Look at the factors your never to far ahead in a hand,so if your beat,then your playing right and you will win in end. Join more than , active members on our forum. So good job pokerstars! Before Sharkscope decided to create the opt in deal I went out and did a search for all of the Pokerstars pros and not 1 of them was making Money. September 11th, , 3: CardsChat is an online poker community of , members in countries. February 14, at 2:

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You only get 5 searches per day, not sure if I would ever need more than that since just using to check on my own play. September 12th, , 2: Thank you very much! Good luck to all! Thanks-that, I use too. September 12th, , 3: Maybe this will help me when I get to the final table, or in a tournament where I have time to study the players, I'll try to see if it works.

September 16th, , 9: I don't search myself as often as people I run into often, and players that are playing very aggressive with larger stacks to see how often they win -- it gives me a bit of caution versus LAGgers that are actually successful.

October 19th, , Use this every day but just the 5 free searches. I use it as a self motivator to improve my itm percentage and players beaten percentage. The ratings are strange in that you often see an unprofitable player rated far higher than someone making money. October 19th, , 1: It is helpful and easy to sign up. It can be used on pokerstars, you need to send 0. October 21st, , 3: I believe is the best tracking site out there guys but yeah one drawback is that you only have 5 free searches.

Feel free to share some other tracking site guys if you know! November 14th, , 1: November 17th, , 2: If I don't have a lot of hands on a player via PT4 I will SharkScope them to see whether or not they are a winning player and it will sometimes help me get a read on that player. It's also a great site to keep track of your own stats, I love it. November 19th, , Originally Posted by terryk.

November 19th, , 1: I also use it to keep up and down. November 25th, , 4: I like it a lot, although I use little. The limitation of 5 searches per day is difficult. November 25th, , 6: I forgot all about this, you do have to take into consideration while using this, being the player might have either gotten better at their game in general, or found the right tourney set up for them.

I remember years ago someone calling me out at a table while using this, telling others what he thought I was going to do. I won that tourney easily with all of his "false" info. December 5th, , It really just depends on the network you are on. I actually sent an email to support and wasn't really happy with the answer so I went from about to buy the gold membership to just using the free ones. Which by the way you can up to TEN a day if you link to facebook!!! December 18th, , 8: I use very good program I recommend.

December 25th, , 2: December 26th, , 3: I use this program is great for researching your adversaries and find out if they are regular, how much they are gaining or losing. February 23rd, , 4: I used to use this site a while ago. I might start again now! February 23rd, , 8: It's a good reference for knowing your opponents history of success or failure. It's quick and accurate. I would love to see a Pro sign on under my Name and get their take on the way the cards fall and see if they think something isnt right.

Untill then I guess ill have to hear about how a Player at PS sees more hands per hour and how their software has been indep evaluated and Blah blah blah. Before Sharkscope decided to create the opt in deal I went out and did a search for all of the Pokerstars pros and not 1 of them was making Money.

That was an eye opener. Check out what Adam said August 29th Is he the only one with a brain out there? I used to use sharkscope. I used it to get an idea of how well my opponents were doing. If I saw someone playing bad, and I checked their stats, they were almost always a losing player. If I saw someone playing good, their stats were almost always profitable. If you scope the table, it can give you instant info on who the sharks and fish are. Look all you players out there,Poker Stars is not fixed,rigged or anything else.

The Poker Stars site does more than any other site out there,they are a truly fantastic site who care about their members,and i know this first hand. Poker Is a hard game and reqires lots of work to improve,most pros will be down on money for short term only to win in the long run. I am not going to let people say these things,as its just not fair. I had my head in a cloud recently,and said some silly things,to be honest i was a prat,and have to live with my stupid remarks,but Poker Stars being very good,they understand the frustrations of Poker.

My advice enjoy the game,try to improve,or join a training site while you play. Look at the factors your never to far ahead in a hand,so if your beat,then your playing right and you will win in end. Basically cut the crap,saying the site is rigged.

I have tried PokerStars a few times over the years. Each time I tried it out…. I finally gave that site up for many reasons. The 1 reason was playing hands like this: Also — I know there are all sorts of 3rd party programs players are using…. Whatever happened to poker being played…. Now it is player vs. Try out some of the smaller sites until you find one that you like. I believe that in general there are less people at these type of sites that have databases that include you in them.

I am still ahead playing online poker over all…. One thing I found out regarding PokerStars speaks volumes about how they operate. Remember these two adages: There is a lot to be said for playing good vs. With the lack of government standards regulation cheaters and hackers like Russ Hamilton will continue to exist and players will continue to somewhat correctly wonder if poker programming of a site is rigged.

I too question the random cards of poker stars. I realize this happens in poker,but on poker stars,it seams to happen far more than the odds imply. This is my observation anyway! While I cannot prove it or back it up with evidence. I have a strong feeling that the games are rigged. I am winning, and while I do believe it is also because Im better than my opponents, I have a strong feeling that I have been catching way more suckouts than statistics would entitle me too.

Miracle suckouts happen, but I seem to get lucky with them way too often and I play in a way that I dont HAVE to suck out a lot of the time. I caught some bad beats as well, but I really feel like I am getting more than my share. And people usually feel like they are unlucky, but i actually feel like I am lucky, which says something I guess. Just wanted to share that.

As for sharkscope, I think programs like that and pokertracker are lame as fck, but you gotta do what you gotta do to make a living I guess. I would look up the pros and most were losing there rearends online. I believe PS is messed up on their Software, My experience for the past 3 or 4 years is you are a pretty good player you are going to get more bad beats than normal.

I have cracked pocket aces all in preflop heads up about 4 or 5 times out of times, my pocket aces have been cracked times out of Just my opinion and I know other people personally that play also that feel the same way.

If you play too well you get punished for scaring away the fish. I recently spoke with a professional hacker who has worked in data security for over ten years. He assures me that the only way to win online is to cheat. Amazing that any poker site would even entertain allowing these data devices to be used during any poker play. Poker is about using your brain, gathered information while playing at the table. The ability to use your experience and skills Using this data is cheating no matter how you look at it.

PokerStars Reconsiders Sharkscope Ban. Lock Poker Integrates Sharkscope. February 5, at 9: February 7, at 9: March 29, at 5: May 9, at May 16, at 8: June 24, at 7: July 1, at 6: July 4, at 3: July 6, at 4: August 12, at 1: August 14, at August 15, at 3: August 16, at 4: August 17, at 1: August 29, at 3: September 9, at 7: December 16, at 3: January 10, at 1:

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