Sabbatean mafia plans to stage nuclear terror, blame North Korea.

But when he caught sight of Doc, like a striking figure of bronze on the side of the taxi, the officer waved his hand respectfully. Cathie said, once he understood this, he never worries about there ever being a nuclear war. As a matter of precaution, in case he was shot at with the Smoke of Eternity, Doc had fashioned himself a body armor from the rare alloy, a supply of which could be assembled from the absolutely complete stock of little-known medicals and chemicals which his laboratory held. His very being denoted a calm knowledge of all things, and an ability to handle himself under any conditions. Last week he brought up the whole topic of Conspiracy Theories and mentioned he believed in them… again, I wish I have the time to call in. So very, very lame.

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The top of the structure was flat, and on this stood a sort of temple, a flat stone roof supported by square, wondrously carved pillars.

Except for the pillars, this was open at the sides, permitting glimpses of fantastically wrought idols of stone. Strangest of all, perhaps, was the color of the pyramid. Of a grayish-brownstone, yet it glowed all over with a strange yellow, metallic aurora of tiny lights caught and cast back.

I'll bet the stone that pyramid is made of would mill fifty thousand dollars to the ton in free gold! We lead an ideal existence here. True, we must fight to keep invaders away. But the warlike tribes surrounding this mountain do most of that for us. They are our friends. It is only every year or two that our red-fingered warriors must drive off some especially persistent invader. Thanks to the impregnable nature of this valley, that is not difficult. They fled from the Spanish soldiers to this valley.

We have been here since, satisfied, as I said, to exist without the rest of the world. Doc, reflecting on the turmoil and bloodshed and greed that had racked the rest of the world in the interim, could not but agree that the course these people had taken had its merits.

They might be without a few conveniences of modern homes, but they probably didn't miss them. It was all plain now. His father had discovered this lost valley with its strange inhabitants and its fabulous hoard of gold.

He had decided to leave it as a legacy to his son. He had secured possession of the land inclosing the Valley of the Vanished. And he had made some arrangement with King Chaac. The thing to do was to find out what kind of arrangements! Doc put the inquiry: Doc lowered his head. Slowly, he explained his father had died suddenly. The elderly Mayan maintained a reverent silence for a time alter he heard the sad news.

Then he outlined the business aspects of the gold deal. That is eminently fair. The President of Hidalgo, Carlos Avispa, is a fine old gentleman. The other two thirds you are to have, not to build up a personal fortune, but to spend as you see fit in furthering the work in which your father was engaged - in righting wrongs, relieving the oppressed, in benefiting mankind in every way possible.

And we may never need it. This Valley of the Vanished, you understand, remains just as it is - unknown to the world. And the source of this gold will also be unknown to the world. They found it as much a prison as a fortress.

The narrowest of paths chiseled into the sheer gorge side was the only route out, afoot. And by air, nothing except a seaplane could land. No dirigible could withstand those terrific air currents. The conversation came around to how the gold was to be transported to civilization. The elderly Mayan sovereign smiled. I will simply have a number of them loaded with gold and dispatched to your banker at Blanco Grande. Doc was surprised at the simplicity of the scheme.

They know we are here; they know why. And for centuries it has been their fighting which has kept this valley lost to white men. Oh, yes, they will let the pack train through. And no white man will ever know from whence it came. And they will let others through as the years pass. Before then, the corridor had widened. It became a vast room.

Solid rock made walls, floor, roof. The rock showed veinings of gold! It was the same kind of rock of which the pyramid was made! It was the row after row of deep niches cut into the walls. Literally hundreds of thousands of the cupboardlike recesses. In each was stacked golden vessels, plaques, goblets, amulets. Everything the ancient Mayans had made of the precious yellow metal could be seen. Doc, Monk, and Johnny hardly heard her.

Sight of this fabulous wealth had knocked them blind, deaf, and dumb to everything else. For the niches held only a fraction of the hoard here! It lay on the floor in heaps. Great stacks of the raw, rich gold! And the treasure cavern stretched far beyond the limits to which their wick-in-a-bowl lamp projected light.

Doc shut his eyes tightly. His bronze lips worked. He was experiencing one of the great moments of his life. Here was wealth beyond dream. The ransom of kings! But no king could ever pay a ransom such as this! It was enough to buy and sell realms. This was the legacy his father had left him. He was to use it in the cause to which his life was dedicated - to go here and there, from one end of the world to the other, looking for excitement and adventure; striving to help those who need help; punishing those who deserve it.

Much more, indeed, than you see stacked here. The elder Savage had been known throughout the world for his dominant bearing and his good work. Early in life, he had amassed a tremendous fortune for one purpose. That purpose was to go here and there, from one end of the world to the other, looking for excitement and adventure, striving to help those who needed help, punishing those who deserved it.

His fortune had dwindled to practically nothing. But as it shrank, his influence had increased. It was unbelievably wide, a heritage befitting the man. Greater even, though, was the heritage he had given his son. Not in wealth, but in training to take up his career of adventure and righting of wrongs where it left off. Hardly had Doc learned to walk, when his father started him taking the routine of exercises to which he still adhered.

Two hours each day, Doc exercised intensively all his muscles, senses,and his brain. As a result of these exercises, Doc possessed a strength superhuman. There was no magic about it, though. Doc had simply built up muscle intensively all his life. Doc's mental training had started with medicine and surgery. It had branched out to include all arts and sciences.

