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Carol and Karen enter a mother-daughter beauty contest. They are both improperly hit on by judges, and Karen learns that it is more important to have pride and self-worth than to win. Also, Cody tries to join Frank's hunt club but Al's pig eats the duck's head he makes from cheese. When Dana goes to take her SATs, Cody joins her, explaining that each month he does something new and this is this month's challenge. Dana does very well - 91st percentile - but Cody does better. Dana cannot accept this and insists that they both take it again.

Dana improves her score, but Cody still beats her. She is infuriated, and Cody worries that with his impressive results, he'll be expected to become a brain surgeon. Cody and Dana later decide that their lives may take them on unexpected paths. Meanwhile, the other kids borrow Frank's clothes.

Al and Brendan agree to take care of a neighbor's oversized St. Bernard for the weekend, but the job quickly becomes more than they can handle.

They get further annoyed when they learn the neighbors have decided to move away and no longer want the dog; however, Carol is overjoyed because she has fallen in love with the dog. Eventually, Frank puts his foot down and tells Carol to take it to a kennel. Dana learns a humbling lesson about being the boss and overseeing a group of employees when she is given a managerial job at a s-style restaurant owned by Mr.

She was too bossy and controlling, so Karen and J. Frank and Carol take over their jobs and challenge Dana's condescending demeanor. Also, Mark invents a lie-detector machine. A modeling job in Chicago may be Karen's dream come true — and the worst possible news for overbearing mother Carol, who tags along and meddles at every turn.

Karen makes many new friends, but her job is cut short when another model, Cindy Paula Trickey advises her to stay in school and enjoy being a teen, as she had forfeited that life by going into modeling as a teen. At home, Dana comes down with the flu , followed by the other kids, and they make Frank their butler. Annoyed that only dorks and geeks — in particular, Dana — are running for class president, J. The campaign divides the Foster-Lambert home, then J. Eventually he wilts under the pressure and, having a new appreciation for the responsibilities that being class president brings, decides to turn over responsibilities to Dana.

Meanwhile, Brendan tries to do magic. Frank's old high school friend Scooter Philip Charles MacKenzie , who still hasn't grown up nearly 25 years later, visits and keeps Frank out until 3 AM and takes year-old J. Meanwhile, Cody wins a turkey in a supermarket raffle which is delivered alive Ron Karabatsos appears as the deliveryman , and deals with his conscience when he is asked to have it butchered.

Frank is looking for a replacement on his contracting crew and may have to hire a woman, which he does. Frank then has a job where he and Aggie get snowed in at a hotel.

Carol proceeds to drive thru the blizzard to confront Frank about what she thinks is going on. Hell hath no fury like a Foster scorned, and she takes full advantage of J. Meanwhile, Frank and Carol's new massaging bed provides them anything but a good night's sleep. Carol sets up Karen with Freddie, who is new to town and also just a on Karen's grading scale. Karen prefers a jock named Jeffrey and accepts a date with him, and Carol catches her dumping Freddie by lying to him over the phone.

She sneaks out to go with Jeff and they win Perfect Couple She refuses the award and finishes the evening with Freddie. Meanwhile, Carol does not like the way Frank organizes his money and tries unsuccessfully to make him use a male purse. When a stereo is stolen out of Cody's van, Lucille, Frank concentrates his efforts into putting an alarm in it, but it's so good that Frank gets stuck in the van while demonstrating it. Dana really likes the director Shawn Levy of a local play so she decides to sign up.

Also, Frank believes he has lost his wedding ring while playing golf after telling Carol he wouldn't play for a while. Carol invites the new pastor and his wife for lunch after church one Sunday. Frank worries because he feels like he is being watched by an informant to God.

He nervously promises the pastor that he'll go to church the next Sunday; the Lambert children are upset because a big Packers game will be on! Frank drags them all to church, but J. When Al and Brendan attempt to follow J. When Frank goes upstairs to find his son, he gets into the game and ends up falling through the old floorboards, landing right behind the pastor. Cody and his friends Slasher Donald Gibb and Death attend church as well.

