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I wish that none of us would support these rip off's before AFR , Edelbrock and so on can't afford to be in business anymore because everyone has the Wal-Mart mentality-shop by price alone! By Alison Knopf When the U. This document is the most frequently requested form for entities requesting proof of insurance. In addition, from September 16, until September , some Antenna TV programs were simulcast on KAUT during the overnight and early morning hours to compensate for current-day syndication rights. Oh, how I prayed.

We don't follow the gaming trends – we create them.

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And just last week we filed a brief in federal court supporting the case of a Hindu temple in Maryland that claimed to have suffered discrimination in its attempts to purchase land. We don't give up our rights when we go to work, start a business, talk about politics, or interact with the government. We don't give up our rights when we assemble or join together.

We have religious freedom as individuals and as groups. In short, we have not only the freedom to worship--but the right to exercise our faith. The Constitution's protections don't end at the parish parking lot nor can our freedoms be confined to our basements.

Under this administration, the federal government is not just reacting--we are actively seeking, carefully, thoughtfully and lawfully, to accommodate people of faith.

Religious Americans are no longer an afterthought. We will take potential burdens on one's conscience into consideration before we issue regulations or new policies. And this Department of Justice is going to court across America to defend the rights of people of faith.

Finally, he announced formation of a religious liberty task force within the DOJ to ensure that the laws which have already been approved by Congress and various presidents are enforced. As the people in this room know, you have to practice what you preach. We are also going to remain in contact with religious groups across America to ensure that their rights are being protected. We have been holding listening sessions and we will continue to host them in the coming weeks.

This administration is animated by that same American view that has led us for years: This approach has served this country well. We are perhaps the most religiously developed nation in the world and can take pride in respecting all people as they fully exercise their faiths.

It is clear that these policies have furthered peace, prosperity, freedom, lawfulness, and clarity. As our nation grows older, we must not let it depart from this magnificent tradition. It begins with 20 principles, each with a paragraph of elaboration. There follows specific guidance for the various roles a federal agency may play: The last 17 pages are an appendix of technical legal details, reciting relevant Federal law and Supreme Court decisions that must govern Federal agencies.

An accompanying two-page directive explains how the DOJ officials who report to the Attorney General are to apply the principles set out in the guidance memo: To incorporate the principles into the DOJ's own employment, rulemaking, enforcement, contracting, and grant-issuing policies; to correct course in DOJ litigation where the previous administration acted contrary to these principles; to apply the principles when issuing legal guidance to other agencies of the Executive Branch; to ensure that new rules issued by other agencies and referred to the DOJ's Office of Legal Policy are consistent with Federal religious liberty laws; and to require all DOJ components, including U.

Attorney offices, to confer with the Associate Attorney General on "all issues arising in litigation, operations, grants, or other aspects of the Department's work that appear to raise novel, material questions" regarding religious liberty law. So why the hostile public reaction to what appears to be a firm commitment to upholding the Constitution and laws of the United States regarding religious liberty?

I suspect part of it is that those who have chosen a life of sexual immorality are worried that someday they may encounter someone who is less than enthusiastic about their moral choices. While religious liberty is enshrined in our Bill of Rights and Federal law, sexual license is not, and yet many Americans regard sexual activity as the only source of transcendence, and they consider universal approval of their sexual proclivities a fundamental right.

Their solution to this, articulated by former President Obama and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, is to reduce the robust protection for freedom of religion to a mere " freedom of worship. This is the sort of bare toleration that the settlers of America endured in the old country under the Test Acts and Penal Laws, not the robust freedom of religion that they sought when they crossed the Atlantic Ocean to the New World. It should worry religious Americans that so many of our relatives, friends, and co-workers are angered that the Federal government intends to protect our long-standing religious liberties.

But we ought to thank God that, at least for the next two-and-a-half years, the U. Department of Justice will be doing just that. In , Oklahoma Senator James Lankford expressed concerns about the Obama administration's emphasis on "freedom of worship" over "freedom of religion.

That got me wondering about finding earlier editions, and I did a search for items published by Rand McNally. The results were much broader than I expected.

I knew that the company had published children's books -- I had several growing up -- but I was amazed by the number of other topics included. Before the days of automobile travel, there were "Handy Guides" to major American cities and for now-legendary World's Fairs in St. Louis, Buffalo, and Chicago. There is even some long-obsolete Rand McNally software available on the archive.

The older books are public domain; newer books are available for day loan, if you have a free Internet Archive account. William Newbill, who was a political activist in Tulsa in the s and s, emailed me a few days ago to ask whatever had happened to Accountability Burns.

I haven't spotted him recently. The perennial candidate, who ran for mayor as recently as , would be 91 years old. William shared some memories from his years in Tulsa and his dealings with Burns, and he gave me his permission to share them here:. It took many years to get inside with the Democrats in Tulsa but by the time I left I was an insider in the party.

