Left round about nine, nude and fortified by shot?

Left scientific operation to sell back object of course Left side Left so as to admit some Left speechless Left stage in middle of act Left the band, perhaps Left the building Left the cocoon Left the couch Left the room scratched?

Left the throne Left the Union Left theatrical role in middle of act Left Tina's ex-husband, getting a thumbs-up on social media Left to avoid arrest Left to invade African country with armies, not revolutionary masses Left to the captain? Left to the editor? Left ventricle attachment Left via ladder, say Left water spraying across sunlounger Left winger arranged last sit-in Left with an unfinished game after Gardner falls Left with drink, therefore this writer's feeling isolated Left with real estate Left without any reservations at all Left, at sea Left, right and hairpin?

Leftist who's gently run media empire Leftmost compartment in a Leftorium proprietor on " Leftover Leftover bit Leftover bit of cloth Leftover cloth bit Leftover dish Leftover for Rover Leftover morsel Leftover or additional Leftover part Leftover piece Leftover pieces Leftover veggie? Leftovers Leftovers for Fido Leftovers from threshing Leftovers? Legal aide, briefly Legal ambiguities Legal analyst Van Sustere Legal anonym Legal assignment Legal assistant Legal assistants Legal backing rascal hinted at Legal body Legal body setting actor's percentage Legal cases?

Legal claim Legal claim holder Legal claim on property Legal claims Legal clause waives argument in favour of faculty Legal conclusion Legal conclusion? Legal defence proving innocence Legal defendant: Legal directive good, ruling ultimately welcomed by brotherhood of elders? Legal document for transfer of property Legal document issued by a court Legal document made and executed by one party only Legal document needed for one new false tooth?

Legal document securing land is sent Legal document that can be taken either way Legal documents Legal documents in which old king replaces sovereign's bribes Legal eagles' org. Legal reach, metaphorical Legal rep. Legal representative Legal right allowing oriental fellows to occupy their quarter Legal rights grp.

Legal setting Legal speeders, for short Legal stds. Legendary s-'30s Harl Legendary abductee Legendary Arabian bird Legendary athlete on the Legendary baseball exec B Legendary battlers Legendary beast Legendary bird Legendary bowler gets duck Legendary boxer Legendary British king Legendary brothers in law Legendary bull's home pumped with oxygen thus, as preservative Legendary capital of King Legendary captain's stroke at Lord's?

Legendary Onondaga chief Legendary opera star Legendary outlaw Legendary outlaw's compan Legendary password user Legendary reptile with a Legendary reward Legendary Romanian pianist and composer, George, d.

Legislative act that impo Legislative aides Legislative assemblies Legislative assembly Legislative body Legislative body partly chosen at election Legislative excess Legislative group Legislative grp. Legislative houses Legislative largess Legislative ordinance Legislator Legislator appointed by a party to enforce discipline Legislator spilt no tears Legislator to look narrowly after long sentence Legislator turns up, not tense but a little nervous Legislator's cry Legislators: Leicester City footballer starts to make all his runs exceptionally zigzaggy Leicester City v Celtic perhaps - or something more serious?

Lemon on a baseball field Lemon or lime drink Lemon or orange Lemon peel Lemon producer? Length of cord rolled into the porch Length of fabric Length of life Length of life that is left for King Charles, maybe Length of many a TV drama Length of many stands?

Length of printed piece Length of sawn timber Length of some shorts Length of string Length of time around it varied Length of yarn Length times width Length unit in Lyon Length x width, for a rec Lengthen Lengthen lease, depressed Lengthen or shorten Lengthen publicity by circular letter on short London opening Lengthen, with Lengthens leases foremost of dukes hold Lengthens, old-style Lengths of service Lengthwise Lengthy Lengthy conflicts Lengthy discourses Lengthy fight Lengthy footrace Lengthy lurkers of the de Lengthy military sign-up?

Lenny makes buys while.. Leno appears on it Leno line Leno's got a big one Leno's necklace? Leno, notably Lenore's creator Lenox products Lens Lens cover? Lepidopterist's accessory Lepidopterist's equipment Lepidopterist's need Lepidopterist's study Lepidopterist's tool Lepidopterists' gear Lepidopterous floater, apian stinger, d.

