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For additional information, log on to www. How are chances of having this group participate in flights to Haiti. Chauvet said that with the help ef a good road and the pro- jected ear ferry from Cuba, this qrea could be a tremendous tou- rist draw for the country before long. Chauvet propos- ed that a special study of the si- sal market must' be undertaken, at the third Session of the Com- mission. Haiti's population one of the He referred here to Toussaint healthiest in the hemisphere. Ntion ville after three months' in Jam- aica on Kaiser Aluminum business. The full aroma and great-tasting flavor gives you all the good things you want in coffee

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August wurde das Ehrenmal, ein polierter Findling aus dem Ort und eine Kirchenglocke, am Gilberg-Friedhof eingeweiht. April und dem Die Gemeinde blieb jedoch bis zum Sommer verschont von Angriffen.

April zogen die amerikanischen Truppen in den Ort ein. Insgesamt 18 Einwohner starben bei den Geschehnissen. Im Krieg sterben insgesamt Eiserfelder.

Die Stadt Eiserfeld wurde am 1. Die Zahl vom 6. Juni wurden die Einwohnerzahlen im Hinblick auf die bevorstehenden Gemeindezusammenlegungen ermittelt. Der Stadt Eiserfeld wurde am 5. August des Amtes Eiserfeld weiter. Other elected officers are: Barkaa, public relations Sunrise. Alexander Leonid Vainshtein, kdimir Tsukerman. The appearance of this article iy prove to be portent of pther disturbinK developments. For example, prior to the arrest and subsequent sentencing of Anatoly Sharansky, the official Soviet newspaper, Uvestia, carried an article villifying him.

The escalation of personal harassments against Jews in the USSR is exemplified in the arrests of over half a dozen Jewish activists within the past two months. Moisey Zats of Chernovtsy, one of those recently arrested, was sentenced to three years in a labor camp.

Shmuil Rozenberg of Tashkent received a prison sentence of five years with the confiscation of all property. Raphael Eitan pntirmt'ci his campaign against oposed cuts in the defense udget by detailing the growing Military strength of Israel's foes its eastern front. In an in- trview published Yediot chronot, Eitan also commented recent attempts by terrorists infiltrate Israel from Jor- jnian territory.

Eitan noted that itre have been five infiltration Uefn 9t'9 from Jordan in recent ninths. He referred to the Saudi pabian military base at Tabok, pt far from Eilat, as a "monster gigantic dimensions" being instructed with American r-ilitarv aid.

The Jordanian army has undergone revolutionary changes, the Chief of Staff said. Its artillery is now self-propelled and it has many U. Iraq has more than doubled the size of its army in the last four years and now has a wholly armored and mechanized force, he said.

This monthly figure is a decrease of During the first five months of , 13, Jews left the Soviet Union. According to reports, those classified as "troublemakers" are Jewish activists. Some have already been told that July and August would be good months to "take a holiday.

Abramovich was visited by a Capt. Nicolai Kornikov and three plain-clothes KGB men. He was told that he must be out of Moscow between July 19 and Aug.

He told friends that both his family and that of Vladimir Prestin had already made arrangements to get out of Moscow at the end of June when his son Felix finishes school. Even those not active in Jewish activist circles have been singled out to leave during the Olympic Games. A case in point: Leonid Varvak, a Kiev refusenik suffering from severe diabetes, was told to leave the city from June Sept.

For example, in Riga and Kishinev, those families who have received permission to leave were instructed to complete all necessary documents by the first week in June or face a departure delay of several months. In Minsk, no applications will be accepted until September. No one will be allowed to leave or enter the city from June 15 on. I who beheves otherwise. I is merely fooiang aHBaaetf m the same way that the: President lays his hopes on the talks as an absolute I predicate far peace in the Middle East In the end.

Pklure ' ncrasg icne aboard a Yarig Braazhac jeuner approaching Bjo ae Jamiiu an eiderry prnv!. Taw a dimac Jnw received on asosignnsent cad later sold an a broker back in the As Stern noted in an interview.

TMgofUeind, and ncennnrnage bet oae. Jawesh boys and garb can be seen nk lag peaooly to school with anciems m Heorew aanoonang J: This may have been the motive behind the equally heinous attack against West I Bank mayors which left two of them maimed. I Jews of the diaspora are expected to display their I fiaaaty for the benefk of the saavival of the Jewish i The -es presa lavpinied aad who with --jr.