But I got a job offer from the feds and left before the primary. He was facing Drew Edmondson which was a suicide mission.

Burns was a character I ran into from age 17 in while filing a high school friend for Street Commissioner under the old system. But I ran into him a lot mainly by accident. He kept up with me by mail for a long time. I last saw Accountability Burns one night at TU in after night law school was out.

He looked like a homeless guy. He was on disability for mental impairments, reportedly schizophrenia that emerged while a grad student in mathematics. I gave him a ride down 11th street to his apartment. As a younger person, referring back to the late 70s, I didn't realize he was mentally ill until one meeting when he thought it was reasonable to ask for an advance payment of two million dollars to appear in a debate.

Back then he was a perennial candidate in every election. After that, and over the years, I received a "Mars Gram" in the mail from him occasionally. Usually these were postcards. It took a while to decipher the code but it was a revealing look at his paranoid thoughts often including references to the "black international.

Science had tried to tell us younger people back in the 70s that Burns was "nuts" but we didn't believe him initially. He had determined Burns didn't even know the basics of cartography even though he claimed to have a Ph. Newbill's Facebook post prompted a comment from retired University of Tulsa Professor Steve Steib , who wrote that Burns would drop by his office now and then in the s:.

I've seen some of Burns's writings from that period. He had an idiosyncratic phonetic spelling system which took some time to decipher. In many of his writings he would claim that his wife had been abducted and was being held for an impossible ransom. A friend of mine who had had some dealings with Burns around the same period speculated, based on various references in his writing, that he had been one of a group of mathematical prodigies "Einsteins," and thus perhaps the source of his "Einstein V" moniker working on a secret government program and snapped mentally.

The "black international" William Newbill mentions may be a reference to clandestine operations as in "black ops". I remember reading a feature story about Accountability some years ago, which included Burns's brother talking about his mental illness and his background, but I can't seem to find it now. It may pre-date the digital archive of Tulsa's local dailies, which only goes back to According to this "You Know You're From Tulsa" thread , as of December 22, , his 91st birthday , he still regularly ate lunch at the Hillcrest Medical Center cafeteria.

I haven't found any more recent sightings. Public records indicate that he is still on the voter rolls as "A. Burns" but hasn't voted since casting an early ballot at the election board in the June primary.

Back in , after I published a collection of links about Accountability Burns , a friend I can't track down who sent me some documents by Burns from , , and I transcribed Accountability Burns letter to the Bar Association , but never got around to transcribing the other two. Accountability Burns for County Commissioner, January 22, Some people remember that he referred to the office, under Tulsa's pre charter, as "Pig and Fyr" commissioner.

If you have seen Accountability around town lately, or if you have stories of Close Encounters of the E-5 Kind that you'd like to share, please email me at blog at batesline dot com or send me a message through my Facebook page. Tulsa City Charter special election November 14, Specific language and detailed analysis of the seven proposed amendments to the Tulsa City Charter, plus a bonus: Appreciate the hours of effort behind analysis you can't find anywhere else?

Hit the tip jar! Disable Shared Experiences in Windows 10 v If you're tired of Windows 10 nagging you to link accounts across your devices, this appears to be a way to turn it off, using the Local Group Policy Editor gpedit. The first half of the article doesn't eliminate the nagging. Windows continues to tell you you need to "fix" something, because you won't let Microsoft all up in your business. So how many schools have been closed? How many grown-ups have lost their jobs or had their pay reduced?

Who's being held accountable for the damage? Even so, their lives have been altered forever. Vast sums of money and God-given potential were wasted.

One thing that is largely unreported these days is that most supposedly Christian or evangelical colleges have become just as rotten as the worst secular universities. Scratch a supposedly 'faith-based' college, and you'll find nearly all of their leading sentiments fall in line with today's secular left.

I recall visiting George Fox College in Oregon a few years ago--like Earlham, a Quaker-affiliated school that is supposedly different from secular universities--and being harangued by a deep leftist professor from the philosophy department about Foucault. You will find this at Gordon College, Wheaton, etc, etc. I've known a couple of very liberal graduates of Earlham tell me they found the political correctness of the place to be stifling, and consequently that their humanities instruction there was gravely defective.

If this is what's on offer from supposed faith-based colleges, you might as well just save your tuition money and send your kid to Evergreen State. Why is hybrid sleep off by default on laptops? Informative article on the new-ish hybrid sleep option in Windows 10 for suspending work on your computer, and why traditional sleep might be a better choice for your laptop.

Good explanation of the powercfg command -- what it can tell you about your system and the fine control it can give you over your power options. For example "powercfg -a" tells you which sleep states are available, and which are not, and, most helpfully, which component is preventing that sleep state's availability. That command revealed to me that I needed a graphics driver update in order to regain traditional sleep -- stopping the hard drive and using just enough power to keep RAM alive, allowing a quick resumption on demand.