Just as Doc could easily overpower the gorilla-like Monk in spite of his great strength, so did Doc know more about chemistry. And that applied to Renny, the engineer; Long Tom, the electrical wizard; Johnny, the geologist and archaeologist; and Ham, the lawyer. He should have guessed that.

And it was very good to know his great father had been here. For wherever Savage, Sr. A motorcycle cop fell in behind them, opened his siren, and came up rapidly.

But when he caught sight of Doc, like a striking figure of bronze on the side of the taxi, the officer waved his hand respectfully. Doc didn't even know the man. The officer must have been one who knew and revered the elder Savage.

And the concession holds for a period of ninety-nine years. Those papers are made out to me. Yet they were executed twenty years ago. I was only a kid then. The legacy is something he discovered twenty years ago. Some hours later they were over the border of Hidalgo. It was a typical country of the southern republics. Wedged in between two mighty mountains, traversed in its own right by a half dozen smaller but even more rugged ranges, it was a perfect spot for those whose minds run to revolutions and banditry.

In such localities governments are unstable not so much because of their own lack of equilibrium, but more because of the opportunities offered others, to gather in revolt. Half of the little valleys of Hidalgo were lost even to the bandits and revolutionists who were most familiar with the terrain.

The interior was inhabited by fierce tribes, remnants of once powerful nations, each still a power in its own right, and often engaging in conflict with its neighbors. Woe betide the defenseless white man who found himself wandering about in the wilder part of Hidalgo. The warlike tribes, the utter inaccessibility of some of the rocky fastnesses, probably explained the large unexplored area Renny had noted on the best maps of Hidalgo. Expensive binoculars reposed in a desk drawer, a highpower hunting rifle in a corner cabinet.

In splits of seconds, Doc had these, and was at the window. Doc's hand seemed hardly to touch the Mayan's knife arm before the bone snapped loudly and the knife gyrated away. With surprising alacrity, his other hand darted inside his green shirt and came out with a shiny pistol.

He aimed at Ham, not Doc. There was only one thing Doc could do to save Ham. He did it - chopped a blow with the edge of his hand that snapped the Mayan's neck instantly. The fellow died before he could pull trigger. One of Long Tom's clawlike hands found a rock. He popped it against a skull - knew by the feel of the blow that one of the red-fingered fiends was through with this world.

No gallant of old ever bared his steel quicker than Ham unsheathed his sword cane. He got it out in time to skewer two of the devils who piled atop him! So sudden was the attack, so fearsome a figure did Monk present that the red-fingered group turned to a man and fled wildly into the brush. Monk overhauled one before they got away. He heaved the loathsome creature up like a feather and dashed him against a tree. The lifeless body bounced back almost to his feet, so terrific was the impact.

Doc's friends' whipped out automatic pistols, which they had kept under their clothing. These automatics were fed by sixty-cartridge magazines, curled in the shape of compact rams' horns below the grips.

The guns were what is known as continuously automatic in operation - they fired steadily as long as the trigger was held back. Both guns and magazines were of Doc's invention, infinitely more compact than ordinary submachine guns. The devilish warriors, rent and torn by the obsidian shrapnel, were tossed high into the air. Many perished instantly, paying in a full measure for their murderous attack on the Mayan citizenry during the ceremonials.

The man probably never saw for sure it was Doc Savage who had seized the weapon. A block of bronze knuckles belted the man's temple. He went to his spirit hunting grounds as suddenly as Mayan man ever did. OVER and over spun the squat, vicious Mayan's body. It struck a rock spur. Morning Breeze probably died then. If he did, he was saved the terror of watching the rock-fanged bottom of the abyss reach for him.

The foaming river was like slaver on those ravenous stone teeth. Finally, by a tremendous effort, he did the one thing that could get him away from those terrifying eyes of Doc's. Slowly, his body spun on its way to death. The face was a pale, grotesque. He expertly skewered a fellow who tried to stab him.

The fight within the room was over in a matter of thundering seconds. Doc Savage turned on the lights. Ten bandits in various stages of stupor and unconsciousness and even death, were strewed on the floor.

Three of them would never murder again. At that statement, great satisfaction appeared upon the face of every man present They showed eagerness for what was to come. Doc dangled a leg from the corner of the table. Unwittingly - for he knew nothing of the red-fingered killer lurking in the distant skyscraper that was under construction - Doc had placed his back out of line with the window. In fact, since the men had entered, he had not once been aligned with the window.

It got into our blood. When we came back, the humdrum life of an ordinary man was not suited to our natures. So we sought something else. Doc held their absolute attention, as if he had been hypnotized. Undeniably this golden-eyed man was the leader of the group, as well as leader of anything he undertook.

His very being denoted a calm knowledge of all things, and an ability to handle himself under any conditions. We at once began training ourselves for that purpose. It is the cause for which I had been reared from the cradle, but you fellows, because of a love of excitement and adventure, wish to join me. He looked over his companions. One by one, in the soft light of the well-furnished office, one of the few remaining evidences of the wealth that once belonged to his father.

For this weird sound was part of Doc - a small, unconscious thing which he did in moments of utter concentration. To his friends it was both the cry of battle and the song of triumph. It would come upon his lips when a plan of action was being arranged, precoursing a master stroke which made all things certain. It would come again in the midst of some struggle, when the odds were all against his men, when everything seemed lost.