Ita Les Mis character backed ladies wearing denim? Less likely to be hit by Less likely to be winded Less likely to break Less likely to collapse Less likely to fly? Less likely to lose it Less likely to make mista Less likely to offend Less likely to reconcile Less lively Less lofty Less loony Less loopy Less mellow Less messy Less moist Less muddled Less natural Less nice Less numerous Less of an illusion Less original Less ornate Less overcast Less plausible, as an exc Less pleasing to the ear Less plentiful Less polite Less popular time to be on shore, presumably, with boy Less popular, as a restau Less powerful, the river surrounds pub Less predictable Less prepared to find one immersed in a French textbook Less prepared, less strong, lacking power, having skirted study Less receptive Less refined Less relaxed Less reliable fellow?

Less than solid Less than spectacular Less than stellar Less than the required amount Less than upstanding Less than wholesale Less than wonderful Less than zero: Lesson; social division Lessons Lessons at Hogwarts Lessons?

Disapproving remark before one enters tests! Lest Lester bats while Let Let — eat cake Let property Let up Let a judge hear the case Let a slip pass Let apple Danish pastries be distributed in great number for today Let borrow Let down Let down burglars' leader in bank plot Let down by actor regularly: That's basic Let everyone down at the centre Let everyone down, ignoring outsiders Let everyone outstanding be audibly spoken Let fall Let fall and let tear Let fall, in poetry Let fly Let for money Let free Let go Let go by Bottom after pressure to get out of bed Let go from work Let go of Let go tactfully Let go, in a way Let hang Let have Let have it Let have the final word Let in Let in a second time Let in advance Let in again Let in; confessed Let it all out Let it all out?

Let it be Let it be, editorially Let it stand Let know Let live Let loose Let loose, as pigs Let loose, initially, on facility Let loose, stick around the marshes Let man creep off to get substitute Let me go out, grab club and prepare for fight Let me see about drying out dog Let me think? Drug addict to keep loan-shark Let off Let off steam Let off steam, maybe Let off the hook Let off the hook? Let one horribly round queen articulate Let one's anger show Let one's god down?

Let out Let out of the can? Let out the waist of, e. Let out, in a way Let out, perhaps Let pass Let ponies loose? Make a decision tomorrow Let ride, at the track Let rip Let rip on corrupt cross-border force Let sit Let slip Let slip about following secretary everywhere Let sound be heard Let spread Let stand, in editorial p Let team in for householder Let the air out, say Let the air out?

They're most unlike Fatboy Slim in the extreme Let's see those teeth beginning to decay - I weep on failing to contain it Let's stand back to front Let's take most of Harrison Ford's fantastic film Let's try method, coming out on top of a fight Let-down Let-down after excitement Let-up Letch Letdown after awaiting a Lethal Lethal compound Lethal cousin of the cobr Lethal snake Lethal stingers Lethal tablet swallowed by father only half dissolved Lethally poisoned ruler, Lethargic Lethargic feeling Lethargic feelings Lethargic guard dropping over time Lethargic, and not ready to go shopping?

Letter about shelter leads to easing of tension between nations Letter accompanier: Letter addenda Letter addenda, for short Letter addenda: Letter addendum, for shor Letter adornment Letter after beta Letter after Beta in a so Letter after chi Letter after epsilon Letter after eta Letter after gamma Letter after Juliet in a Letter after pee Letter after phi, chi, ps Letter after pi Letter after sierra, in r Letter after sigma Letter after teth Letter after theta Letter after Z Letter after zeta Letter almost mailed to a liberal magazine Letter amount Letter attachments: Letter before "cue" Letter before ar Letter before ba Letter before Beta in a s Letter before beth Letter before delta Letter before epsilon Letter before gee Letter before gimel Letter before iota Letter before kappa Letter before lambda Letter before lima in the Letter before omega Letter before Peter in an Letter before psi Letter before qoph Letter before shin Letter before sigma Letter before tee Letter between eta and io Letter between pi and sig Letter box deposits Letter by German poet accepting doctor's asthma treatment Letter by good American conservative is inconsequential Letter card Letter carrier's assignme Letter carrier's uniform?

Letter collector Letter container Letter container: Letter distribution on ba Letter drop, e. Letter drop-offs Letter encl. Letter from holy man found in English mansion? Letter greeting Letter greeting never rea Letter holder Letter holder: Abbr Letter of indictment? Letter of the law? Letter often accompanying Letter on some college ja Letter on Superman's ches Letter opener Letter opener chopped up dead seers Letter opener, at times Letter opener?