Frank and Carol go crazy searching for anniversary gifts. T creates an motorcycle enterprise for Cody who tries to get a loan from the bank's loan officer Michael Milhoan , unsuccessfully until one of his biker pals helps out, but Cody doesn't like what J. Frank and Carol wind up in jail on Christmas Eve when they are caught inside a toy store by a know-it-all deputy sheriff Don Knotts.

Frank had recently remodeled the store and was given a discount on the store's merchandise. They had gone there after hours because he and Carol had forgot to purchase a train set for Brendan and stocking-stuffers for the kids. Meanwhile, the kids do not know that their parents are in jail, and rip through all of their presents. Cody sets them straight, and when they learn that Frank and Carol are in jail, they all go down there to celebrate Christmas with them.

Also Cody gets ready for a Christmas-decoration contest. Frank's hesitant after Carol purchases a marriage-improvement book; Carol has a secret she has been keeping from Frank and she finds out Frank has one too. Now that they're all drivers, Dana, J. Meanwhile, the guys from Frank's company find something meant only for Frank. When Frank learns that Carol makes more money than he does, he gets a job at a chicken restaurant, passing out flyers while dressed as a chicken. Cody gets a temporary job as a storyteller in the children's section of the public library.

He learns that Brendan's friend Ryan Phillip Van Dyke can't read, so he teaches him to read for the next storytime session. Karen loses out on a coveted modeling job for a jeans advertising campaign, but her disappointment is nothing compared to learning who does get the job: Al, whom the nationally-renowned photographer says has the look they were searching for. A vengeful Karen bitterly tries to upstage her stepsister by destroying her self-assurance, but in the end realizes that Al deserves support.

Meanwhile, Cody struggles with his good-luck "curse". He also shows Dana, Brendan, and J. Carol is worried when J. But when she comes to the lot and sees him in action and that the owner Steve Vinovich is very impressed with J. Dana uses Cody as a subject for an essay in her psychology class, he starts to talk about his 1st memories.

Cody gets some inspiration for a class writing project when Karen can't find her diary. He uses her plight to spin a s-style detective yarn about who took it: Dana, Al, Carol, or one of the guys? Cody's father Edward Winter pressures him into a job as executive vice-president of his real-estate company. On his first day he is typical Cody talking with Jackson Beau Billingslea , one of his co-workers.

With a little help from Frank, Cody tells his father he's simply not interested and would rather continue working in demolition. Meanwhile, Carol as a favor for a customer sets up Dana and Karen on blind dates, against their expressed wishes. The guys turn out to be living images of Beavis and Butt-Head. After Frank gets rid of them, he helps his stepdaughters set up a "get even" prank on Carol.

John Stamos makes a cameo. Cody brings Dana home from school because she is sneezing all the time. Mark realizes that she only sneezes around Cody, so they think she's allergic to him. Very upset, Cody wants to leave and even starts to pack up his van, but Dana begs him to stay, and finally discovers she's just allergic to his shampoo. Also, Frank thinks Al's new boyfriend Zack Michael Sullivan is a "freak" until they get better acquainted.

Frank takes Carol away for a romantic weekend where he tells Carol he feels like he lost his best friend in her, while Karen, Al and Dana have a girls' night talking about guys. Meanwhile, Mark dates a genius; at first he's disappointed, but as they night goes on he likes her more and more.

He eventually misses Frank when he realises that his friends have no Christmas spirit. Carol's Aunt Edna Doris Roberts , but she is actually very angry and grumpy. Mark misses his girlfriend. While borrowing his boss' luxury car, J. Also, Frank and Carol go to the gynecologist Francesca P. They try to plaster the truck's side to cover up their activities, but Frank soon learns that the truck was damaged. Dana gets loopy on painkillers after the removal of her wisdom teeth and annoys Cody by eating his ice cream, singing blues with his guitar, and dancing the limbo.

Also, Frank and Carol take a prenatal class. Cody and Dana have conflicting teaching styles when they are recruited to teach a remedial history class. Their unlikely efforts result in their students upsetting a team of academic intellectuals on a TV quiz bowl.

Also, Carol makes everybody crazy with her obsessions, worrying Brendan so that he does housework at night. Cody takes Brendan to a baseball game featuring his favorite player, Kenny Barton. After consoling Brendan, Cody confronts the egotistical Barton during a TV interview and exposes his demeanor. The interviewer, Hall of Fame player and broadcaster Harmon Killebrew , is equally outraged and offers to sign Brendan's baseball at no charge; Brendan gladly accepts the offer.