And with the sound, new strength would come to all, and the tide would always turn. And again, it might come when some beleaguered member of the group, alone and attacked, had almost given up all hope of survival. Then that sound would filter through, some way, and the victim knew that help was at hand. The whistling sound was a sign of Doc, and of safety, of victory. Monk shut his eyes. He opened them instantly - it was all he could do to stem a yell of utter joy.

For into that unsavory room had penetrated a low, mellow sound that trilled up and down the scale like the song of some rare bird. It seemed to filter everywhere. The sound was strengthening, inspiring. Long Tom had made a swift swing into the library and laboratory, collecting odds and ends of electrical material.

With a couple of powerful light bulbs he unscrewed from sockets, some tin, a pocket mirror he borrowed from - of all people - Monk, Long Tom rigged an apparatus to project a thin, extremely powerful beam of light. He added a flashlight lens, and borrowed the magnifying half of Johhny's glasses before he got just the effect he desired. Long Tom sighted his light beam down Renny's string, thus locating precisely in the gloomy mass of skyscrapers, the spot from whence the shots had come.

Doc led out through the lobby at a trot. A taxi was cocked in at the curb, driver dreaming over the wheel. Four of the six men piled into the machine. Doc and Renny rode the running board. Their taxi was still waiting outside. The driver began a wailing: You gotta pay for the time I been waitin' - ".

Doc handed the man a bill that not only silenced him, but nearly made his eyes jump out. Strolling back to the little city beside the golden pyramid, Doc and Renny encountered the attractive Princess Monja Obviously, she had maneuvered this meeting. She was, it could plainly be seen, greatly taken with the handsome Doc. This embarrassed Doc no little. He had long ago made up his mind that women were to play no part in his career. Anyway, his was not a nature to easily lend itself to domestication.

So he answered Princess Monja's eager patter in monosyllables, and carefully avoided being led into discussions about how pretty American girls were in comparison to, well - Monja, for instance. Long Tom, like the rest of Doc's men, would not be wooing a Mayan damsel at this hour. They were not interested in women, these supreme adventurers. Morning Breeze saw Doc bearing down on him. Terror seized the squat, ugly-faced culprit. He shouted for his fellow warriors to protect him.

Four of these advanced. Two had short spears. Two had the terrible clubs with razor-sharp flakes of obsidian embedded in the heads.

Emboldened by Morning Breeze's shrieked orders, they rushed Doc. And fully fifteen more warriors, all armed, joined the attack. What followed went into Mayan history.

DOC Savage, up ahead of the sun, spent the usual time at the exercises which kept his amazing bronze body the wonderful mental and physical thing it was. From force of habit he liked to go through his ritual while alone. Bystanders were always asking questions as to what this and that was intended to do, pestering him. From time to time, he spat strange, clucking words.

A gibberish of hate! A "gink" is a "foolish or contemptible person", a "tyro" is a "beginner or novice", and a "phiz" is "a person's face or expression". Good story with Doc killing left and right. There would be thousands more if Kar, master fiend, had his evil way. Only Doc Savage and his mighty five could stop him.

But the corpse-laden trail led to a prehistoric crater and mortal combat with the fiercest killing machines ever invented by nature. The second Doc Savage novel, from April, , features Doc "Murder Machine" Savage in all his gory glory, killing evildoers like a mortuary salesman on commission.

Doc even guts a prehistoric skunk and wears it as a coat. The Land Of Terror is a good book that loses points by including the evil mastermind Kar incognito as Oliver Wording Bittman, a man Doc feels indebted to because he once saved the life of Doc's father. The "Gabe Yuder" red herring was rank from the start. Possibly I've read too many Doc Savages and seen too many Scooby Doos, but it's odd when Lester Dent repeatedly indicates Bittman's guilt while at the same time pushing the not guilty line.

Johnny isn't a vocabulary snob and the others are series-run consistent. Doc's death count increased exponentially from the first adventure and at this rate he'd soon be more Dexter than Doc. The metallic capsule bearing the Smoke of Eternity had splashed the strange stuff some distance in bursting.

A great section of the bridge seemed to burn instantly. But there was no flame, no heat. The play of electrical sparks was very marked, however.

In such volume did they flicker that their noise was like the sound of a rapidly running brook. The Smoke of Eternity, after passing through and destroying the bridge, next dissolved the water below. So rapidly did the eerie substance work that a great pit appeared in the surface of the lagoon.

Water rushing to fill this pit, formed a current like a strong river. The result was awesome to the extreme. The earlier phenomena when the Smoke of Eternity was released were pygmy in relation. It was like comparing a match flame to an eruption of Vesuvius.

In the space of seconds, the Jolly Roger, the ramshackle wharf, and a sizable bite of the shore were wiped out. It was impossible to tell how deep into the bowels of the earth the annihilation extended. But it must have been a respectable distance, judging from the terrific rush of water to fill the hole.

Anchored ships far down the Hudson snapped their hawsers, so great was the pull of water. A Weehawken ferry gave its passengers a hair-raising ride as it went with the current. The gray, vile smoke arose in such prodigious quantity as to make a pall over all the midtown section of New York.

The play of strange electrical sparks created a sound like a hurricane going through a monster forest. But, beyond a general scare, no harm to anybody resulted. Scenes in the Lost In Time volcano terrain were tense and action-packed. They came first in the course of evolution. He shucked off his rubber work apron.

