A Review of Jivaro – Poker's Next Generation of Poker HUD

January 8th, , 9: You can try Jivaro out without risking anything, and if you decide you like it, the premium version won't overwhelm you with a wall of numbers either. Use your social profile to sign in faster. Learn from online pros. January 8th, , 7:

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Indeed, the database file is there. Didn't try to transfer it, but seems legit. Only difficulty is to find the appdata map, as this is a hidden map. July 15th, , 1: Does jivaro have charting options like pt4 or hm2? July 23rd, , 8: No Jivaro is only a HUD, not much more than that. July 24th, , 4: July 28th, , 9: Originally Posted by krasisak. July 28th, , 4: Jivaro a good program.

August 5th, , 7: Yesterday I got Jivaro newsletter saying they terminate basic version on September 1st. It means there will not be free HUD anymore, only premium version for charge. For existing users free trial of full Jivaro will be offered for 4 weeks. August 9th, , 5: Got the same mail. Problem is that currently I don't have a lot of time to play, so it would be a waste to do a free trial of a month and then only play 5 times.

Are there any other free HUDs around? I know about FPDB, but heard it's a nightmare to make it work. Anyone experience with that one? August 9th, , 7: At its core , cool program I really like , it is more convenient than HM.

August 10th, , 2: September 5th, , 5: I have already tried PT4 and I like it. The bad thing about it - it costs 60 bucks and I don't play that much so that it could pay back soon.

And what is FPDB? Never heard of it. September 8th, , 6: January 10th, , 7: I have started using Jivaro last week and was looking for the "free" version. After contacting support they responded quickly explaining that the free version is no longer available. So for anyone planning to use Jivaro, make sure you register for the 30 day trial. Then you can choose if you like it or not. So far, I think it's quite good. I especially like the quick and easy to read colour coded stats for cash games.

I am not sure yet if the tournament tracking is as easy to understand January 17th, , Originally Posted by oldolm. January 17th, , 5: Jivaro is slightly different than your average HUD displaying software. It's essentially an add-on to your poker experience, which enhances it without making it feel foreign. It also introduces some new elements to the game without shifting the focus away from what's really important — the game of poker.

Jivaro comes in two flavors: Of course free add-on software is a great news for poker ecosystem. Jivaro aims to level the playing field by providing everyone with access to a powerful and easy to use heads-up display. It's a nice change of pace, from controversial or even downright illegal poker programs. With the free version of the software you'll get Jivaro's signature ring around the PokerStars player's avatar, which works as a visual representation of three basic stats: The last advantage of life tracking is that Jivaro will immediately add a color strip to the info panel if you decide to color code a player using PokerStars software.

When it comes to visual representation Jivaro really nails it. With clever use of a traffic light color-coding system and speed meter style dials, you can quickly tell what kind of opponents you're playing against. Here's what it looks like:. One important thing to point out is that Jivaro tracks stack size — or any other stat for that matter — in real time.

Why is that important? For one very simple reason, it's more reliable than calculating stats using only the hand history. You can trust Jivaro to display proper stack size no matter if it's your first hand at the table or if you're in the middle of a hand in a tournament. Another component of the Jivaro software is "The Strip," which shows up on the right side of your desktop as soon as you start the software you can resize or minimize it.

The Strip provides you with your overall stats, your recent hand history, and the ability to share it with just one click.

You can also use the strip to quickly submit any errors that you might encounter while using Jivaro, but given the software reliability most players probably won't find this necessary. As for the premium version of Jivaro, you can switch seamlessly between the free and the premium version of statistics by clicking a button located near the top of the strip.

If you decide to go with premium — which only makes sense since you're paying for it — an additional info panel is always visible and it shows you more stats like three-bet, steal and fold- to-steal.

Those stats will change based on the position you're opponent is sitting in there's no point in showing fold to steal stat of the player sitting currently on the button and the street you're currently at preflop stats will disappear once you see the flop and you'll gain access to adequate postflop stats. The last thing you're getting with the premium version is the Jivaro command center, but we'll go back to that feature later in this review.

To try Jivaro for yourself, simply click here. Poker is a very individualistic activity and it can get lonely at times. While some players like it that way, others might enjoy the social features that Jivaro provides. You can follow and be followed by friends, share hands and post comments on your timeline. It's like a social network, but without the pictures of cats and toddlers.

If you have a group of poker playing friends and you always wanted a social media experience that's about poker, then Jivaro can provide that for you. Just a quick post to tell u guys about the Jivaro hud. It is by far the best hud out there and it's really easy to read and use it shows u 3 stats at a time depending on what street u r on I couldn't recommend it enough.

It dosnt work on but pokerstars is fine. Python 1 July 11th, 4: January 8th, , 9: Only works on Poker Stars afaik. Here are some other discussions about Jivaro. Jivaro best HUD for pokerstars?? January 15th, , January 16th, , You can get free trial. If your playing micro stakes. January 16th, , 2: I never used HUD. I do not understand why people are attached to them. January 16th, , 5: What would make me switch to this from poker tracker 4.

Honestly are there any advantages? January 17th, ,

Jivaro Add-on Features

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