Carol and Dana make a bet with Frank and J. Depressed about their controlling mothers, Mark and his friends try to prove their manhood by smoking stogies and Mark gets sick, so Frank offers to take him and his friend camping to do manly things. This is the first appearance of Jason Marsden as Rich Halke, who would become a regular starting with season six. Frank and Carol become frustrated with their children constantly asking them to run their errands and small favors.

Eventually, they lose their patience and implement a rule that the children must do everything for themselves. The rule is put to the test when Brendan — wanting to go on a trip with his soccer team to watch a Green Bay Packers game — decides not to "bother" his parents to have them sign a permission slip for him. Dana gives her sister solace by getting her song played on a local radio station. Al has just lost another job and Frank encourages her to be a "team player.

Al gets the job at a cookie store called Mr. Chips run by Mr. Sloan Richard Kline and named after a monkey she ends up having to bring home. Dana admires feminist abstract artist Jayne McNeil Melanie Wilson and is honored to be chosen to pose for her, and knowing she'll be part of a great work, she agrees to pose nude.

Convinced that the work will be abstract and she won't be recognizable, she proudly invites Frank, Carol, Karen, and Al to the charity auction where it will be unveiled. Also, Frank tries to kill a rat Cody's advice doesn't help ; and J. When he and Rich get their books mixed up, Dana finds the cheat sheet, and when Frank finds it he tells J. Later, Frank overhears Rich returning for the book and he apologizes and they make up.

Dana, Karen, and Al go to a ski lodge for a weekend and meet three good-looking guys, including the Prince of Calderone. The prince Karen's wants people to like him for who he is, and henceforth makes his bodyguard Dana's claim to be the prince. Also, Rich gives the family a good-luck chain letter while Carol gives everyone shampoo. At the end, Rich and Brendan were the only ones who respected the chain and didn't use the shampoo while the rest of the family end up with orange hair.

Beginning with this episode, Sasha Mitchell is no longer on the show, although his picture continues to appear in the opening credits.

Dana cannot determine what to do in college and J. The results of the placement test say J. Livid with these results, Dana demands a retest and discovers that the test center run by Mr. Newton Rick Scarry is a fraud. Also, Frank hires a hyperactive new worker named Flash who has never worked in construction before. This episode marks the first of four appearances of Jeff Juday as Flash, a character who was intended to be a replacement for Sasha Mitchell as Cody Lambert.

Flash shows up to return Frank's hammer and ends up staying the weekend, determined to ride all the rides and visit all the attractions to break the record held by a Russian. Disney Walt Disney 's nephew , J. Karen thinks of entering a country music contest with Dana and Al as backup singers.

After arguing with her sisters, Karen tries to sing alone but finally realizes she has stage fright, and Dana and Al help her overcome it. Frank and Carol can finally have their private moment thanks to Frank's mother.

Flash wins his challenge with Mark and Brendan's help even if instead of break his record as quickly as possible he decides to play Indiana Jones to make a little boy's day. Packwood Perry Anzilotti , who employs sexy waitresses. Dana and her feminist friends had planned to protest against the place, and while working there J.

Frank converts part of the basement into a lounge using items he bought from a closed tavern. While the men love it, Carol has an accident with one of the lounge's "toys". Flash stays with the Lamberts while his apartment is being fumigated. This is the last appearance of Jeff Juday as Flash, although Carol and Frank invited him to move into their house to avoid driving eight hours back and forth from Kansas City to Port Washington. This was also Flash's first time seeing the Lambert-Foster house.

Dana is told she must tutor another student. As she goes on about what "moron jock" she will tutor this time, she discovers it's Rich, whom she loathes. But the first thing they learn is that opposites attract, and sparks fly and they start dating.

Meanwhile Carol and Frank are eager to be alone and away from the ever-present Jean-Luc, but when they escape for a much-needed romantic weekend, they find Jean-Luc awaiting them. Michelle is trying to get J. Meanwhile, after Frank refuses to let him go see Showgirls , Mark and his friends go the video store and discover Naughty Nurses in a video case of The Little Mermaid.