He had a chest fully as thick as it was wide. He put on a coat especially tailored with extra long sleeves. Only five feet and a half in height, Monk weighed two hundred and sixty pounds. His little eyes twinkled like stars in their pits of gristle as he gave his secretary a few orders about his correspondence. Monk knew he might be away six months—or only an hour. His snores had the peculiar quality of no two sounding remotely alike. Renny was entertaining and overawing the islanders by the amazing feat of crushing hard coconuts in one vast hand.

Roberts on the official records, but Long Tom to everybody else. He had done electrical experiments with Steinmetz and Edison. He was a wizard with the juice. But at the moment Doc was doing a problem of mathematics in his head, an intricate calculation concerning an advanced electrical research he was making.

The problem would have taxed the ability of a trained accountant supplied with the latest adding machines, but Doc was able, because of the remarkable efficiency of his trained mind, to handle the numerous figures entirely within his head.

He habitually performed amazing feats of calculus in this fashion. The grounds of the manufacturing plant were surrounded by a stout woven wire fence. This was more than eight feet high and topped off with several rows of needle-sharp barbs.

Its purpose was to keep out intruders. A gate near by was shut, secured by a chain and padlock. No doubt Jerome Coffern had carried a key to this. Doc Savage approached the fence, running lightly. It showed the incredible strength and agility of the bronze giant.

For Doc Savage had simply jumped the fence. The height exceeded by more than two feet the world record for the high jump. Yet Doc went over it with far more ease than an average man would take a knee-high obstacle. The very facility with which he did it showed he was capable of a far higher jump than that.

His landing beyond the fence was light as that of a cat. His straight, fine bronze hair was not even disturbed. With silent speed, Doc was over the roof edge. Even a bat, master of clinging to smooth surfaces, would have had trouble with the wall. Grooves between the bricks furnished the only handholds. At the window, there was no perch. But Doc hung by little more than his finger tips. His tireless sinews could support him thus for hours. An old woman held out, hopefully, a bundle of the late newspapers.

She was almost blind. Her clothing was shabby. Doc stopped and took one of the papers. His expert diagnosis told him their ailment could be cured by a few great specialists.

He wrote a name and address on a corner of the paper, added his own name, and tore this off and gave it to the crone. The name was that of a specialist who could cure her ailment, but whose fee was a small fortune. Doc added a bill he took from a pocket. For a long time after he had gone, the old, nearly blind woman stared at the bill, holding it almost against her eyes. Then she burst into tears. It was more money than she had ever expected to see. He could readily stay under water twice as long as a South Sea pearl diver, and such men have been known to remain under several minutes.

This was but another of the strange things about this unusual metallic giant of a man. As a result, his drowning was nearly finished before Doc could get him to the surface. He tried the door. He exerted what for his great muscles was moderate pressure. The door swished inward, lock torn out. Out of character] "Wait! His tone was calm. His movements, although lightninglike, seemed unhurried.

Trilling in the first book is a rallying cry. Of a sudden, a weird sound permeated the surrounding air. It was a trilling, mellow, subdued sound, reminiscent of the song of some strange jungle bird, or the dulcet note of a wind filtering through a leafless forest. Having no tune, it was nevertheless melodious. Not awesome, it still had a quality to excite, to inspire. This sound was part of Doc—a small, unconscious thing which accompanied his moments of utter concentration.

And with the filtering through of that sound would come renewed hope. The strange trilling had the weird essence of seeming to emanate from everywhere instead of from a particular spot. They ran down the battery of elevators. The metal-paneled last door was shut. Apparently no cage stood there. The doors cracked open. A waiting cage was revealed. He sprang into the elevator with the others, Monk hit the control lever. The cage floor seemed to hop out from under their feet.

So swift was the descent that the sensation of falling persisted for some seventy stories. And the stopping piled them down on all fours. Inside his buttoned coat, he wore a metal plate which covered most of his chest. It was no ordinary metal, that plate. It was composed of the same material as the capsule missiles which held the Smoke of Eternity.

Not without results had Doc consigned himself to his locked laboratory to analyze the capsule. The metal was a rare alloy, but its nature had soon been revealed by a searching analysis. As a matter of precaution, in case he was shot at with the Smoke of Eternity, Doc had fashioned himself a body armor from the rare alloy, a supply of which could be assembled from the absolutely complete stock of little-known medicals and chemicals which his laboratory held.

Hence, the instant Doc saw the air gun about to discharge, he put forth a herculean effort and managed to get his armor before the muzzle. The capsule containing the terrible dissolving compound shattered on the armor. This craft was a latest design, tri-motored, low-wing job. The landing gear folded up into the wings, offering little air resistance. It had a cruising speed of about two hundred miles an hour. This voice had an ugly, unreal rasp. He knew Kar must be pulling his mouth out of shape with a finger as he spoke, thus disguising his voice.

T he fellow was tall and thin. His pasty complexion, his shaking hands, his inarticulate mumbling, marked him as a drug addict. Instead, Doc sent his prisoners to a certain institution for the mentally imperfect, in a mountain section of up-State New York. All criminals have a defective mental balance, otherwise they would not be lawbreakers.

It might take years. But when released, they would be completely cured of their criminal tendencies. The book ends with Doc letting Kar go and then tossing a suitcase of the matter-vaporizing "Smoke Of Eternity" at him from a plane:.

One man tried to dive past. It was as though a steel sledge had hit the fellow. His nose was broken. His upper and lower front teeth were caved inward. He returns to detail his recent arrest in Canada where he was then held in a maximum security prison in solitary confinement for his political beliefs. Dean talks about the importance of knowing your natural rights. In the second hour, we discuss our current government model system and the ridiculous notion that society cannot exist without government.