Bkxh a prood of Jew i ih aaaa He fights ca agty band. Goldschmidt and Blumenthal are Jewish. He was panied by Alfred Moses. President Carters adviser I Jewish affairs. Kollek replied, according [a transcript provided by Iphone to the Jewish graphic Agency: You have a ation where the government Vves in this; then you will tys have young people who [interpret it in their own way. Wit- es said the child was sum- Bed to the car by a khaki-dad i but were not certain whether bntered it freely or was forced.

The ce were informed by then but [kidnapping was kept secret to ct the boy's safety. The kid- ppers called again last psday with instructions. Do not lure the family," he said. Its organizer, Idasaah Marcus, told the vish Telegraphic Agency that t works closely with the ultra- tionalist Tehiya faction in pel.

She said that on a recent l to Israel she was approached the generals who asked that r group release their statement pe American media. Vfayor Teddy Kollek "We would prefer, of course, that they come to Israel, but the main thing is that they leave because they are in real danger," Begin said.

The session was chaired by Likud MK Moshe Katsav who noted that Iran per- mitted the exit of its citizens but under severe restrictions with respect to what property and assets they could take with them. Begin and Katsav seemed to imply that in view of the recent "judicial" moves against a number of Jews in Iran, Iranian Jews should set aside proprietary considerations and flee while they still can.

Abramowitz, chairman of the Board. In his report to the Board's Executive Council at its monthly meeting here, Abramowitz said a matter to which attention would have to be given and which is a cause of concern is the growing tendency toward fragmentation, the South African Jewish Times reported.

He noted that the hallmark and essential quality of the South African Jewish community was its ability to maintain harmony and unity between different sections, a condition which has been described as "unity in diversity. Supreme Court upholding the right of Hebrew school students to collect signatures at a Califor- nia shopping center protesting the United Nations anti-Zionist resolution. The AJCongress had filed a friend-of-the-court brief in support of the public's right to circulate petitions or otherwise peacefully exercise their rights of free speech in privately owned shopping centers.

The case Pruneyard Shopping Center vs. Robbins arose in San Jose, Calif. Interior Minister Yosef Burg, who ordered his ouster eight years ago, lifted the ban after Lansky, who lives in Miami Beach, expressed a desire to visit Israel for Rosh Hashanah. Burg said Lansky could stay here for up to one month, ac- cording to a report in Yediot Achronot. He said he decided to lift the ban after obtaining evidence that the alleged racketeer was in poor health.

Lansky fled to Israel in to avoid trial in the U. He was sub- sequently tried in federal court and acquitted. He applied for citizenship under the Law of Return, but the Supreme Court turned him down on grounds that the law did not apply to known criminals. About 1, guests from throughout the United States are expected to attend, it was announced by the Jabotinsky Foundation, sponsors of the dinner.

Dedicatory Tablets, Original Sculpture, Etc. Send for free calalog or call. Menorah Chapels, to preserve the traditions of our faith, wishes to offer a gift of re- membrance. A Yahrzeit Calendar in the name of the departed and a Yearly Re- minder of the Yahrzeit observance date.

A part of our religious life, now and through the ages. Israel Palestine Liberation Organization spokesman declared in Damascus, Syria on Monday that three PLO raiders "left many enemy soldiers killed or wounded" before they were themselves killed by Israeli defense forces off the shore of this oceanside town just a few miles south of the Israel-Lebanon border.

According to Israeli authorities, about 20 early-morning bathers were on the Nahariya beach at 5 a. The boat quickly responded with machine guns, sank the PLO boat and killed the three raiders in it.

According to spokesmen, the battle lasted about three minutes. According to PLO sources in Damascus, the three raiders were killed in a three-hour battle. Witnesses on the beach, numbering among them a group of Dutch tourists, corroborated the Israeli version of what had occurred declari that they saw the bodies taken aboard a dinrt8 sent out to retrieve them and their speedboat THE ATTACK Monday was the four Palestinian attempt to raid this seashore towK the last year.

Four Israelis were killed in a 2 on Nahariya just 14 months ago. According to Israeli authorities, one land soldier was wounded. In Damascus, the pm declared, "The attack was mounted to derscore our people's armed struggle. In written testimony sub- mitted on behalf of the Con- ference. Jack Spitzer, president of B'nai B nth International, one of the constitutuent organizations, told the Trade Subcommittee of the House Ways and Means Committee that despite some persisting problems.

Conceding that the decline could be attributec partially to the skrinking base for emigration, he said Jewish organizations "were convinced that the decline also had something to do with the Rumanian government's policy of discouraging emigration.