After they get caught watching it in the garage, Frank has a long talk with Mark. The kids all head off to Rockfest '97 , causing Carol as usual to worry they might misbehave. Just as she had feared, Al's friend Will Josh Keaton tempts her to try marijuana. Frank and Jean-Luc go camping to do some "male-bonding". Frank tells Jean-Luc not to tell anyone he's a contractor because he doesn't want everyone asking him to fix everything that breaks down.

So Jean-Luc tells the couple next door that "we're certainly not hairstylists, but brain surgeons". The wife goes into labor just as the husband goes fishing, so Frank and Jean-Luc must deliver the baby. Back at home, Dana begins to question her relationship with Rich when an old high-school friend, now attending Harvard University , tries to woo her away. Rich gets jealous and forbids her to see him, which only makes Dana laugh.

She accepts her friend's invitation to visit the Harvard campus for a weekend, and Rich unexpectedly shows up. Sam Alexandra Adi makes her first appearance at this episode's end although she won't be introduced until the next episode, "She's the One". This episode, like several in this season, is aired out of order.

They have everything in common, and after some urging from his siblings, J. They go to a Green Bay Packers game, and from then on it's love. He is in love with Sam. Also, Karen's big music break finally comes when she is selected to appear in a video with one of country music's biggest stars, Jimmy Ray Johnston. So Frank, Carol, and Karen all travel to Chicago for the big shoot. But Jimmy Ray only wants Karen to look good - not actually sing. Meanwhile, because his daughter Danielle is in France and her birthday is coming, Jean-Luc spoils Lilly with an abundance of gifts to ease his pain over not being able to be with Danielle.

In the end, Carol works it out so Danielle can come stateside and see him. A clueless Rich gives Dana a piece of recycled jewelry for her birthday, even after J. He goes to surprise Dana while she's out with Al and Karen.

Meanwhile, Carol and the kids must endure Frank's rite of passage of going through a mid-life crisis: After being called Grandpa by the ice-cream man, he hurts his back while getting a drink. Jean-Luc keeps the kids in suspense when he tells them he's cutting the hair of a famous celebrity: When Mark's date overhears him bragging to his friends about the so-called "special moment" they shared, she calls his bluff in front of his schoolmates, branding him a wimp.

Meanwhile, after being dumped by her own date, Karen feels that her "imperfect" body is the culprit and takes drastic measures to improve it. Also Frank has a surprise for J. Al discovers that her blind date is overweight and carrying an even heavier chip on his shoulder.

Meanwhile, Carol's "worry-meter" jumps off the scale when Dana, Rich, J. When Rich and Dana go to a wedding with J. Dana doesn't even try to catch the bouquet, but it lands in her lap! She and Rich each have terrible visions about what that might entail, and become very scared and agree: Jean-Luc suggests some homemade cold medicine made by a customer "from all-natural juniper berries" and both become completely intoxicated.

Meanwhile, the battle between the hairdressers and the contractors begins when Carol and Jean-Luc challenge an overly-macho Frank and his pal Moose Donald Gibb to a game of bowling, with the losers having do something the winning team picks.

Frank orders a new sports channel, and he and Rich spend so much time watching it that they ignore Carol and Dana.

Jean-Luc gives the girls makeovers, and helps the guys plan a romantic evening. Kyle, the school hunk, goes on a date with Al, and the date goes well. They seal it with a kiss The petite Al fights him off and tells him it is over. The next morning, Karen is complaining when Al keeps getting calls from guys, but Al finds out she has a new reputation she doesn't want. Al is harassed at school by guys, who begin overtly suggesting they get romantic afterward, but when Karen refuses to stick up for her stepsister, she runs off in tears.

Karen then realizes she owes it to Al to ask questions, find out what happened, and expose Kyle as a liar. When Sam's hours and wages are cut at work and she loses her roommate, she chooses a male coworker named Jamie to be her new roommate.

He returns to say he's sorry to Sam but gets the wrong idea about what is going on. Also, Jean-Luc borrows money from Carol even after Frank objects to pay his taxes but refuses to return it. Lilly sees Dana and Rich kissing, and proudly announces to Frank and Carol that Rich and Dana are going to have a baby. Lilly's parents tell her the facts of life, which she then shares during "show and tell" at school.

