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Funeral Service will be held Friday, December 10, at Freon, Methane Filtered Through Hotel page two ". The rail-trail is a to foot-wide paved path that travels through park or greenbelt settings. Credit Authorizers, Checkers, and Clerks Sincere thanks to the staff at the Victoria General Hospital who tended Phil with such gentle compassion during the last weeks of his life. Artists and Related Workers, All Other

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By that time, the Scott Corporation stated that it would likely withdraw its offer to purchase the Landmark because of inability to obtain long-term financing.

Experts believed that the Landmark suffered financially as a result of its low room-count guest rooms at the time and its location across the street from the Las Vegas Hilton formerly the International , which was the world's largest hotel at the time.

Frank Scott owned downtown Las Vegas' Union Plaza Hotel , which had become one of the city's most successful casinos, and he said the same management principles used at the Union Plaza would be applied to the Landmark.

Gambling is a business—a very unique business—and sound policies applied and followed will result in a successful operation. We face a strong challenge in making the Landmark one of the truly fine casino-hotel operations in Las Vegas, and we look forward to accomplishing this goal. Scott intended to change the name of the resort, with "The Plaza Tower" as the favorite among several names under consideration at that time.

Scott planned to take over operations once the sale received approval from Summa, county and state gaming officials, and courts that were handling Hughes' estate. The Wolframs were high rollers who frequently stayed at the Desert Inn resort when visiting Las Vegas. Todd met the Wolframs while working for the Desert Inn as Special Events Coordinator, and she became close friends with Zula Wolfram, who had been planning to purchase a Las Vegas hotel with her husband.

That month, the gaming control board recommended that Baldwin be approved in his request to receive five-percent of pretax operating profits from the Landmark. In , architect Martin Stern Jr. The Landmark was entangled in a Toledo bankruptcy court in July , at which point Bill Morris, a Las Vegas lawyer, began plans to purchase the resort.

At the time, two minority shareholders in the Landmark were attempting to stop Morris' purchase of the resort. The Landmark's never really been given a fair chance. First, there has never been on-hands management on a day-in, day-out basis.

Second, the operators have all tried to make the property do something it was not meant to do. They tried to compete with superstar productions, and a lot of money was lost in that competition. The property is ideally situated to serve the convention authority, and our operational thrust will be in that direction.

The resort remained open during renovations. Casino manager Ron Nadeau said "we think this is the type of play that will catch on here. It is priced in a range that anyone can afford to join the action. The expansion was to be built west of the Landmark on 11 acres 4. Two days after the lien was filed, the Landmark filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy to prevent the IRS from seizing assets such as casino cage money.

The resort remained open despite the bankruptcy filing, and the casino had enough money to remain operational. In January , Morris said he would have to cancel his bankruptcy reorganization plans and lay off to Landmark employees if a bankruptcy court did not allow the resort to abandon its union labor contracts.

Morris hoped for the Landmark to be out of Chapter 11 bankruptcy by March 1, Morris also hoped to increase the hotel's room count after the resort's eventual emergence from bankruptcy, with additional financing from a national franchise hotel chain.

In January , a small fire broke out in the resort's showroom, located next to the casino. Five employees were evacuated, and there were no injuries. Customers in the casino were unaware of the fire, which was quickly extinguished by the local fire department.

The fire was determined to have likely been caused by an arsonist. To help bring in customers, two cash drawings were held during each tournament. Richard Davis, a Las Vegas real estate executive and owner of a funeral home, was appointed by the court that month to temporarily operate the resort.

On February 21, , the Nevada Gaming Commission extended the gaming license and allowed the resort to stay open for at least two additional weeks while its financial problems were analyzed by state experts. The Landmark, with rooms at the time, [] was unable to compete with new megaresorts, and was closed on August 8, LVCVA was interested in the proposal, with plans to use the Landmark's acre property either for a parking lot or expansion.

Some wanted to make the necessary repairs and re-open it to house convention attendees. Others wanted to demolish the buildings to add 2, [] much-needed parking spaces for the Convention Center. After much protest, it was ultimately decided that the Landmark would be demolished after only three of the fourteen LVCVA board members voted to save the building. By that time, the Clark County Health District had proposed penalties against the asbestos companies.