Spitzer explained, the Conference hoped would result in increased Jewish emigration as well as a means of monitoring applications in process. We are also pleased that much of the backlog that existed last year, including some very difficult cases, has now been resolved," he said.

On the basis of the im- proved, record, Spitzer con- cluded, the Conference of Presi- dents "can recommend another extension of Most Favored Nation trade status. Opnf-7 Mon Tours SFri. Why should the Zeppelin really be called a "Schwartz? Because "The Zeppelin" was invented by David Schwartz. David Schwartz was an Austrian-born engineer who. Schwartz died before the project could get off the ground.

Shortly thereafter, Count von Zeppelin bought the patents from Schwartz's widow. A big part of Jewish warmth and affec- tion is to quickly become completely open and informal with people and things they particularly like. Samuel is called "Sammy'. It agreed to a demand by the defense to send an expert, Slavonic languages Prof Willem Veder, to Moscow to study Soviet archives for the period in when Menten is alleged to have committed the mass murders of Jews and others in Pohorodze village in Poland.

Hotels, Meals, Transfers, casino nearby! Air, hotel, sightseeing, tax. Ostensibly, the European initiative came as a result of the stalled talks between Israel and Egypt on autonomy of Arabs living in Gaza and on the West Bank, as well as on the future of Jerusalem, which Israel considers indivisible and her capital city.

Capitol Hill observers anticipated a much stronger EEC Palestinian stand in Venice, and it was this that spurred resumption of the Israel- Egypt talks in Washington, now scheduled for July TO THE extent that we make progress," Carter said, "those European nations the Scandinavian countries and others I think will come back to a more balanced approach to the question.

The President vowed to do his utmost to convince the King that he ought to join the Israel-Egypt talks due to resume July The memorial wm here. Shuiman charged, not because of what he cad but heraose of what he was a Jew He added that Dameipour has become a symbol of the hatred of our enemies who wanted to Attach Israel and the Jewish people through him He called for a campaign to touch the conecamce of the world, as to the fate of Iranian Jews The minute memorial gathering was also addressed by Ambassador Jerome Shestack.

These are the symbols of the failure of the revolution that so many wanted and looked upon with hope. It makes one tremble for those now behind prison walls whose fate has in the hands of men who have such contempt for international opinion and the dictates of ordinary humanity. Boat of them whom hve in the ca petal its history and into perspective, the of Jewish Affasrs has published a report which it described almost as an epitaph for a community that is raptdly dying out THE EXACT origins of the community are disputed but it was flourishing by the early thirteenth century, when the Mongol invasion kiled many Jews in the destruction of Froz Koh m Ghuriatan.

Reports by Jewish travelers in the last century spoke of a community of As a result of their long sojourn in Afghanistan. Jews were confined to Herat. The nch ground aroma and fresh perked taste makes Maxirrfthe coffee any busy baibusta would be proud to serve. Especially with the strudet Or. South Atlantic Management A residential and commercial property management.

We want to manage your properties, commercial or resi- dential. Our programs are designed to provide the maxi- mum income that can be generated from your invest- ments. We are a management corporation dedicated to serving our clients big and small. SEGAL lumiliated by the unending jan stranglehold on Ameri- , hostages, our great army of ond guessers has been playing ball with their criticisms of person and every bit of Jiinery connected with the Lrtive rescue attempt.

This is Thigh season of recrimination. Located inside Holiday Inn Convention Hotel. Chicken, shrimp, chicken tenders, po-boys, Cajun side dishes, biscuits. The Sausage Link E. Opening Spring www. Boudin, sausage, seafood, burgers, steaks, salads, jerky, cracklins, fresh meats.

Cajun restaurant with live Cajun music every Fri. Fresh smoked ribs, sliced brisket, chicken, sausage, homemade sides. Deli, burgers and pizza Lucky Wins Sun. The Lookout Restaurant American, steaks and seafood. Napa Valley has wine. New York has pizza. Southwest Louisiana has boudin! Either way, call it delicious. No two boudin recipes are alike.

Known as the Festival Capital of Louisiana, we host more than 75 fairs, festivals and special events each year, including a Mardi Gras extravaganza second only to New Orleans, and the Contraband Days Pirate Festival, a two-week celebration.

King cake, parades, glitzy flowing costumes of Mardi Gras splendor, music and chicken runs all add to the mystique of the second largest Mardi Gras in Louisiana, complete with the ear to ear smiles and warm hospitality of Southwest Louisiana. Ushering in the season is Twelfth Night, paralleling the entry of the kings at the ancient nativity 12 days after the birth of Jesus. Kings, queens and captains of more than 50 krewes promenade each year. Golf This golfing destination, featuring lush scenery that makes the area one of the most beautiful in the country, becomes a picturesque backdrop while locals and visitors vie for lower scores and pleasant times.