At the end of the day there is only mankind, no government. Later, Dean deconstructs the biggest freeman myth, the idea that money is evil.

The hour ends on the importance of you as an individual to counteract all lies, agendas and governments. Evil triumphs when good men do nothing.

Dean talks about what is next in his case against Canada and their recent human rights violations against him. This will mean martial law if it happens, and then real mayhem will begin rounding us up for the fema death-camps.

Planting and harvesting sprouts at home. Yet even as the DOW has soared, precious metals mining shares have been absolutely gutted. So is now the time to suck it up and buy the mining shares of quality companies, while blood is flowing in the streets? Will find out more info on this for more details. Hi buddy, how is it with that st Germain grant.

I got in touch with that fellow and it feels little bit too good. I started to question if it is a fraud or what. Uh, well, uhm, there is a super secret rubber compound that is stretched to the prop, and then while in port, the ships prop is wound up with a giant mechanical finger…….

However, our lying ass govt, true to form, has manipulated photography of the tests and at least one of the two blasts over Japan, as evidenced by A bomb proof clouds that were totally unaffected by the shockwave or blast heat.

This would be something to look at for sure. Convincing anyone to do anything when they are not informed in ways different from their beliefs is pretty impossible in my experience. People would rather lose everything than have to admit they might be wrong. However, if you are in a community property state, you can do whatever you want with your half. That is if you are willing to have the fight with the hubby over it.

My source is impeccable. I understand that Kissinger is a shape shifting reptilian Comment by anonymous on April 9, 4: Hey, did you buy one of those festive cock socks you posted yesterday??? Out of the great deep were they called by the wisdom of earth-man, called for the purpose of gaining great power.

Forth came they into this cycle, formless were they, of another vibration, existing unseen by the children of earth-men. Only through blood could they form being, only through man could they live in the world. But some there were who remained, hidden in spaces and planes unknown to man.

Live they in Atlantis as shadows, but at times they appeared among men. Aye, when the blood was offered, forth came they to dwell among men. Serpent-headed when the glamour was lifted, but appearing to man as men among men. Crept they into the councils, taking form that were like unto men. Only by magic could they be discovered, only by sound could their faces be seen. Sought they from the kingdom of shadows, to destroy man and rule in his place.

Came they to man and taught him the secret, the Word that only a man can pronounce; swift then they lifted the veil from the serpent and cast him forth from place among men. Unseen they walk among thee in places where the rites have been said; again as time passes onward, shall they take the semblance of men.

Hear ye, and heed my wisdom, the voice of LIGHT is clear, seek the valley of shadow and light only will appear. Comment by anonymous on April 9, 5: I Love reading the Emerald Tablets.

The words are beautifully written, poetic, even after being transcribed to English. Any news as for you, thanks Vlastik Comment by vlastimil on April 9, 5: His first name is Clayton, is this the person you spoke with?

He is the director of the grants program and he has a staff of 12 working with him. He told me that trust is still locked up for the time being until it can be released, Canadian and American Govts. I need to send him a separate email at the end of this week. We talked about all kinds of things for about half an hour. I went to order one for Evil Pussy, in tiger stripe. Then it dawned on me that he has no balls.

I then pondered ordering one for myself. But then I remembered that I prefer going au natural. My plasma balls would have burned right through them anyway. Thanks what you said settles the deal I guess. Now what you stated Clayton Hanna stated to you seems to contradict what the man posted.

This is not good. Thanks for that, little Bro. This seems to explain what you said that Clayton Hanna stated to you. Clayton was mis-informed initially about the source of the funds for the grants to applicants. Hello my esteemed friends! Perhaps this is a business opportunity…cock socks for kitty cats, with and, for those cats who have suffered the loss of their testicles for domestic tranquility, complimentary prosthetic balls, in all the color of the rainbow.

Trust in Gold Not Bernanke as U. States Promote Bullion Apr 8, 5: Arizona is poised to follow Utah, which authorized bullion for currency in Similar bills are advancing in Kansas, South Carolina and other states. Love Vlastik Comment by vlastimil on April 9, 6: Have you talked with him yet on the phone? He called me Sat. Thanks for posting that update for us here! Comment by darylluke1 on April 9, 6: People are extremely receptive to it and I love it.

I guess that nobody had the balls to buy any! The more I realize that everything we have ever been taught is opposite the truth, the more I ponder what truth really is. Considering the opposite to be true, that would mean we come from within the Earth, not somewhere apart from it.

Could it be that instead of expanding out into the universe, we compress infinitely within? An atom appears to be a universe when seen from within. Are you referring to the Sumerian texts? Comment by anonymous on April 9, 4: The first hour was really good and the 2nd hour was even better! To listen to hour 2 you must be subscribed. Melissa recommended that i subscribe so I did.

Here is his website: SB Comment by superbeamer on April 9, 4: Comment by clmckinnon on April 9, 8: So I threw in a coupla teaspoons of mouseturds I found layin around about the place whilst the crow was being broasted.

We had some friends over and we told it was Squabb which they had never tried but gung ho to try it after hearing that it was a delicacy in certain circles. It all went great until after dinner one of our guests accidentally looked in our trash bin and noticed a few Pidgeon heads with Crow beaks.

The Cabal will not be victorious. That ancient of ancients depicted as a snake in the garden of Eden. The light always shines through and evil cannot exist when exposed and in the light.