They agree to overlook their differences for their children. But when they want to empty their college funds, he's forced to teach them an invaluable lesson about gambling and introduces them to a bookie, Tony Tony Longo. Frank buys Carol a birthday present that stresses security rather than romance.

Carol does not appear to be thrilled about it after getting jewelry and cashmere from Jean-Luc and the kids, respectively. Frank tries to make it up to her, but Carol believes the fact that he loves her and gave her the gift with that love was enough.

Dana chooses a "brain" to team up with for the recycling contest, rather than Rich. To retaliate, Rich picks a "bimbo" cheerleader as his teammate. Wanting to show Dana he's not a "flyweight intellectual," he proves that creativity is just as important as book smarts and wins!! Carol and Jean-Luc's new salon is about to open and Jean-Luc is asked to cut Hillary Clinton 's hair, and he's nervous enough to want to decline.

He is finally able to decipher through a conversation with Carol that it all stems from his depression from his divorce. After disapproving of yet another of Al's dates, Frank meets a guy just like himself; they go shopping and Frank sets him up with Al.

Al goes on the date but then makes Frank agree not to interfere with her dates. However, she does let him chase off a particularly bad one. But everyone wants it at once so they end up having a party.

Carol tries to set up Jean-Luc with her friend Julie. Carol comes back from Hair Spectacular '96 with Jean-Luc, who is to become her new business partner.

As they start a new business, Frank must do all the chores. He is happy to do them, but becomes very picky about his cookies. Jean-Luc tells Karen, Al, and Dana on separate occasions that he thinks they are beautiful.

Also, Lilly learns to write her name, and Cody calls from his new job in Russia , but Frank has no time to talk to him. It's the first day of school for all the kids, and Karen is off to college. Feeling like she has nothing to do, Carol registers for college, signing up for all of Karen's classes and following her around, embarrassing her, and telling a story in class about when Karen was a baby.

She finally realizes that she's ruining Karen's life. Meanwhile, Rich is happy about getting a "C" on his pop quiz, but Dana tells Rich that if he doesn't start taking something seriously, they don't have much of a future together. S states remains vulnerable to hacking 11 years after the Mayor, others push back on proposed robot brothel in Houston A Canadian company wants to open a so-called "robot brothel" in Houston, but the mayor says the city is reviewing its ordinances to determine if they Experts say Ford got the science of memory mostly right Experts say Ford's testimony to senators got the science of memory mostly right.

Engage govts to avoid the Facebook fate Former U. President Barack Obama says private businesses need to come out of "isolation" and to engage more with governments to avoid problems like Warm waters boosted 's major hurricane tally, study says Study finds warmer waters in the Atlantic triggered unusually large number of major hurricanes last year.

Teens didn't need Kavanaugh to know what they write endures Social media-savvy high school students say the drama surrounding President Donald Trump's Supreme Court pick and his s behavior reinforces what EU lawmakers push for cybersecurity, data audit of Facebook EU lawmakers appear set later this month to demand audits of Facebook by Europe's cyber security agency and data protection authority in the wake of Space station receives special delivery from White Stork International Space Station's astronauts get a special delivery from a Japanese capsule named White Stork.

Uber, Cabify drivers block road in Spain to protest new rule Hundreds of Uber drivers are blocking a central artery in Madrid to protest the Spanish government's plan to approve new rules that would limit their Brazil museum fire sparks soul searching about spending The fire that destroyed Brazil's National Museum has sparked soul-searching about spending priorities in Latin American nation with largest economy. UN chief blasts lack of 'strong leadership' on climate United Nations secretary-general blames lack of leadership for the world's failure to take tough decisions needed to stop runaway climate change.

Congress seeks species law changes after grizzly hunt barred Galvanized by court rulings protecting grizzly bears and gray wolves, Congressional Republicans have launched a push for broad changes to the WikiLeaks names one-time spokesman as editor-in-chief WikiLeaks has named one-time spokesman Kristinn Hrafnsson as its new editor-in-chief.