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned professional, these courses offer excellent conditions and Southern hospitality. Unique, public 7, yard, par championship Tom Fazio-designed course. Natural vegetation lines 8 lakes to challenge golfers of all skill levels. Pro shop; driving range. Gray Plantation promises you a day of unparalleled golf anywhere in the country. This hole 7, yard championship links course is one of only 12 courses in the state included on the Audubon Golf Trail.

Conditioning and clubhouse amenities are superior, plus the course also offers an indoor state-of-the-art teaching academy. Daily dawn—dusk excluding Tuesdays, close at 4 p. The municipal course features 25 large bunkers and water hazards on 12 of the 18 holes. The course rating is Pine Shadows has a traditional design with tree-lined fairways and well-conditioned greens.

Snack bar serves food and beverages in a newly remodeled clubhouse. Practice facilities on site. Come and discover a fun and unique golf experience.

A best kept secret for affordable, relaxing golf with undulation on the greens, makes rounds enjoyable and challenging.

Frasch Park is a pretty course to play because there are mature trees throughout the entire design. The terrain is fairly flat with a canal that runs through the course. Daily dawn—dusk The hole, par public course, designed by David Bennett, is set in a mature growth pine forest, featuring an abundance of water hazards, preserved wetlands, roughly 90 bunkers and is part of a high-end, residential community.

There are five sets of tees with yardage ranging from 6, to 7, yards. Open daily, and tee times accepted 14 days in advance. Heritage Southwest Louisiana is rich in history from pirates and buried treasure to sulfur mining and railroad hubs, our six cities each have a unique story to tell. Lakeshore Drive, for a brochure or information on carriage rides.

Call for more information. Contact the DeQuincy Railroad Museum at for more information. A trip down Shell Beach Drive will give visitors a view of some of the most luxurious homes in the area.

The Margaret Place Historical District will celebrate its centennial anniversary in Housed in the historic Carnegie Memorial Library building, this collection boasts a friendly staff to assist with serious researchers or novices in tracing family history. Available resources include books, microfilm and databases with U. Features 3, pieces of colored glass representing those lost. Designed by local middle school students. At the entrance of the Promenade, visitors can admire the Louisiana Landing Fountain, featuring a one-of-a-kind bronze geese sculpture.

Among all this history is excellent fishing, camping, bird-watching and hiking opportunities. The romantic history of Lake Charles, involving tales of pirates and buried treasure, began with the arrival of the first French settlers in the s. The lumber boom, fueled by vast woodlands in the area, was responsible for the rapid growth of the city in those early years.

The district is on the National Register of Historic Places. In the late s, Sulphur was a sulfur mining haven. In , the average population of the Sulphur Mines area was 5,, making it a town unto itself.

In the s, settlers came to the area, purchased land and renamed it Westlake. DeQuincy has a colorful history as a railroad town. Today, you can visit the DeQuincy Railroad Museum. The quaint town of Vinton was once traveled by Civil War soldiers. The railroad that cut through this country brought settlers who were lured to the prairie land for rice farming, raising cattle and, later, oil fields.

The gallery displays year-round exhibits and educational activities on the positive contributions of African-Americans to the area. Kicking off the Festival season is Mardi Gras featuring a number of prominent lake area African-American krewes. Other festivals of interest include: First barrier-free playground in the area, providing access to children of all abilities, built by community volunteers. Sulphur Brimstone Museum Complex see p. Wheelers Family Entertainment Hwy.

Varies depending on type of accommodations. Featuring 1, acres of lakes, trees, vistas, rivers and streams, Sam Houston Jones State Park is an excellent spot for bird watching with nearly species brought in by the migratory patterns in the spring and fall.

History of the bluff dates back over two hundred years. Among all this history is excellent fishing, camping, birdwatching and hiking opportunities. Shaded areas with picnic tables. Open daily from dawn to dusk. Play gyms, swings, a walking trail, picnic tables and oak trees. A recreational community center with activities, pool tables, table and video games, a TV, snack machines, seasonal painting classes and tennis. Close to lake and historic Charpentier District.

Newly renovated, the park includes an open air pavilion, firetruck and covered playground. Also home to the Lake Charles High School memorial. Fishing permits available at City Hall. Domestic alligator pond nearby. Lake Charles Civic Center 20, sq. Riverside Park Fitzenreiter Rd.

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