DHS will end up giving all their weapons and bullets back to the Military. Those FEMA camps have that they meant for us have instead their names on it.

Out of their own mouths and plans comes their destiny. I listened to an interview with him a couple of years and he is brilliant and gave some really great info on how it all really works. E47 — April 8, — chaotiques, bitcoin, social disorder, narratives, things that gain from disorder. Please forgive me for making such a long post, but links alone will not lead you directly to the bits of information I am trying to highlight from these pages.

The term was subsequently adopted by the Gnostics. Although a fashioner, the demiurge is not necessarily thought of as being the same as the creator figure in the familiar monotheistic sense, because both the demiurge itself plus the material from which the demiurge fashions the universe are considered either uncreated and eternal, or the product of some other being, depending on the system.

In Gnosticism the Demiurge, creator of the material world, was not God but the Archon. I know that Wikipedia is highly controlled and cannot be fully trusted. Even more interesting is their description for what an Archon is:. Basically that we live many different lives at once in many different timelines at once and that time is not linear.

Thus we or our Higher Selves can experience many different lives at once, in many different time periods at the same time. The Matrix books have made more sense to me than any other explanation of existence I have read so far. It also best explains some of the realistic dreams I have experienced, of being a different person I have never met, in a different time period. And knowing intimate things about that person, like their my favorite path through the woods, etc.

The soul of Thoth is said to have passed into the bodies of men in the manner described in the tablets. As such, he incarnated three times, in his last being known as Hermes, the thrice-born. The Emerald Tablets became a book of record and occult wisdom which he wrote and left in the Pyramid for those of a future Age of Light. You guys should know that. Dude, we humans and all around us are expanding at same rate along with the rest of the Universe.

That is why they did so much testing, because it baffled them. Kodo, We also appreciate the video on juicing mj. That is a real find. Our grandbaby may have a juvenile rheumatoid arthritis so they are seriously looking into this. I have no health condition and I am seriously planning a new juice recipe also! Below is what Sinclair, who was once called on by former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker to assist during a Wall Street crisis, had to say in this remarkable interview.

They are not writing that in because some junior clerk supports the approach. When countries write things into legal documents it passes legal review.

So the possibility of that being a mistake is nil…. If the major theft of bank deposits is repeated at any point in the future it will happen without any warning and it will happen over a weekend. Harry kills two of the robbers but one wounded bandit lying on the street contemplates picking up his fallen shot gun to shoot Harry.

At this juncture, Clint Eastwood levels his. Did he fire six shots or only five? Comment by cfree on April 9, Jimbo — thanks for this post — Bruce Cathie is the real deal. Comment by wovolve42 on April 9, Comment by solarain on April 9, There is a long held rumor that, although the movie goer was informed that Insp.

It was rumored that the prop room only had a. There are only a couple of minor differences between the two and the unknowing viewer would never be the wiser. I happen to own one of the.

It comes in handy up here being that we have coyotes, bear, cougar, and Big Foot. Oh, and the occasional pesky neighbor. I keep it loaded with bear loads. The ammo is damned expensive, and not all that easy to find. Kodo, So do you mean I am not worried anyway because our ET family has been thwarting any nuclear plans that could hurt the Earth.

That is terrible if your Grandbaby has juvenile arthritis! Our little Grandson was really colicky. If he was awake he was screaming it seemed. To change his nappy was just awful, he was in paroxysms of pain.

They took him to the chiro and he had about 6 points on his spine and neck out from the trauma of birth. Because he was so long at birth, 22 inches, he was scrunched inside also. He is a different baby now, very relaxed and calm.

I know you have a good chiro. Have they had the baby checked by the chiro Pam? Never know, it could make a LOT of difference. Take a point anywhere on that line and that is where we are. Comment by Neo on April 9, 9: Things like nodding heads instead of derisive smirks when you point out yet again that we only live in an illusion of democracy and that MSM is owned and controlled.

Sorta surprised me but the thing is people seem less afraid. It makes me feel so good hearing about your grandbaby boy! The chiro sounds wonderful but its not my choice. BUT I have a remote healer busy on it and so far my little tadpole grand-daughter is fine.

I was excited that they were wanting to read about the mj juicing though! He chose your family well! I have also read Cathie about ten years ago. Good stuff, makes sense. As I recall from other past information even the Enola Gay had to fly around and kill some time be fore they actually dropped the bombs on Japan.

After all the bad guys always seem to be years ahead of the public when it comes to technology. Now they sit on my coffee table just waiting for me, calling me, pick me up and continue.

Love to you all. It made a huge difference to our baby boy! Hope your little Granddaughter can get some relief soon for her problems. Sounds like you have the right person working on it for her though and hopefully she will also have a wonderful life ahead of her.

If they are looking into juicing then that is a very positive direction for her. When the changes come in, if Drake is on the money, there will be healing rooms for anyone with health issues. We all have a glorious future ahead of us! Mix the sugar and boric acid thoroughly. Add the warm water slowly to the dry mix while stirring until it is fully blended. Store in a jar until ready to use. When ready to use, stretch cotton or cotton balls so that they fit into a jar lid.

Fill the lid, saturating the cotton to the top. Place it in the location where it is needed — however be certain that you keep this solution away from children and animals!

You can find boric acid here: This solution will keep for a long time. A good technique is to drip a drop or two over the edge of the lid to rest on the counter so the ants will find the solution sooner.