Zinc-air batteries provide power in remote areas Remote villages in Africa and Asia are receiving electricity using a little-known type of technology: Facebook unveils Quest, its new virtual-reality headset Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is off to a slow start in his mission to bring virtual reality to the masses, so perhaps it's appropriate his company's Startups shook up the sleepy razor market. What do you hate shopping for?

The guys who founded Harry's shaving club want to know. Report says fishing rule might put whales at greater risk A report by federal scientists about a critically endangered whale says some regulations intended to protect them aren't working and might have Tech firms back US privacy law to negate states Internet companies hoping to avoid a patchwork of state laws on consumer data privacy are supporting a federal proposal that could negate those state Dopamine is a motivator for action toward goals, desires, and needs, and gives a surge of reinforcing pleasure when achieving them says Thai Nguyen.

Meanwhile the very busy and popular Dopamine also increases response to sex , drugs , and rock and roll. Really, dopamine is signalling feedback for predicted rewards.

If you, say, have learned to associate a cue like a crack pipe with a hit of crack, you will start getting increases in dopamine in the nucleus accumbens section of the brain in response to the sight of the pipe, because your brain predicts the reward. It aids the liver,cardiovascular system, muscles, and various elements in the endocrine system.

Sufficient serotonin in the brain allows you to feel calm and optimistic and provides a sense of well-being, while serotonin deficiency has the opposite effect. Low serotonin levels or abnormal serotonin function is the most recognized underlying cause of depression.

Your body makes 5-hydroxy tryptophan, or 5-HTP, from tryptophan, and then converts it into serotonin. Serotonin is also found in mushrooms , fruits and vegetables and especially Yay!! Serotonin release is supposedly triggered by feeling important or significant so it is relevant who you hang out with. Sunshine is pretty helpful as well. Cuddly old mate oxytocin is also very much about your buddies. Both a neuro —transmitter and a hormone it is produced in the hypothalamus and secreted by the pituitary gland at the base of the brain Oxytocin is the reward buzz when you do a good thing and is happily viral even buzzing those that see the good thing happen.

Oxytocin then impacts on group behaviour generally and in a good way including happy group memories and like serotonin social recognition. Unfairly females usually have higher levels of it than guys, this may be simply that their nipples are more sensitive, the stimulation of nipples is known to trigger serotonin release. More likely though is its important role in childbirth and breastfeeding which are pretty fundamental to our future as a species.

That glimpse of immortality is a happy place for me. As bottled happiness Oxytocin is used as a prescription drug under the brand name Pitocin. Giving, at any level is a great trigger for serotonin and receiving even more.

But the best and most available is a great big hug. Just be careful of any resultant testosterone increases fellas, it apparently negates good old oxy. The main activity of endorphins is to inhibit the transmission of pain signals and happily in the process they also produce a high very similar to that produced by other opioids such as morphine. Equally happily for the fitness industry endorphins are currently, now at least, not a controlled substance. Laughter is also a great trigger and currently only banned in North Korea.

The smell of vanilla and lavender has been linked with the production of endorphins and studies have indicate that dark chocolate and spicy foods can lead the brain to release endorphins as do sex and good music. Even alcohol gets a nod but then so does stress and pain which are not high on my happiness barometer. Whilst excess Endorphins are linked with schizophrenia and manic depression the risks seem pretty much worth it. On the opposite end of the marathon running spectrum it seems doing very little may also be the key.

So much for all those self-improvement books. Tara Brach tends to agree. As a good Buddhist however, she takes it one step further. I am an Alpha male and a little overly driven to external activity.

Inevitably I have come up with yet another to do list, this time detailing some of the bounty from the hunt so far. Be more social- while carefully monitoring the 5 people who I spend the most time with who after all, are the ones I will become the average of. Great stuff, can still remember the smell! Crushing those crystals was sometimes a ritual, sometimes a chore and often cathartic! Used for giving some grip on slippery floors but you had to get the ratio just right.

Also good when crushed finely and mixed with a judicious amount of spit, you could glue your shoes to the back of your heel! Those babies were never coming off!

Downside, well, sticky and powdery and got into everything. When combined with the dust and dirt that accumulates on a floor it left a residue on your shoes that would morph into a blob that could swallow a small dancer alive! I was reminded of this today when speaking to a client about a chronically slippery floor.