Letter or number Letter paper? Letter penned by Charles, so ridiculous Letter pile set to be rearranged Letter preceding bravo Letter producer Letter pronounced while breathing out Letter read out — gosh! Letter resembling an inve Letter resembling an ox's Letter routing abbr. Letter run Letter said nothing more to resolve - one's 9 Letter sent to many people Letter sequence Letter series Letter sign-off Letter signed by many on all sides seen by 4's partner Letter signoff Letter start Letter starter Letter string Letter switched to ess in Letter taker Letter tiles thrown out after Scrabble championship finally?

Letter trio Letter upset ageing King invading country Letter wearer: Letter will upset learned Muslims Letter writer's afterthou Letter writing, some say Letter's end?

Letter's need Letter's sign Letter, of sorts Letter-ending abbr. Letter-perfect postman Letter-routing abbr. Letter-shaped beam Letter-shaped bridge supp Letter-shaped building be Letter-shaped building su Letter-shaped constructio Letter-shaped cross Letter-shaped fastener Letter-shaped girder Letter-shaped hardware Letter-shaped opening Letter-shaped opening for Letter-shaped part of a g Letter-shaped skyscraper Letter-shaped structural Letter-shaped support Letter-shaped woodworking Letter-shaped, threaded f Letter-to-Santa enclosure Letter-writing aid Letter-writing friend Letter-writing prisoner, Letter?

Lettered top Letterhead abbr. Letterhead design Letterhead feature Letterhead graphic Letterhead?: Lettering liquid Letterless phone button Letterman airer Letterman dental feature Letterman letters Letterman list, e. Letterman lists Letterman of late-night Letterman rival Letterman's last guest on Letterman's network Letterman's nightly list Letterman's rival Letterman, Leno, etc.

Letters and packages Letters associated with a Letters at a launch Letters at a Nascar race Letters at Buckingham Pal Letters at Camp Lejeune Letters at sea Letters at the beach Letters at the end of a p Letters before a colon, o Letters before a name Letters before a pseudony Letters before a street n Letters before an alias Letters before gimels Letters before Liberty or Letters before many a sta Letters before many state Letters before omegas Letters before tees Letters before xis Letters between a name an Letters between two names Letters ending a PC code Letters exchanged by empl Letters for a duke Letters for a King?

Letters for a prince Letters for a prince or p Letters for a psychic Letters for a religious s Letters for Alpha-Bits?

Letters in an old date Letters in cyberspace Letters in Icelandic Letters in love letters Letters in many black chu Letters in some church na Letters in some ratings Letters introducing some Letters man read aloud Letters of commerce Letters of compassion Letters of concern Letters of credit Letters of credit? Letters of debt Letters of discharge? Letters of distress Letters of faux modesty Letters of invitation Letters of patent?

Letters of rejoicing Letters of royalty Letters of sizes Letters of stone seen in European houses Letters of success Letters of surprise, in t Letters of urgency Letters of Zeno Letters often followed by Letters on a B-2 Letters on a B Letters on a brandy bottl Letters on a bucket Letters on a car sticker Letters on a Cardinal's c Letters on a Cardinals ca Letters on a cognac bottl Letters on a Coppertone b Letters on a cross Letters on a crucifix Letters on a farm?

Letters on a food stamp Letters on a Kodak box Letters on a new car stic Letters on a package Letters on a police repor Letters on a poster Letters on a pump, maybe Letters on a R Letters on a scoreboard Letters on a shingle Letters on a Soyuz rocket Letters on a stamp Letters on a telephone bi Letters on a toothpaste t Letters on a wanted poste Letters on an ambulance Letters on an F. Level of karate expertise Level of modesty Level of nationwide greed Level of quality Level off Level on the evolutionary Level the playing field?

Level with another in top spot perhaps Level, e. Levels, briefly Leven, for one Lever Lever Bros. Kildare fame Lew Wallace's "Ben-Hur: Lexicographer's concert Lexicographer's conclusio Lexicographer's interest Lexicographer, sure to get excited by word for new teeth Lexicographers' researche Lexicographic concern Lexicographic enlightener Lexicographical abbr.

Liberal academic finds employment Liberal accepted by association, up to a point Liberal American writer upset former European monarch Liberal and Unionist revoke prime minister's block Liberal arts field: Liberal avoiding topless place where one can stay the night Liberal — a politician first in local elections Liberal bod upset by this sexist toy? Liberal dons feel sorry for king … and queen? Liberal follower Liberal hit back: Liberal lots will accept as courageous perhaps Liberal ones Liberal party at first beats a depressing situation Liberal party?