Before our expedition to London, we spent some time learning about the key artifacts of biblical significance displayed in the museum. While there are many, we short-listed some of the very best. Below is a short description of each artifact with biblical relevance that is housed at the British Museum, ordered according to their parallel chronology in the Bible story. The campers took a similar printout of this list with them around the museum--hopefully this article is helpful, especially to any of our readers who may visit the British Museum in the future.

And even for those who may not have the chance to visit, this article will at least help animate the life and times of the Bible, illustrating its pages and directly proving its veracity.

How to Disable Cortana in Windows Microsoft briefly had a usable, reliable operating system called Windows 7. Then they decided to use their market dominance to turn our PCs into data collection devices for their benefit. For those of us who want Microsoft to simply sell us an OS then leave us alone, who have operating environments where apps that "phone home" are not an option, here's one step you may want to take.

What to do when, for example, you have your old Windows profile on a hard drive you've taken out of an old computer, but the owner's SID is different from the SID on your new computer.

When annoying Windows 10 annoyingly tries to reset defaults for video, photos, audio, and other files to Microsoft's annoying applications, here's how to stop it. This situation is exactly what Jefferson meant by 'the despotism of an oligarchy. There is no authority that can remove them, and they cannot be controlled by the laws of the legislature. In short, they are independent of the people, of the legislature, and of every power under heaven. Men placed in this situation will generally soon feel themselves independent of heaven itself.

Enjoy affordable and reliable hosting with Bluehost and support BatesLine at the same time -- click here! John Wright for County Assessor: Personal integrity, experience, thoughtful leadership By Michael Bates on August 25, 6: Milton highlights Wright's experience in the assessor's office, his training and accreditation in the specialized work that assessors do, his integrity, his thoughtfulness, and his role, alongside Yazel, in reforming the Assessor's Office to build an office that passes its audits with flying colors and consistently ranks at or near the top among Oklahoma counties in its performance audit: If you intend to vote in the runoff election this coming Tuesday, I'm asking for your vote for John Wright.

The reason is simple. John is a thoughtful leader with a lot of experience. That is what the Assessor's Office needs. Please vote for John Wright on Tuesday. A little break from the political: Designed for both Jewish and non-Jewish readers alike, The Israel Bible offers a unique commentary that seeks to explain God's focus on the Land of Israel alongside the original Hebrew text and the New Jewish Publication Society translation. All chapters highlight verses that relate to Israel, including relevant quotes and perspectives from prime ministers, as well as abundant maps, charts, and illustrations.

I sent a reply requesting a review copy and received one, gratis, shortly thereafter. Unfortunately, the bondage of Jews was not limited to the period of slavery in Egypt. There have been many other such incidents in history, even in the 20th and 21st centuries. Golda Meir , while serving as Israel's first ambassador to the Soviet Union, worked tirelessly to facilitate the immigration to Israel of Jews trapped behind the "Iron Curtain.

Oh, how I prayed. I was caught up in a torrent of love so strong it literally took my breath away! Tulsa City Council District 4: No endorsement By Michael Bates on August 24, Continue reading Tulsa City Council District 4: Roll Call, in an April 26, , story, lists Hern among 10 candidates endorsed by Republican Main Street Partnership for the election: A Republican PAC that supports lawmakers from the "governing wing of the GOP" is making its first non-incumbent endorsements of the cycle.

The new candidates Main Street is backing are Bridenstine issued this statement a week before the primary: Kevin Hern has been using my name and image in his campaign ads for Oklahoma's First Congressional District. Voters should know that Kevin Hern initiated a run against me in and poll tested messages that included terrible lies about me.

I learned of this when the pollster called my home. Now he uses my name and image in ads as if we are close. Kevin Hern's later support of me was opportunistic and based on self interest knowing I had limited my terms. Campaign finance reports online, but most are delinquent By Michael Bates on August 23, What can be gleaned from this very incomplete set of reports? The summary of Sessions's statement provided on Good Morning America's Facebook page did not seem at all alarming -- in fact it seemed welcome and overdue: Sessions says the task force will "help the Department fully implement our religious liberty guidance," including "making sure our employees know their duties to accommodate people of faith.

Sessions began by describing the importance of religious liberty to those who settled America and those who framed its government: Freedom of religious is indeed our "first freedom"--being the first listed right of our First Amendment.

This has been a core American principle from the beginning. It is one of the reasons that this country was settled in the first place. Sessions then described current threats to free exercise of religion and actions that the Department of Justice has taken to enforce the laws protecting them: But in recent years, the cultural climate in this country--and in the West more generally--has become less hospitable to people of faith.

Many Americans have felt that their freedom to practice their faith has been under attack. And it's easy to see why. We've seen nuns ordered to buy contraceptives.