They had cleaned the floor very well, still slippery. Had used Rozzie, still slippery in spots. I had an instant flashback of all the stuff I used to schlep about everywhere I went! Along with the usual assortment of various style of dance shoes, tights, leos, leg warmers, jumpers, bun nets, hair pins and hair elastics, band aids, toe pads, strapping tape, pain killers and anti inflammatories! If you left it too long you had to use a Stanley knife to lift the slip inducing layers away.

Clean soles and miracle of miracles, no more slip!! Tip for young players, always check your shoes for loose ribbons, floppy tap plates and accumulated dirt! A force of nature is an overused and consequently devalued term. Another descriptive Tiger Mum is often seen as derogatory.

Angela is in many ways both these things , and came from these things ,but in a totally good way. Today we investigate who she is and why she is. Along the way we discuss why Angela chose not to be an accountant hard Choice there Angela! The energy there has to be felt to be believed and even for that alone Angela we salute you. We will also discuss why sci fi is part of innovation, people , books and mentors that have been important and some of the tools including tech savvy interns that have made an impact.

In the meantime contrary to thoughts you may have later, and rather sadly, this episode is not sponsored by Google docs. The Wayfarer Redemption by Sara Douglass. The Rise of Superman: Gabrielle Gabby Robinson http: After over 50 countries and some pretty rough travel including top to toe Amazon and Nile Rivers. Take as little as possible!!!!! Take several passport-size photos of yourself to attach to visa applications — again, it saves you running around looking for a photo machine at the last minute.

This naturally includes your Mum and Dad but also a list of the numbers of your bank, credit cards etc. Also have copies in your internet email account. A quick way to do this is lay out all your cards and documents face down and take a photo with your cell phone. You can always access this money if funds run super low.

Equally a Berrocca tube with a couple of tablets on top is a slightly larger version of the same. Reinforcing existing straps with fishing braid not Mono will keep it airport security scan friendly. Another good trick is to have a cheap cloth version around your neck. This can also serve as an extra pocket for cigarettes etc. A very basic first aid kit can consist ofsteri-strips a bottle of betadine a couple of Elastoplast and a few disprins, plus some anti diarrhoea such as Imodium, Kaopectate 1-D, Maalox Anti-Diarrheal, or Pepto.

Any more than medicine than that, see a local doctor or pharmacy, do however take a good supply of any prescription medicines you require and or contraceptives. Asian countries have notoriously small and poorly made condoms. Girls may consider a Diva Cup — a menstrual cup that can be reused throughout your trip. Sunscreen, toothpaste shampoo, soap, disinfectant etc. Good heavy zip lock plastic bags are perfect for these and also for a designated washable cloth. Wash your hands often and well.

A torch is a good idea either a cheap headlight type which equally works by hand or something super bright heavy and expensive which doubles for self-defence. A Swiss army knife or Leatherman is a great thing but if you are all about carry-on luggage the ultimate goal then you are better to buy a cheap utility knife on the ground and chuck it when you board a plane.

The same with a cup or bowl. They make sense for hygiene in not too sanitary eating places. A water bottle- Nalgene is a good brand. Be very fussy about what goes into it. I got so used to the taste of Iodine —the cheapest available purifier back in the day that water tasted odd without it.

Remember fruit with its high-water content can easily have the nasties that live in the water-watermelon being an obvious one. A short length of heavy cord such as venetian blind cord makes for a washing line and is generally useful. Luggage padlocks are Ok, zip ties will do the same job as well, but may piss off the customs dude. A padlock though can secure lockers, doors, and your belongings when needed. Make sure you have a suitably rugged case for you cell phone which means it can withstand being dropped and splashed with water.

Otterbox provide some excellent ones, not pretty but tough as. A personal safety alarm is something I have never bothered with, but something to consider particularly for solo girl travellers. They are small and easy to walk around with, and make a very loud noise if you press it in an emergency. Assume the worst of people, including fellow travellers, but not much so that it affects your enjoyment. Avoid those people that are most anxious to be your newest best friend. This saved me in Panama.

Polyester is light, wrinkle-resistant, and dries quickly. Disco dancers and flashpackers dig it.

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