It may take a while for them to find it, but find it they will. When they do, do not disturb them as they drink. They will take it back to the nest, killing the colony. They will be gone almost overnight. Well, take what they get from the bible, and add everything they get from MSM news, and what do you get? I have had a few people say that it seems like a lot of hot air coming out of the news that Washington is feeding them.

Many also see it as the usual, Washington trying to get us into another long drawn out conflict to feed the military industry, with Washington thinking that alone will be the answer to all of our economic and financial problems. But I believe the biggest number of people I talk to see it as nothing more than staged saber rattling, to keep the level of fear up in the public, also as a way of keeping the publics attention away from something else, the banks.

I have some questions. Right and wrong is obvious and destroy evil. Easy peasy no thought involved there it is. At what point do you draw the line and differentiate? Who does the actual line drawing and what is it specifically based on? Comment by darylluke1 on April 8, 2: So an example of Destroying Evil is for one group of people to murder another group of people who were murdering animals?

Could not the poachers in their own way be victims of poverty and ignorance and just trying to survive? Anyway I think this is an important discussion because if and when things come down to the wire everyone may be have to ask themesleves some serious questions about how to deal with others.

So DL my question to you is, before one embarks on a Destroy Evil campaign how do you first identify what constitutes and what does not constitute the evil to be desroyed?? Oh yeah, I know. Every day more people connect and learn they are not alone. We know the same central Truth, we know the heart of man is the same the world over, and we know it only awaits awakening to come to full fruition.

Look for it, expect it. Comment by tontechniker on April 9, RT has become the news feed of choice for many like myself that are sick of and see through MSM. I am on board with both of these posts in a big way. Neo- You have a two dimensional line with arrows on both sides. Infinity ——————————————- The symbolism of the the cross hairs you speak of is location in time and space and is the symbolism of the cross of Christianity.

Neo, as I said to merek a long time ago. Unless proven otherwise I stand for my view, anonymous must be treated as potential cabal activity, and I stand for it. What cabal try to create? Enemy that does not exist so that the hunt can be for ever and very well controlled 2. ET's goes into this category 3. That would be very convenient for them. And this is exactly what also betrays them. If just one of you would ignore tthe other, this nonsense will end and that is all I am asking.

Comment by patricem on April 8, 2: To create enemy that does not exist so the hunt will be forever, since such enemy can strike anywhere. Total control of opposition and fear porn. Anonymous is another example of it, enemy that can not be caught unless you shut down internet. Cabal needed to create enemy that does not exist so that can be hunted forever and be used for fearporn.

Anonymous is again an invisible enemy created so that it can not be caught and ultimate is to shut down the net. I understand what you believe here guys, however, my logic unless proven otherwise rings the bell. Comment by vlastimil on April 9, 8: Former prime minister of Australia and sociopathic pedophile, John Howard has hotly rejected the claim that he led Australia into the Iraq war on the basis of a lie. Finally I am ready and excited to share it with you! I am also writing a companion ebook under the same name that I hope to release by the end of the year.

Although both projects are under development the website is up and running. Please take a look! Cannabis was the only thing that gave her relief.

It helped her die more comfortably and be present in the days before her passing. Cannabis is NOT the evil drug we have been led to believe. In fact cannabis is one of the safest and most versatile medicines — more so than aspirin. Comment by patricem on April 9, Actually, Costco retailer knows that more and more people are preparing an emergency food stroage program so they are just capitalizing on that trend.

Comment by patricem on April 9, 9: Comment by aircow2 on April 9, You can believe it, here most of us believe that Al Kaida is nothing but control opposition.

I stand with my logic, and you with yours, it is ok with me. It is the same with demons, demons possessed us, we are innocent, we had to do what they forced us to do….

Anonymous has very characteristics of PTB hand. Unless proven otherwise, I am in alarm and reserved. If he hunts demons, we are toast. I recall an episode of COPS, where those we pay to protect and serve were busting people for buying small amounts of pot. One of the arresting officers actually told one of the poor souls who just bought a nickel or dime bag….

So very, very lame. Comment by vlastimil on April 9, In the second half of the show, Max talks to Reggie Middleton about fraud and collapse at the heart of what remains of the Irish banking system. They present the truth in a in your face way using language that is appreciated and understood by most of us!

Just checking to see if my gravatar got loaded. Comment by wmsrg on April 9, PETMAN is a bipedal robot that has been displayed during previous tests as having the ability to climb stairs and even do pushups. In the latest video, though, the experimental project is showcased as being more lifelike than ever before……. The red road is a term by used by american indians, which means to live a traditional lifestyle: And our government wonders why they are despised so much.

Peoples tax dollars being used by brainless twits as though human life means nothing to them. Comment by Edge on April 9, Not to the politicians, only to those they are suppose to serve. Politicians live for it, and thrive on it, and hope the people will continue to buy it, or just continue to look the other way.

As in the morning, review how Germans want EURO and do not want back Deutch Mark and in the afternoon another report about how no Germans wanted Euro at the first place and wanted to stay with Mark.

All situation with EURO was only political tactic that forced people into it. Dollar collapseJim Willie of GoldenJackass. As far as dollar assets inside the U. When I mentioned my. I do have a nice collection myself. There are a few others that I would like to add to my collection. Estimates are that up to half the population in America is ignorant about the situation in Cyprus.

Just what is a Normalcy Bias? The assumption is that since a particular disaster has never occurred before, it never will. Any disturbing indications that something bad may happen are dismissed or trivialized.