By February , AB-Haz had twice declared the Landmark to be asbestos-free and safe for demolition, although Clark County officials discovered that some hotel floors still contained 90 percent of the original asbestos.

Because of previous delays, officials for LVCVA had given up on setting a demolition date until all the asbestos was removed. CDI was hired to demolish the resort.

Demolition crews discovered secret stairwells in the tower, and Loizeaux said, "We have learned everything as we have gone in. It was a very strange structure, very unique. Crews then spent the final days of demolition by drilling in the tower to weaken and prepare it ahead of its planned implosion.

Less than pounds of dynamite was placed in certain locations throughout the tower's first four floors. Most of the material from the demolished structure was to be recycled and used in other construction projects. It still represents what the Stratosphere represents, the biggest and the tallest. The property became a 2,space parking lot for the Las Vegas Convention Center. The tower's height measured feet, while its diameter measured 60 feet.

The tower's dome measured feet in diameter. The Landmark tower was billed as having 31 floors, although it skipped floors 13 and Conflicting numbers have been given for the tower's total height. When it opened, the Landmark had a total of slot machines. The Landmark's interior designer was Las Vegas resident Leonard Edward England, [72] [] who designed the ground floor to include a colorful and primitive Incan theme, which gradually changed to a Space Age theme on subsequent floors.

The interior also included 65 tons of black and white polished marble, [6] [67] as well as carved mahogany woodwork from Mexico. The Landmark's second floor was used for offices. It was the fastest elevator in the Western United States. At the time of the Landmark's opening, the showroom and the Cascade Terrace coffee shop were located on the first floor, [96] [] [] while a steak and seafood gourmet restaurant known as Towers Restaurant was located on the 27th floor.

Also planned was the remodeling of the casino and lobby, and the expansion of a coffee shop. The Landmark was the only major hotel in the state to have a discotheque. Other plans included changes to the coffee shop, new casino carpeting, and redesigning and renaming the 27th-floor restaurant as Anthony's Seafood and Prime Rib Room.

The existing structures were renovated with financing from Valley Bank of Nevada. The entrance had red-lit outriggers added and a new side entrance was added to the casino. The show was usually sold out. In October , the Landmark debuted Spellcaster , an minute family oriented show featuring country-western singer Roy Clayborne. Hein and Dancer had four different shows consisting of various costumes and set decorations, and were accompanied by a five-person band of musicians who backed up the duo.

As of , the Landmark's showroom hosted minor acts and was considered small in comparison to other Las Vegas resorts. Dick Foster was the show's director and producer. The unfinished tower briefly appeared in the film, Viva Las Vegas. The Landmark's demolition was filmed for use in the film, Mars Attacks!

As part of the movie's special effects, the lights in The Landmark were on before and during the implosion. Pyrotechnics were set off at the base of the tower to simulate the explosive impact of an alien laser.

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Archived from the original on Pieces of the "L" sign are airlifted into place". Retrieved October 25, Bank of America Nevada". Retrieved February 18, The rail-trail is a to foot-wide paved path that travels through park or greenbelt settings. Several long sections roll adjacent to noisy Interstate 5, which took the place of the railway corridor. Anyone traveling the entire distance, however, will stumble across a dozen gaps where the marked Interurban Trail detours onto bike lanes, wide shoulders, low-traffic streets, and sidewalks.

Starting in northwest Seattle, you'll pass several examples of trailside art, including some depicting a volcano erupting, an elk sprouting horns, and other scenes in a series of sequential signs.

The trail section ends at a two-way cycle track on Linden Avenue with automatic crossing signals for bicycles. The trail resumes through the commercial center of Shoreline and ends at picturesque Echo Lake. From here, it follows a 1-mile detour onto bike lanes and a path to the Lake Ballinger Station trailhead, which features a historical exhibit of the railway.

As with all trail detours, look for the distinctive Interurban Trail signs showing a red arrow on a green circle on either a white or brown background. Heading north, you'll encounter other trail gaps, often at major intersections.

