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Matthew Ford , Jul 6, Play Craps online for fun or for real money at MY favorite online craps casino. It fits 8 players or positions. Here they use custom-made dice and cards. Ready to Play Craps? Just a token of your appreciation Deal Me In: Not being able to throw the dice takes away all of the fun.


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The minimum gambling age is not uniform at all casinos in California; it is 21 at some casinos and 18 at others. Unless noted otherwise, all California casino are open 24 hours. Although most of the casinos have toll-free numbers be aware that many of those numbers will only work for calls made within the state. Most California card rooms also offer some form of player-banked blackjack, but because they are prohibited by law from playing blackjack, the game is usually played to 22 rather than Additionally, players must pay a commission to the house on every hand they play.

Shown below is a list of all California casinos. Click on a name to see a page of detailed information about that particular casino. Try an online casino for FREE. We have over 15 No Deposit Bonus Codes. No credit card needed, just sign up and start playing!

Leave this field empty. California Casinos Posted by AcgAdmin. California Card Room Casinos Most California card rooms also offer some form of player-banked blackjack, but because they are prohibited by law from playing blackjack, the game is usually played to 22 rather than Player can place odds by setting it down on the table.

Dealer will place the odds bet next to your pass line bet. No money stays on the pass line. This allows the dealer to pay out everyone properly and manage the game better. They offer just about every Vegas game available.

Their craps and roulette however are modified and patent pending. Since this is a craps forum, I'll stick to talking about the craps game and setup. Here they use custom-made dice and cards. The table is a normal size Vegas craps table with one major difference. And like in Vegas, there are two dealers to take bets, a stickman to moderate action, and a pit boss to monitor the game. No prop players here because it's on Indian land I guess?

There are two colored squares in front of the stick man - one red, one blue. These squares coordinate with the custom dice - one red, one blue. The red die only has 2s and 3s on the six sides and the blue die only has 1s and 4s. The custom cards have all the possible outcomes in craps printed on them; so the deck consists of 36 cards.

Unfortunately it's been awhile since I've visited Cache Creek. But most bets are the same as normal: Before every roll, the stick man will draw two cards and place one in each colored square. Dice out to shooter. Whichever die shows the higher number will determine which card to flip open. The card will be the result of the roll. All rules of betting remain the same. OCElite, Feb 6, Aug 29, Messages: Most of the Indian Casinos in southern california have actual craps tables but like u said, with cards.

I've played dont really care for it. Viejas Casino in San Diego had a table which was set up kind of like a black jack table, think players max. And u have ur own little space to place ur bets. Why arent dice legal in california? Stupidest thing i've ever heard. OCElite , Feb 6, In the meantime, I came across more info on Party Craps so I wanted to share that here: Why was this law put in place: Why is any ridiculous rights-limiting law in Calif ever legalized???

Combination of uninformed voters, money-throwing political activists, and sheer non-sense! Some theories I came across in my reading: OCElite, Feb 7, Does anybody know if any if the cali casinos have bubble craps??? OCElite , Feb 7, Feb 3, Messages: Casino , in Petaluma, now has s. They use a card deck in a constant shuffler, four each of ace, two, three, four, five and six.

They draw two cards out, that is the "roll", and replace them immediately, so the odds are the same, but no dice involved at all. The Midnight Skulker, Feb 12, The Midnight Skulker Member. Jan 28, Messages: The Midnight Skulker , Feb 12, Onautopilot, Feb 12, Jan 24, Messages:

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