No, I would never shoot Big Foot. I have regular conversations with them. Ironically, I only see them when I do Iawaska. I wonder why that is? Maybe this arrests and gun confiscations which target veterans and anti-govt protesters will FINALLY provide the catalyst for the positive military to act.

The die-off of tiny foraminifera stretched through the mile-deep DeSoto Canyon and beyond, following the path of an underwater plume of oil that snaked out from the wellhead, said David Hollander, a chemical oceanographer with USF. The discovery by USF scientists marks yet another sign that damage from the disaster is still being revealed as its third anniversary looms. Anglers hauled in fish with tattered fins and strange lesions. And dolphins continue dying. Another despicable thing those killers for hire, blackwater or blackheart, are just another reason for others to despise americans……thanks to the internet people in other places are now aware that we the people are not our dastardly government….

From what I gathered, earth has a grid system overlayed which keeps us locked in 3D time. Or else show me some proof. I am prepared to stake my entire existance and everything I hold dear on the fact that Anonymous are absolutely nothing whatsoever in the slightest to do with any US agency! This is what we think of them. If somebody knows the game and has means to stop it yet fails to do so is evidently guilty of crimes committed. Things in Central florida are heating up concerning Foreclosure, It seems all Foreclosure Judges in the Ocala area are involved in corruption up to their eyeballs.

Central Florida is the Hub for all corruption of government officials in the whole state of Florida it is the training grounding if you will for all attorneys that come here to learn and are then sent out to all cities within Florida to apply what they have learned. It is also consider the Horse Capital of the World for racing, training, selling and raising Horses with vast amounts of money flowing into this region from all over the World. It is also the hub for sexual abuse of children by pedophiles, where many children are assaulted and molested during the time they are brought to spend the summer on these horse farms to learn and work with horses.

It has recently been learned just how corrupt these Judges are. Recently many if not all of the Quiet any others. It is clearly a conflict of interest and these Judges should have recue themselves from presiding over these cases. Some of the clients who have had their cases turned down are now moving forward to file their cases against these judges to the Supreme Court.

The rest of the client base is filing charges against these Judges just to get it on record that they are in violation of the law themselves. It is Corruption in its finest hour. Florida Banks Dismissing Hundreds Thousands?

I turned to look but it was gone I cannot put my finger on it now The child is grown, The dream is gone. I have become comfortably numb. Constitution, filing of federal income tax returns and payment of federal income tax is voluntary, not mandatory. Constitution, which precipitated the federal income tax, was never legally ratified.

Comment by solarain on April 10, 3: If you contact a mortgage co and ask to see the wet ink documents ie. My only reservation is that they KNOW what diabolical technologies the cabal have access to. Maybe they are just outmatched. Comment by intruth on April 10, 3: Well in order for that to become an issue, the bank or mortgage company is going to or has filed a lawsuit to foreclose.

The Defendant has the right to demand that the Plaintiff prove their claim by providing for inspection the original Promissary Note, not a copy. An excellent book filled with great information, I read it last year. Many of those reports were written by or sent to Henry Kissinger, who was US secretary of state and national security adviser during the period. Gosling says that, despite not being part of the US government since , Kissinger has been influencing the international landscape through unofficial channels all these years…….

What kind of reaction can we expect from Washington, and how badly could this harm the US interests? For example, in he was an unofficial adviser to Dick Cheney, who was the US vice-president, over the policy in Iraq. You could call him Mr. And this goes into details in the s of how he started. So what happened is that the whole thing has been privatized and gone underground.

The director of the Center for Research and Globalization and professor of economics at the University of Ottawa believes it is the US, which is trying to light a match. Yes, I think that Dean Clifford interview was really good and commend it to everyone. He and his co-workers have worked very hard to change the attitudes of the law enforcement officers over the years and they have woken people up. If I make some money this year, I shall contribute to his cause.

Sometimes I think we are winning but then it goes down and i am not able to meditate or practice hooponoopono for some time. It is not easy since we are locked in the lowest rank and have no real access to the real stuff in the real time. The inspection of docs is though the courts and is very official. Some lawyer sent her a letter, so I guess they are going to file a suit.

Escalation, that is, which is completely under the control of the US military, and which is presented to the world in such flashing red headlines that the GETCO algos translate each incremental development into yet another ES liftathon frenzy. This person owes me some favours and wants to give me a ride in their spaceship when the opportunity arises so is unlikely to do the dirty on me. I am satisfied that this person is genuine and has excellent communication channels with the Liberation forces and that such communications have not been hijacked by the dark forces as had happened with so many others eg Kettler I should also point out that people should be very, very careful of any info coming from the Former White Hat.

That is old news. It happened back in Feb and that case was even covered by The Daily Mail http: Hi Pam That is terrible if your Grandbaby has juvenile arthritis! Comment by getem on April 9, 1: In response, I've started to list those military personnel's true stories that were told on the front and back covers of the comic. I've listed somewhere between to names so far. So there's still a bit of work to do! I hope those who are searching for this information find it useful.

Please see the entry Military Medal Winners. The index below is arranged A to Z by comic strip title, characters, artists, writers and subject headings. Search for characters and artists by their surname.

Only well known re-occurring characters and some secondary characters are listed for example, Tupper, Alf. American themed stories, including S. Ancient age themed stories a broad term covering stories set BC before Christ and the early AC after Christ centuries.

Characters series that is, a character and main supporting cast, but not necessarily every supporting character in the series , that appeared in one or several series in The Victor. Complete one issue stories. Far East themed stories.

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