Some pedestrian crossings offer scenic views of peaks in the Cascade Range to the east. One trailside curiosity south of Everett Mall is the abandoned Puget Park Drive-In, which featured its last picture show in The trail ends on a sidewalk at the busy intersection of Colby Avenue and 41st Street in Everett. To access the trail in Seattle, from I-5, take Exit If coming from the south, turn left onto First Avenue NE. Head west on N. Northgate Way, which becomes N. Turn right onto N.

Park Avenue N, and go 0. Turn left onto N. To reach the Everett trailhead, from I-5, take Exit , and head west on 41st Street. Go one block, and turn left onto Colby Avenue. Find a small parking lot on the right. I'm leaving two stars because of the huge challenge it was to get from Everett to Seattle today, I like challenges but you may not and after attempting this trail you may even leave zero stars. Little to no signs leave you guessing and searching. The biggest thing today is the street closure around the Alderwood Mall area in Lynwood.

If you're determined like I was today to get to Seattle, plan on taking th to 36th to th. Interurban trail is years away from being user friendly. I am happy that this trail exists, but it is hard to get in a rhythm riding it, as every mile or so the trail crosses a busy street, many with no lighted crossing.

It is also highly urban, and much of the old right-of-way is gone, requiring the trail to take constant diversions. As noted in another comment, there are some "interesting" people on the trail as well from time to time. It's worth riding once or twice, but I much prefer more intact, scenic and safer trails like the Centennial. Gently sloping trail through my suburban neighborhood, very well maintained.

Had a nice family ride along with other friendly and courteous bicyclists. What a wonderful trail!! BUT got lost numerous times between Everett and Seattle because there was no signage and you had no idea where to go after you popped out on a road.

I didn't have a map of the trail and no US data plan on my phone. Many kind Americans looked up the trail on their mobile devices to help me out but trail takes forever to download. Maybe room for improvement? To those maintaining the trail You will see how often signage is lacking. If you are putting in new signage it would help to indicate whether the sign is indicating northbound or southbound. That will help for some of the turn arounds crossing the I5 for example. Thanks to those that have created this wonderful bike route!!

I work in north Everett and I am not surprised or overly worried about the rough edges of Everett and the North Interurban. However when biking alone July mid afternoon I approached by a twenty something man on a BMX bike, no helmet, and large backpack who passed me, yelled something as I sped past and then turned and started to follow me.

Thank goodness a passing biker stopped when I quickly flagged him down and my would be "thief or worse" turned tail and biked quickly out of site. This was a close call which left me shaky and upset. There are sections that we always feel we are a little uncomfortable but we have never been approached or followed. The section that I had this incident was going south in the open area and short climb to the sidewalk behind a very sketchy neighborhood before Cascade High School.

The Interurban has the potential to be the biking gem of Snohomish county but because of the safety issues I would always think twice before biking alone or with a buddy. My recommendation is group rides only. Nice ride until it got a little busy with streets, lights, and traffic.

A bit confusing when the signs were not placed in visible spots. Could not determine which way the path picked up after some traffic lights and stop signs. Left, right, or keep straight? Had to ask experienced bikers on the path. Excellent ride however signage is non-existent in some areas.

I used the Navigator phone app. It would be nice if they marked this trail properly, in numerous places it simply leaves you scratching your head. Especially where it transitions thru neighborhoods.. This is a great asphalt trail with interesting things to look at along the way. Not many pedestrians or cyclists on Sunday morning.

Now here's what made me give it only three stars: We had to constantly flag down other cyclists, ask pedestrians and double back after riding the wrong way for a while. This made it a frustrating ride. I'll give it 5 stars when I can figure out where I'm going. The Interurban intersects with th SW in Edmonds. While there is no sign this point, by paying attention to your location, go west 2 blocks and you'll be in Edmond's International District.

For several blocks, lots of good eating a variety of Asian restaurants. Ranging from sit down meal type to quick bowls of Pho. Plan to stop, either by yourself or with a group. The other day i wanted to take a stroll down the Interurban Trail as I had heard a lot about it but had yet to walk or cycle it.

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