Fernando 'JNandez87' Habegger Discusses the 'Modern Poker Experience'

Send a private message to WCGRider. Such people help others to "become more social — or more so become more themselves Send a private message to Kuja Originally Posted by magking1. Find Threads Started by SrslySirius. Early this year Habegger then signed with Upswing Poker to join their team of coaches, where again he's specializing in PLO strategy advice. JNandez87 owes me money and is ignoring me Man ,them designs look nothing like the logo Yet he agreed to them.


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I can't believe that Fernando Habegger would do such a thing. In November , I purchased coaching lessons from JN. Before starting the coaching sessions, I wanted to study his PLO lab which either had just released or was going to be released material in order to maximize my limited time with JN. A combination of the holidays, vacation, work delayed my study schedule. By early , I had not made it through all of the PLO lab material mostly because of my new job was very demanding on my time.

Around February , I messaged JN for a refund for the coaching sessions that I had pre paid for months ago. JN refunded me my money that day. Looking back, he really had no obligation to do so. I think that speaks greatly of his character. I've told Filip I will pay for the scarf when I get them. Unfortunately I can't trust him anymore and will therefore not send the money before I got the scarfs. They didn't resign, I ended the relationship and for good reason.

Originally Posted by jacetms. Originally Posted by JNandez Fernando has had several instances of unethical behaviour and I would strongly advise against working with him in any capacity. Aww this is such a cute story, a mom does the knitting?

Pay the man his money Coming from business school and the corporate world I always loved how poker community's built around integrity and self policing instead of massive amounts of red tape staking, Crypto buy sell, loans even working with training sites guess that also means if you have thick skin there's gonna be abuse And then very amateur-like public leaking of discussions that you'd never see with bigger, PR wall cloacked companies.

I love that this is over scarves someone's mom knitted. I think Doug should buy them to use to decorate his video content! Man ,them designs look nothing like the logo Yet he agreed to them. Mom coulda done a better job Nandez should have been more picky on the sample Im sure they will work something out but straight up ignoring a dude aint good business.

Originally Posted by Robert Have you guys figured out what you are going to do with the scarves? What price was agreed to? Back off doug I already bought them. If Doug buy them ,they turn into collector item Easy percent profit. Haha you got it Pasty maybe we can figure something out. Please reserve 1 scarf I will happily start a gofundme to recoup the hours your mom spent on putting together those scarves.

What was the agreed-upon price?? Originally Posted by horseofhell. I agree with this statement. And that is coming from someone that was working very close to him for close to a year. There are many more instances that havent seen the light of day either.

Originally Posted by ChicagoJoey. BB code is On. All times are GMT The time now is JNandez87 owes me money and is ignoring me. Page 1 of 5. Micro PLO rake is unbeatable Posts: JNandez87 owes me money and is ignoring me A little backstory. Send a private message to horseofhell. Find More Posts by horseofhell. Find Threads Started by horseofhell. JNandez87 owes me money and is ignoring me Pay the man jnandez for god sake. Send a private message to Xenoblade.

Find More Posts by Xenoblade. Find Threads Started by Xenoblade. JNandez87 owes me money and is ignoring me what is the design supposed to represent? Send a private message to magking1. Find More Posts by magking1. Find Threads Started by magking1. JNandez87 owes me money and is ignoring me Quote: Originally Posted by magking1 what is the design supposed to represent?

JNandez87 owes me money and is ignoring me I'd buy one. Send a private message to Kuja Habegger's interests always extended beyond just playing poker, however, and indeed throughout his career he's always taken one or two months off each year to pursue other activities and develop other skills. Soon he realized a desire not just to be a "performer" or player but also a "producer" and so began coaching others. More recently he's developed what have become very popular YouTube and Twitch channels where he provides a wealth of strategy content.

As he explains, answering that question is key to realizing success in poker, however one defines it. The game "can mean so much," he explains. They are in a great spot, which means they have time, they maybe have some money, they have resources, and they're not stuck in the nine-to-five, so to speak.

You don't have to be the richest. You don't have to be the youngest. Go out there and try to experience life in the way you want to — it is possible. One place where Habegger perhaps distinguishes himself from other poker players is the way he defines what he calls the "modern poker experience. While many think of poker as necessarily being an entirely individual pursuit, Habegger's own poker journey taught him that being part of a larger community not only affords the chance to improve your game and increase your profits, it can make playing poker rewarding in other ways as well.

For Habegger, the "modern poker experience" means being part of a network of other players who can serve as valuable resources for those looking to improve their skill sets, find better games, and make poker more enjoyable. Via his YouTube and Twitch channels and through his coaching, Habegger finds himself serving as a kind of "hub" around which others can build such communities.

Such people help others to "become more social — or more so become more themselves The conversation covers other topics, too, such as moving up in stakes, improving confidence both online and live , time management, goal-setting, creating non-poker income streams, and more.

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