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Hawkins of Virginia Mrs. Mary Ann Kidder Mrs. Parkurst Grumble, Grumble, Growl! Nella Sweet Lashed to the Mast! Patriotic Song [3 May] F. Stauffer John Wallace Hutchinson, ; arranged by M. What's This World a Coming To? Comic Song, and Chorus Frank Howard [pseud. Knapp What's the Matter Uncle Sam? Hills Adolphus Morning Glory J. Murphy , of St. Charlotte [Alington] Barnard, Claribel pseud. Rogers Grant-ed Campaign Song Mrs. Druer , formerly Mrs.

Charlotte [Alington] Barnard, Claribel , pseud. On the Beach at Long Beach No. Menter and His American Cornet Band anon. Take the Wheel Away [circa ] Claribel pseud. Charlotte Alington Bernard] , Claribel [Mrs.

Quito Carry the News to Mary! An Eccentric Song and Dance A. Chase Rollin Howard [pseud. Dondore New Year Chorus No. Mitchell , William A. Mitchell , J. Pratt The Kingdom of God [Tune: Delehanty; arranged by Edward Beyer Daughters of Freedom! Danks Good Bye, Liza Jane anon. A School Song Samuel N.

Mitchell , Rev. Milburn's Musical Bouquet George T. Pratt Fairest of the Fair! Song and Dance [Dec 10] Mrs. Sing Me to Rest Op. Medley for the Piano, Book 1 Containing: Scofield The Firm, the Just and the Brave! Dette er et terningspill som en del mener er en videre utvikling av det eldre spillet Hazard.

Dette er kanskje den mest vide kategorien av dem alle. Under spilleautomater kan en nemlig finne maskiner, enarmede banditter, slots, hjul og en rekke andre navn. Likevel havner de alle under kategorien spilleautomater. Hjem Om Oss Kontakt Oss. Spill til hytteturen Noe som mange kanskje liker med spill, enten det er i form av brettspill , kortspill eller noe helt annet er at det er den perfekte unnskyldningen.

Spillere kan spille det rett fra nettleseren sin, det krever bare Adobe Flash. Welcome to the Lazy J Ranch where the TV westerns of the 60's had nobility which other types of shows seemed to lack. There were handsome leading men for the ladies and lots of roundups and gunplay for the gents. Westerns provided all round entertainment, with guessable plots, last-minute problem resolutions, and fast-paced action.

Towards the mid to later 60's, westerns began taking on tougher issues-social issues-with a few grown up themes. The cowboy was the heart and soul of our nation; the epitome of the last man standing with honor, courage, and rugged good looks to spare. Cowboy shows were so popular that they flourished like flies at a picnic. To compare the amount of westerns produced for television as opposed to war dramas, or love stories, would make a very lengthy list.

So, with that said, slap on some fancy smellum, get ready for a Saturday night in town, and let's move the herd toward those wonderful TV westerns! Cardsharp extraordinaire, with that wry James Garner sense of humor, Maverick was one of the reasons we had a television set. I remember the show in syndication only, but it was watched in our house with regularity. I have always been a huge fan of Clint Walker and "Cheyenne" was one of my favorites.

Walker, like James Arness, was quite a mountain of a man giving him that extra umph to his tough guy persona. But like Cheyenne, Clint was good-guy humble, and a very likeable character in western work.

One of my Clint Walker favorites: More of my favorites were Wanted: The best part was that it was in color. My dad was a devout western lover, so on our block, we probably watched the most of them. Marshall Matt Dillon was a great character; 12 feet tall, pounds, and a wicked fast draw made him a formidable lawman. Great characters such as Doc, Miss Kitty, and the loveably haggard Festus, were unforgettable.

I watched gunsmoke through the "Chester" years, and admired the characters played by Buck Taylor, Burt Reynolds and Dennis Weaver , but there was no character as wonderful as Festus Hagen.

The grizzled old side-talkin' deputy was a show stealer, and offered a ton of comic relief, but was still considered someone to take seriously once he drew his pistol. Gunsmoke also had the tension of an unresolved romance between Marshall Dillon and Miss Kitty. They were in love, but never got aroun' t' doin anythin bout it. Every Sunday night at 9: Widower father Ben and his three sons-all as different as night and day-share the work and responibilities of The Ponderosa spread.

It has been reported that this program was one of the pioneers of color television programming simply to promote the idea of buying color television sets.

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