20 Best Places to Visit in Canada for 2015

Husband drives for a moving company. If you should have an encounter with fairies traditional precautions should be taken, bread carried in the pocket is always a good idea when venturing out into the woods. Somoa is a nation located in the Pacific Islands and on the island of Upolu, at the Coconuts Beach Club and Resort, lovers on romantic getaways are catered to. Thank you for reading! The parade of horses was in September a success but because of the Great War what may have been a grand tradition was interrupted after only one year. Moe was very helpful in getting us oriented to the area and was always just a phone call away if we needed anything. It was bittersweet to see them because our precious Helen, Mary Lou's mother, had just passed away.

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Sandi and Brent are truly special to me. What a fun time for all of us. Truly a gift to be with so many of my Welk family all in one weeks' time! Richard is going all out to make this milestone birthday very special for her. I am so excited to be able to be there for this celebration. I hope you are all surrounded by friends and family this holiday season and that you and yours have a wonderful new year.

I am so looking forward to every day and next year is going to be another great one for me. I will be working more in so keep checking my website for upcoming dates.

Hope to see some of you in January in Cerritos and Palm Desert. To my Christian friends, may the spirit of love that Jesus brings to each of us expand and fill the earth this Holiday season and all through the year. And to my dear Jewish friends and neighbors that I am so blessed to have in my life, I love you. It's here in Scottsdale today. Hope you are staying cool and having fun.

I am looking forward to being a part of the upcoming Prescott Jazz Summit Festival August and especially after being up there for Howlin' in the Highlands on June 6th. It was so much fun to sing some of the music that I have loved for so long but have not been performing since my younger days.

I am going to be heading to LA for two weeks in July and then again for 2 more weeks the end of September.

Denny just can't stay away from the beach too long!! I plan to see many of my old friends while I'm there in July. It's going to be a real reunion of sorts. This letter is written with so much gratitude for my many fans who remembered me on my birthday. Please know that it means a lot to me and I appreciated each and every card and birthday wish from each and every one of you!! I am always filled with gratitude to think that you have been so faithful all these years. It has been several months since I have written and it's all because I've been as busy as a bee.

The process of refacing my kitchen cabinet doors has finally come to an end I lived in a Topsy Turvy house for over 2 months but it was all worth it! But, I first stopped in to say hello to another special person in my life, Judy Shaw!

It was great to get to catch up with her and to see her daughter and granddaughter. I have adored her precious, beautiful daughter, Jana, since the first time I laid eyes on her. And, her daughter, Shea, is just as sweet and guess what!? Shea is quite the piano player!

I'm so proud of her. I got to be with Cissy King and some of her talented, beautiful family last week and Cissy is doing great. She is one of the most energetic, charismatic and positive people I have had the privilege to call "friend" for over 45 years and she is an inspiration. She gets it all from Mary, her incredible mother, whom I simply adore. I have company coming tomorrow, my "partner in crime" and favorite buddy, Cindy Loeb, and then next week Sister Jane comes for a week.

I am so grateful for my life. I reflect often on how blessed I am. Maybe that's a sign of getting older but I just know that Iife can get better and better if gratitude is a daily habit. All my love, Ralna PS: Check out my Facebook Page It's hard for me to believe we are now into !! These last few months have been some of the busiest of my entire life! I had a very laid back, quiet Thanksgiving with Julie and Carlos.

Since then, it has been non-stop! Wonderful friends were here from England, then Jane and Sharon came in for my jazz concert on Dec.

Jane went back to CA after that, but I was blessed to have sister Sharon stay until the 10th. Jane, however, came back on the 19th and we did nothing but party all through Christmas with our darling cousin, Dr. Jim Kemp and his husband, Whitney who came from Amarillo. Julie and Carlos and Susie Dowdy joined us for a wonderful Christmas Eve dinner and the next day we said a sad goodbye to Jim and Whitney. It was one of the most memorable, fun filled Christmas' of my life.

Then my precious friend, Cindy, came to Scottsdale along with her mother and sister to celebrate New Year's Eve! Sadly, sister Jane went back to CA on Jan. I really didn't want her to leave. Believe me, my house has never been as quiet as it was on Jan.

Richard Maloof had a big birthday on January 17th so Denny and I took off for California and spent a few days on the beach before his party. As always, Mary Lou out-did herself with lots of delicious food and fun friends and family attending. We have recently lost two very beloved men from our musical family and I want to share my feelings and thoughts about them both.