Librarians' loads Libraries do it Library abbr. Library material Library microfilm Library no-no Library patron Library patrons read them Library receipt info Library ref. Library regular Library science innovator Library section Library section, for shor Library section: Library sign Library sound Library sound: Lice high on combination of acid and alcohol in cheese Lice-to-be Licence form falsified and filled out with unsourced requirement License License bureau procedures License giver: License holder License issuer, for short License plate License plates License to drill?: Lid annoyance Lid around a loch Lid attachment Lid decoration?

Lid irritation Lid on trunk initially stuck out - cutter supplied Lid or lip application Lid problem Lid problems Lid swelling Lid trouble Lid; hat Lidded box Lids Lids around lochs Lie Lie slang Lie a lot Lie about Irish town and county Lie about issue over current omission Lie about money being short Lie about providing effervescent tonic Lie about Republican wrangling Lie about side causing bad feeling Lie about taking cocaine, creating an ostentatious display Lie alongside of Lie around Malta getting wild Lie around the whole time?

Lie given in order to entice Lie idle too long Lie in bed, say Lie in pleasing surroundi Lie in store for Lie in the sun Lie in the sun with sunta Lie in wait Lie low Lie low when king's in a bad mood Lie next to Lie on the beach Lie on the beach, perhaps Lie on the beach, say Lie on top of; covering Lie peacefully Lie scattered on top - were nearly knocked over Lie shown up by relative Lie to someone Lie to, in nautical lingo Lie unobserved Lie with maid in grass, catching wild animal on return Lie with vertebra broken —one may get back something like this?

Lie with young lady on top Lie, slangily Lie-abed Liechtenstein's language Liechtenstein's locale Liechtenstein's western b Lied about being unemployed Lied, perhaps, about cracking case of shoplifting Lied, say, with boy about drug, causing a fuss Lieder, chansons etc Liepaja resident Lies Lies about opposition leader suppressed by attacking moves Lies against Lies along the waterfront Lies buried with an item of clothing in a Detroit lay-by Lies comfortably Lies down Lies in the summer sun Lies in the sun Lies in wait Lies limply Lies low Lies next to Lies on the beach Lies together?

Life jacket; film star Life jackets Life line Life lines? One's right to start off sceptical Life overseas Life partner Life partner? Life saver Life Saver flavor Life saver, for short Life saver? Life savers Life sci. Life stories Life stories on film Life stories, for short Life story Life story, for short Life story, in brief Life support?

Life supporter Life time? Life vest worn on a Korea Life work? Lifer's comment at the po Lifer's dream Lifers, e. Lifesaver Lifesaver shapes Lifesaver, at times Lifesaver, briefly Lifesaver, e. Lift pal collapsing — into this? Lift passages Lift prince by the ears? Light construction materi Light controller Light cotton fabric Light creamy dessert Light custard Light dessert Light detectors Light dish at a Halloween Light dispersers Light displayed in fort or chapel Light dressing gown Light drink taken outside at end of evening, enjoying posh tent holiday?

Light earth tone Light eater at the henhou Light eater primarily tucking into cured meat Light entertainment Light exercises Light exercises designed for general fitness Light exercises taken in by sailor Light exercises to promote general fitness Light fabric with a crinkled surface Light fabric; pancake Light fall of snow Light figure Light figures? Light fire, as an alternative to central heating, to raise temperature Light flux units Light food outlet Light for high winds Light form of lava Light French red wine Light from a halo Light from a headlight Light from a lantern, say Light from a lightning bu Light from above Light gas Light gases Light gold carriage Light golden lager Light green Light green plums Light greenish blue Light greenish-blue Light hair color Light hammer part Light hand stroke Light hauler Light haulers Light head?

Light into Light is moving away from flower Light Italian bread made with olive oil Light kiss Light lager Light left on before service Light limiter Light line Light lunch Light lunches Light machine gun Light material? Light meal Light meal Penny had cooked Light measures Light melody Light metal cooking pot used for camping Light mixer Light modifiers Light motor cycle Light motorcycle Light muffin Light musical seen back in latter epoch Light musical work Light narrow boat Light note introduced to night-time service Light of one's life Light of the moon Light on Broadway Light on one's feet Light on the set: Light on the stove Light open lorry with low sides and a tailboard Light open-toed shoe Light opening?

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