Senators ask judicial and executive branch nominees about dogma--even though the Constitution explicitly forbids a religious test for public office. We've all seen the ordeal faced so bravely by Jack Phillips. Sessions provided a brief description of the guidance memo issued earlier: Soon after taking office, President Trump directed me to issue explicit legal guidance for all executive agencies on how to apply the religious liberty protections in federal law.

Our team embraced that challenge. I issued that guidance in October, and it lays out 20 fundamental principles for the Executive Branch to follow. Those include the principle that free exercise means a right to act--or to abstain from action. They include the principle that government shouldn't impugn people's motives or beliefs. The Task Force will help the Department fully implement our religious liberty guidance by ensuring that all Justice Department components are upholding that guidance in the cases they bring and defend, the arguments they make in court, the policies and regulations they adopt, and how we conduct our operations.

That includes making sure that our employees know their duties to accommodate people of faith. Here's a short list of interesting items I found: Handbook of the World's Columbian Exposition: The great World's Fair in Chicago to commemorate the anniversary of Columbus's voyage of discovery. Midway Plaisance, White City, and the lakefront are all legacies of this fair. This book includes maps of the grounds and of major exhibition buildings, with descriptions of what you'd find in each. Australia didn't yet exist, but New South Wales had a pavilion.

Maps and building plans but no description from the Chicago World's Columbian Exposition Also giving the route of every car line, with distinguishing colors of cars and lights; night line time tables, etc. The war being the Spanish-American War.

Handy Guide to Boston and Environs: Descripitions of streetcar routes and the recently opened Tremont Street subway, photos of important buildings, including my church home-away-from home, Tremont Temple, which opened its doors for public lectures between Sundays. The current building was only six years old at the time, having been rebuilt after a fire.

The guide tells the reader how best to spend six days at the fair, winding up in a reproduction of old Jerusalem. Oklahoma has its own building now: Miller of Oklahoma City] of this building. Large porches with wide ornamental arcades surround the front of both floors, and a view of the immense reception hall may be obtained from the wide gallery on the second floor.

There is an exhaustive catalog of artworks on display and of the items from Queen Victoria's Jubilee Presents -- items received from the far reaches of the Empire in honor of her 50th and 60th anniversaries on the throne. Atlas of the European Conflict: Rand McNally official auto trails map of the United States: Before the numbered U.

Washington guide to the city and environs: Streetcar routes, ads for grand hotels, descriptions and photos of monuments and prominent buildings including the then-new Post Office, now a Trump hotel.

There is a detailed map and guide to the Library of Congress, including photographs and descriptions of its murals and inscriptions. There is even a section to help you navigate the etiquette if you happen to attend a dinner with the President. At the back you'll find patent medicine ads, and information on electric railway transportation to the Great Falls of the Potomac. You could have gotten a pretty decent civics education from this book, which not only shows you the major federal office buildings, but explains what functions are performed within.

The Land and Its People: Published by the Ukrainian Alliance of America. Written in Ukrainian and translated into German and then from German to English.

Summary of the Treaty of Peace: Map showing the new, post-World War I boundaries of Europe. Turkey's partitioning is curious. This is worth further exploration. The author attempts to show the roots of America's greatness in the doctrines and habits of Calvinism, which he boils down to the core idea of God's sovereignty and traces two centuries before Calvin to the English theologians William of Occam and Thomas Bradwardine.

Hopefully there's another version out there; this scan lacks all the illustrations. The Elves and the Shoemaker: The Brothers Grimm tale, illustrated by Esther Friend. This is a smaller format atlas, with each state on a single page, and only major highways shown. State Farm Road Atlas. William shared some memories from his years in Tulsa and his dealings with Burns, and he gave me his permission to share them here: I left Tulsa in 94 to work for the feds as a lawyer.

I had been active in both parties before then. But I was thrown out in for refusing to support Reagan. Those are mainly the times I saw the guy. Newbill's Facebook post prompted a comment from retired University of Tulsa Professor Steve Steib , who wrote that Burns would drop by his office now and then in the s: He was, at the time, working on a universal language that would be spoken and understood by all of earth's humans. His presence often reminded me of the thin line between brilliance and crazy.

As time passed he seemed to spend more time on the crazy side of that line. It made me sad to see such talent slip away. In the spotlight Oklahoma primary City of Tulsa and. Many thanks to these readers for financially supporting the BatesLine voter guide for the general election!

An ad or PayPal contribution helps fund the costs of running BatesLine. Click here to learn how you can help. Search Search this blog: BatesLine Linkblog Latest links of interest: Disable Shared Experiences in Windows 10 v If you're tired of Windows 10 nagging you to link accounts across your devices, this appears to be a way to turn it off, using the Local Group Policy Editor gpedit.

So who got fired? 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