Dick Dale and I not only did the weekly television show together, but also traveled many miles on many road trips together over the last 45 years! I cannot begin to tell you how much respect I had for him. He was not only a wonderful musician and incredible singer, few possessed the warmth and mellow sound that was his signature , but also Dick was always a true gentleman. I simply adored him.

He will be greatly missed by many. I had just called a few weeks ago to sing happy birthday to this great artist that I was privileged to work with on "The Lawrence Welk Show" for so many years. Neil LeVang had the respect of the entire musical community. He was one of the 'greats' Each time Neil was featured in a number on the show, we all stopped to listen.

How blessed I have been to be in the company of men like these and how blessed we all are to be able to continue to enjoy their musical gifts each Saturday night on Public Television! My condolences to each of their families. When Don Caldwell, the owner of the Cactus Theater, asked me to come to Lubbock and do a show in his theater, I didn't know what I was in for!

Preparing this show "Ralna Live! From Lubbock " - order now at http: As it turned out, all the preparation, blood, sweat and tears that got me there was well worth it and then some. Being able to reunite onstage with my first band, The Ad Libs, was priceless! The whole experience was a unique highlight in my career, and in my life! I hope you will enjoy the DVD! This concert was recorded on October 4, If you weren't able to be at the concert in Lubbock, now you can see it all from the comfort of your own home!

In Act 1, Ralna performs many new songs her fans haven't heard her sing in many years, plus some of her favorite standards. Cannot guarantee Christmas delivery if paid by check. Quantities of this first edition are limited Pumpkins are everywhere and I've even been in some stores that have Christmas decorations up already! I am really looking forward to having family here in Scottsdale for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. I had such a wonderful reunion in Lubbock with many who came from near and far.

My thanks to my fans who made the effort to come all the way to see my show! It meant a lot to me to have you there along with my family and friends, some who also came a long way just to be there. I worked very hard on that show and it will never be repeated.

It was designed expressly for Lubbock. What a gift it was to me in the second half of my show to share the stage with the AdLibs. Each of those wonderful men will always have a place in my heart. I love you AdLibs! With sparkly costumes, unbelievable stunts, fast boats, and a laser light show during night performances, this show is a must-see.

Ho-Chunk Gaming, Wisconsin Dells. A large bingo hall seats Mind you, this is just a partial list of the Wisconsin Dells attractions that are available after the sun goes down. Ask locals where they like to go for entertainment and you're bound to get an expanded inventory of recommendations, like live music at area clubs and pubs, sunset dinner cruises, or the old-timey outdoor drive-in theater.

Little do they know that the Dells is over years old! You'll be amazed how we can effectively condense million years of history into a paragraph or two. During the Cambrian Period, this community was the sandy shore of an ancient sea. Over time, the sand was compacted, and percolating groundwater cemented the sand into rock. That rock went virtually untouched for millions of years. Are your eyes glazing over yet? Fast forward, way forward, to 19, years ago, when a glacier extended to within four miles east of the area, never touching the Dells.

That glacier melted about 15, years ago and formed Glacial Lake Wisconsin, a lake about the size of Utah's Great Salt Lake and as deep as feet. The last ice that held back the waters of Glacial Lake Wisconsin began to melt. The failed ice dam unleashed a catastrophic flood; the lake's depth dropped to 50 feet. The meltwaters cut deep, narrow gorges and unusual rock formations into the sandstone and formed the steep-sided canyons and bluffs you see today lining the Wisconsin River.

The flood most likely cut the gorges in the Dells in a matter of days or weeks as the swift water eroded away the soft sandstone. An entire book could be devoted to the history of the Native American culture in Wisconsin Dells.

The Dells area has been inhabited by native people for 2, years, and probably longer. You see their spirit in petroglyphs and pictographs carved and painted into local rock formations, and in ceremonial and burial mounds. While nearly all of the mounds have been destroyed by farming and floods, you can still find some examples of this ancient culture known as the "Effigy Mound Builders.

The history of the Ho-Chunk, the largest Native American Nation in Wisconsin Dells, once called Winnebago by the French fur traders, includes immense hardship and tremendous rebuilding. In , the U. Government began its infamous removal policy, stating that all Indians must be moved west of the Mississippi River.

