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We only ask for your e-mail address, never share your information, and only send you the e-newsletter every month or two. The small size of the class was outstanding with a lot of one-on-one assistance. Working with three different instructors made the learning process an eye-opening experience. Learn how to control dice from the men who mastered this technique. Our dice control video will teach you everything you need to know in order to beat the casino's.

This DVD will have you learning the secrets of dice control right away. At a fraction of the cost of our seminars this is the perfect way to begin your dice control training. Ships within 7 business days. Our regulation dice, practice rigs, and craps tables can give you the edge you need from the comfort of your own home. Meet the Dominator Dominic LoRiggio is known as "the Dominator" in gambling circles and has been featured on several television shows.

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Get in on his winning, proprietary sports prediction method. Get 2 Free Books and all the latest updates and events from GTC, including information on current dice control seminars and special sales.

The easiest decision you can make to improve your odds at the casino! FREE Download Learn the basics of the game, the best and worst bets to make, how to throw the dice, and how to become a knowledgeable Craps player. Download now it's FREE. Dice Control Training Video. This DVD will have you learning the secrets of dice control right away At a fraction of the cost of our seminars this is the perfect way to begin your dice control training.

Order your personalized autographed copy of the book that started it all! Discover everything you need to know about the game of craps to turn yourself from novice to expert in a flash. This is the most comprehensive craps book ever written and the only book that gives you everything you need to know to get a real edge at this popular casino game - including the secrets behind the revolutionary 'Golden Touch' dice control technique.

Many of the "new" games that have become popular with the playing public were first analyzed by Dr. Catlin is also a columnist for www. His new book, The Lottery Book: The Truth Behind the Numbers!

In his first experiment Dr. One player, called the "Bet-All" player, obviously bet on every shooter who rolled the dice. The 5-Counter only placed the 6 and 8 after the shooter made it through the 5-Count. To make the simulation easier to digest, Dr. Catlin had the bets working at all times once they were placed, even on subsequent come-out rolls.

We would not expect the 5-Count to show a positive expectation against strictly random rollers ; after all, no betting system can change a negative into a positive. In fact, the loss for both players is approximately 1. The Captain claimed that utilizing the 5-Count would result in a possible "monetary edge" even against random rollers when comps were factored into the equation. Yes, in most cases the 5-Counter had the monetary edge over the casino. Most casinos judge craps players as playing against an approximately percent house edge; in such cases, the 5-Counter received enough in comps to push his expectation into the positive monetary zone.

However, since our players were only placing the 6 and 8, it is possible that a casino rater, seeing this, would only rate the theoretical loss at 1. In this case, the 5-Counter did not always get into the positive zone utilizing comps.

Remember that the casino rates a 5-Counter as having played every shooter. Here are estimates I did of what the comp situation looks like for a Bet-All and a 5-Counter given various percent returns and theoretical vs. I used the "palatable" figures so that it would be clearer. As we can see, the 5-Counter only faces a monetary disadvantage in casinos that rate the game as having a 1.

The second proposition that the Captain stated was that the 5-Count was the best way to limit losses while waiting for the conscious or unconscious rhythmic roller or controlled shooter to appear. That it acted as a sort of "range finder" and that once it homed in on a controlled shooter, you could make craps a positive expectation. Catlin did a simulation designed to find out whether the 5-Count could actually do this.

He simulated 10 players Player 1 through Player 10 with Player 1 being the player whose statistics are reported. The program assumed that Player 1 was a random shooter who uses the 5-count on others when he plays. Catlin has Player 1 always betting on himself right from the come-out, but for players 2 through 10 he waits for the 5-Count to finish and then he bets on the Come or Pass whichever is available at that point and takes double odds.

As in the first simulation above, the odds are always working. Random SRR is 1 to 6. Catlin ran 10,, rounds which is over ,, games and got the following results: Player 1 had an edge of 0.

Player 1 bet on Player 10 5,, times and on Player 9 5,, times. The 5-Count selected the skilled shooter Frank Scoblete You can beat the game of blackjack! Go from a traditional blackjack player to an advantage player with a real edge over the house in several easy-to-master steps in this breakthrough book.

Beat Blackjack Now is the only blackjack book you'll need to beat the casinos. This book can take you from a novice to an expert player!

Frank Scoblete Read the dazzling, amazing, wonderful and hilariously funny adventures of best-selling gambling author Frank Scoblete, the man who beat the casinos for 20 years and was banned from many of them for his winning expertise. Enjoy how he creatively handled some of the most eccentric students imaginable during his teaching career; how he learned the "laborer's ropes" as a teenager in a Manhattan housing project; go into the "studio" as he partakes in a painful interview; chuckle when he describes his experience in Tunica, MS during a blizzard; laugh when he decides to go after "sex" for the first time; and marvel at his first kiss, his Virgin Kiss which was not like anybody's first kiss ever.

It is two discs of information and it is loaded with visuals. There are over shots shown in the DVD from all angles - front, side, back, tabletop; plus landings, bounces, back-wall hits. There is also excellent slow motion footage too so you can actually see how the dice hit the back wall and land. Some shots go right into the camera from head on. New audio CD teaches players how to control the mind as they control the dice!

To be a winner, you must have the physical and mental ability to beat the game. Now you can have a powerful aid in creating the right mental conditions to be a successful dice controller! Control the Dice that teaches you a relaxing easy-to-learn form of meditation that will increase your skills by allowing you to focus without tension as you pursue the challenge of beating the casinos at craps. In addition this CD has a wonderful section on visualization that allows you to go step-by-step through all aspects of your throw.

As the mind sees it, the body has a better chance to perform it. By using Focus the Mind Control the Dice you will be giving yourself the best chance to enhance your physical skill by adding a powerful form of mental training. Toll-Free Set Dice 1

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