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The commission delegated authority to grant a temporary certificate of operations for the MGM casino to Commissioner Bruce Stebbins, who is reviewing the site and operations in Springfield on Wednesday. This is the first federal hearing on the issue. I am always searching like this type blog post. August 10, at 4: The Best Games to Play.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

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The county was officially established on January 2, and named for Revolutionary War hero, Nathaniel Greene. In no time at all, small settlements began to pop up all over the county, such as Brookline, Ash Grove, Republic, Willard, and Springfield. Springfield, founded by a man named John Polk Campbell, was by far the largest. Arriving from Tennessee in , Campbell found a natural well of water flowing into a small stream at the foot of a wooded hill. Wasting no time, he carved his initials into a tree, establishing his claim.

Returning to Tennessee for his family, he returned in March, Before long, other settlers began to arrive and the area became a sizable log cabin settlement with several stores, mills, a school, a post office and other businesses.

In , the town site was platted when John Campbell deeded 50 acres of land for the county seat. In , the town was officially incorporated. This brought even more people to the area. By this time the town supported some 1, residents and boasted 3 hotels, 2 newspapers, 3 churches, 5 schools, a bank, and a number of retail businesses.

However, just a few years later the prosperous city would be torn apart by the Civil War. The skirmish was also one of the bloodiest of the war with over Union and Confederate casualties. Although a Confederate victory, the Southerners failed to capitalize on their success. Just two years later, on January , , the city itself would become the scene of a Civil War conflict, in what would become known as The Battle of Springfield.

In an attack by Confederate General John Marmaduke, the confederates attempted to capture the city of Springfield and its military stores. Though more than men lost their lives, the attack was repulsed and Springfield was spared from capture by the Confederate forces.

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Teresa Lee - Can't celebrate our freedom better than gazing at fireworks! Teresa Lee - Don't you just adore the men in your life? That's why we celebrated them outside on a beautiful day listening to Classic Rock, eating bratwursts from the grill, and playing lawn games. Teresa Lee - Springfield Ballet Company came to see us! We were mesmerized by the talent of the young ladies and just delighted they were able to make it to Bickford on their Summer Tour!

Teresa Lee - A Luau is a great way to kick off a fun summer! We ate kahlua pork, teriyaki shrimp, and coconut cream pie; made handprints in the sand; played beach volleyball with beach towels; learned the perfect golf swing from a fellow golfer; and walked to Sonic for more treats!

Teresa Lee - We are so blessed to have so much talent right in our Bickford family! Curt Smith, son of one of our residents, rocked out some fun oldies on his guitar for us - with, of course, his proud father sitting in the front row cheering him on! Teresa Lee - It's been a week of outings and we are loving it! We visited with the animals at Henson Robinson Zoo, loaded up on goodies at the Senior Celebration, and had a lovely lunch at Olive Garden.

Today we were fortunate enough to listen to one of our favorite piano players, Michael Lanham! Teresa Lee - It was a beautiful day to celebrate all of our beautiful mothers!

The tea was endless and the little sandwiches and pastries were divine. A huge thank you to the Mary Bryant Home Singers for coming out and sharing their love of music with us!

Teresa Lee - It was a night of Frank Sinatra that kept us out late this past weekend! Just look at the happiness emanating from this fellow musician! We had a beautiful service this morning led by our chaplains Jim, Lindy, and Joann. It was filled with love, prayer, and music. May God Bless All of You! Teresa Lee - Let's take a look back to the beginning of the week when it wasn't cold and rainy! Teresa Lee - Painting eggs, snacking on fruit and pudding, hunting eggs with great grandchildren and for ourselves - it certainly was a Happy Easter!

Teresa Lee - Ahoy, Mateys! We had a blimey good time as buccaneers shipwrecked on Pirate Island! As pirates entered, they were told to walk the plank off the ship Captain Morgan aka Maintenance Man Russ built. On the island, we searched for the booty, played a couple rounds of bingo with the jewels from the On the island, we searched for the booty, played a couple rounds of bingo with the jewels from the treasure chest, snacked on pirate food, and finished by swabbing the deck.

Teresa Lee - It was a rainy day so we stayed inside We had a blast taking in all the sights and learning more about Lincoln and his family. A few of us had never been to the museum and had been counting down the days.

One of us, our little lady in pink, used to volunteer at the It was a rainy day so we stayed inside One of us, our little lady in pink, used to volunteer at the museum and was thrilled to take a trip down memory lane! Teresa Lee - Happy St. We celebrated with bagpipes and dancing and eating at D'Arcy's Pint. What a fun way to end the week! Teresa Lee - Many of us placed our bets today as we gambled in some casino favorites as well as some new games!

Free poker chips, ginger ale, and popcorn were given as you walked into the casino and mostly all of us walked away with tons of Bickford Bucks! No - all skill! Teresa Lee - We certainly enjoyed the Mardi Gras festivities this week - creating parade floats, decorating masks, reading our palms, and listening to jazz music! Teresa Lee - The celebrities in Hollywood weren't the only ones who dressed up and walked the red carpet this weekend! Every resident walked the red carpet, got interviewed and had their picture taken, received kisses from their fans, ate movie theatre popcorn and drank champagne and beer provided by Advanced The celebrities in Hollywood weren't the only ones who dressed up and walked the red carpet this weekend!

Every resident walked the red carpet, got interviewed and had their picture taken, received kisses from their fans, ate movie theatre popcorn and drank champagne and beer provided by Advanced Healthcare, and were asked for their autographs. They were even able to take home their own stars from our Bickford Walk of Fame. It was a great time!

Teresa Lee - Love is still in the air! Just look at this happy couple. They were voted our Valentine's King and Queen! Teresa Lee - It's been a musical couple of days! Last night, we listened to the small voices of United Methodist Church music students ages Their performance was short and sweet and we treated it like a lullaby before bed. It's been a musical couple of days! We can't wait to have them back! Teresa Lee - Valentine's Day is approaching and that means chocolate!

A trip to Fannie May is the way to go, especially if they give out free samples! Teresa Lee - Punxsutawney Phil wasn't the only one who saw his shadow today!

Teresa Lee - We had a great time at Trivia last night!

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