A series of deadly conflicts deeply scarred the culture. The Ho-Chunk were forced to leave their land and head to northwestern Iowa and south-central Minnesota. They were again moved in to a desolate reservation in South Dakota. Today, the 4, members of the Ho-Chunk Sovereign Nation hold title to 2, acres of land, continuing anew their dedication to preserve the Ho-Chunk culture.

In , the town was incorporated as Kilbourn City, in honor of the railroad's president. The name did not stick. In , it was officially changed to Wisconsin Dells, the name the locals and tourists had always used, with "Wisconsin" derived from the Native American word meaning "dark rushing waters," and "Dells" mimicking the French word "dalles" that means "layers of flat rock" to describe the bluff rock formations.

The then local newspaper, the Wisconsin Mirror, offered a most accurate prophecy of the future of Wisconsin Dells tourism when it concluded in that "the wild, romantic scenery of the 'Dells' will always make them a place of resort for seekers of pleasure. The community was also a busy logging route in Wisconsin, with pines from the north being moved to larger cities in the south.

It was dangerous work, given the rapids and primitively designed dams. In fact, at one point, the whole volume of the Wisconsin River was squeezed into a fifty foot wide rocky, narrow gulch. About that time, the first railroad bridge was built as well. By the end of the century, a new dam, still in place today, was constructed and the successful destiny of the community was sealed.

He's known as "the man who made Wisconsin Dells famous. Never heard of him? Still not ringing a bell? Perhaps his photos will jog your memory. Surely you've seen the picture of a young man leaping from one rock ledge to another. Those whose surnames began with the first three letters of the alphabet were the first to meet.

No doubt, for many of the women of the town, the excitement was not only generated by their enthusiasm to support their soldier boys but also an opportunity to see inside the grand house of the Governor and Lady Davidson, a home that was not typically available to the general public. It is estimated that between and , the ladies at Government House and from throughout the towns of the colony produced 62, pairs of socks, 8, pairs of cuffs mittens with a trigger finger , and 22, mufflers.

Lovingly dedicated to the boys of the Newfoundland Regiment. And to every woman who has knitted a pair of grey socks. Verses by Margaret Duley. Some of the service records are on line at: On September 10, the local St. The writer was not amused that expansion was taking place near the lake without any definite plan. The writer was particularly infuriated that shebeens were being constructed and worse tolerated.

Following the Great Fire of in St. With this new road came development. Unlicensed place where illicit liquor is sold. A Gift of Heritage: Historic Architecture of St. In what has become an annual tradition in St. Immediately following the ceremony the Portuguese crew and the public are invited to Mount Carmel Cemetery on Kennas Hill to lay a wreath at the grave of Portuguese fisherman Dionisio Esteves.

In at the request of a Commanding Officer in the Portuguese Navy research was initiated to find the unmarked grave of Dionisio Esteves, a 26 year old fisherman who lost his life of the coast of Newfoundland in Using photographs and film, the unmarked grave was discovered and since the discovery of the grave, Portuguese Naval officials annually host a wreath laying ceremony at the site to remember Esteves who has come to symbolize all Portuguese fishermen who have died prosecuting the fishery.

Esteves was one of the thousands of Portuguese who plied Newfoundland waters as part of the crew of the Portuguese White Fleet. Estves sailed on the celebrated Santa Maria Manuela. A memorial to the Portuguese fishermen was unveiled at the grave of Portuguese fisherman in October There was much excitement in St. On the field at Government House the animals were taken to their allotted spaces and the judging was done by some of the leading citizens, the gentlemen and ladies of the town, including his Excellency and Lady Davidson, the Premier and Lady Morris.

There were also categories for farm horses, ponies and an old horse category. The parade of horses was in September a success but because of the Great War what may have been a grand tradition was interrupted after only one year. The parade also stands as a symbolic divide between the old and the new. It was in that motor cars or automobiles began to take the place of the horse. The shift from horse to motor car was so evident in St. The Editor noted that the first motor car had arrived in Twillingate owned by Mr.

There are also the owners of horses who, unused to such things, easily see in an automobile a terrifying sight. The Twillingate man cautioned in that it was inevitable that the horse would be displaced by the motor car. POND, whose horse Dick, regards automobiles with contempt and indifference, have their kick, they are not the first.

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